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Star Trek: Infinite Space: Beta On Hold

A new press article has been released by Star Trek: Infinite Space developer GameForge. The press release details the earlier new that the gaming giant will be laying off 100 employees. In addition, a post has cropped up on the ST:IS site indicating that the beta plans for the game are now "paused" and that GameForge will be "exploring co-publishing partnerships".

Further, the ST:IS post indicates that nothing will be changing for the time being but that more will be revealed as time goes on as to what the future holds for the game.

Read the post and the GameForge press release at the links above.

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Ravens0ul writes:

Goodbye Star Trek: Infinite Space

11/03/11 1:40:43 PM  | top
kishe writes:

The curse of Star Trek games strikes again...There has been about 20 star trek games yet 3 of them have been succesful.

11/03/11 1:46:23 PM  | top
gimmekey writes:

It appears that creativity truly is the antithesis of efficiency.

11/03/11 2:40:47 PM  | top
Stargate94 writes:

I want to be accept into the beta but no hope!

11/03/11 3:24:40 PM  | top
staran writes:
Can they send their content to sto?
11/03/11 3:25:05 PM  | top
Yamota writes:

Pity but then again I was not expecting much of yet another casual Star Trek MMO. One which is browser based and F2P as well...

11/03/11 3:26:02 PM  | top
psyfighter writes:

well they back them self in a corner took to long to get the game out now lot of big buget games are comeing out  RIP ST IS you will be missed Just like my xwife's sister.


11/03/11 4:25:44 PM  | top
JeroKane writes:

Gameforge is a german based company and with the current economic crisis going on, they can forget trying to get any additional funding.

Plus they aren't exactly a high profile company either, with just a bunch of crappy games. Which isn't exactly doing them any favor either.

11/03/11 5:57:22 PM  | top
SkillCosby writes:

The Star Trek movies are fantastic. However, they don't have that action-packed sense that would fit a game, e.g., the extremely slow ship to ship combat, the slow person to person phazer combat, etc.

While the movies are good, such combat would be considered boring in any game. This is probably why Star Trek games generally suffer.

11/03/11 8:41:04 PM  | top
phoenixclaws writes:

I had a feeling this was coming. I just was waiting for them to confirm the true postponing. They were taking far too long to push this browser game out. And with the major economic crises over in Europe that was bound to affect them. Most information was sporactic.

Even before it really started, all good things...


11/03/11 9:53:04 PM  | top
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