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Torchlight 2: PAX Gameplay Impressions

During last week's PAX convention in Seattle, Washington, columnist Bill Murphy had the chance that many would kill to have had: A chance to play Torchlight 2. Bill's got a lot to say about Runic Games' Torchlight 2, about how devs are creating deep lore and giving players more classes, more areas to short, MORE. Read Bill's thoughts about Torchlight 2 and start counting the days untilSpring 2011!

Torchlight was a fairly straightforward game where you found yourself in one town that was afflicted by this evil, and the dungeon just went deeper and deeper and deeper. The sequel, much like Diablo 2 did, seeks to open up the game world and deepen the amount of interaction you actually have with the lore. Perhaps this is partly because Runic really wants to delve further into the setting they’ve created in order to further establish their flagship IP before turning it into an MMO, but for whatever reason it’s a welcome excursion. Add to all this the addition of LAN and online multiplayer, and Runic’s certainly looking to raise the bar quite a bit.

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spookydom writes:

This is just looking like an awsome prospect. Very disapointed to here about the alcy not beeing playable though.

9/07/10 11:40:50 AM  | top
hidden1 writes:

Maybe they'll change their minds by '11.  I hope they include an alchy... I mean aren't magic-users one of the "standard" classes as a base for probably all fantasy-based MMO's?

Well I did enjoy the single-player game and will try the multi-player for sure... just hope they change it so that you can use the alchy.

9/07/10 11:56:51 AM  | top
Gorilla writes:

Good news. Guess we'll have to trust them to make a fun 'alchemist like' character.

9/07/10 12:14:28 PM  | top
apocalance writes:

I imagine they're going to bring all classes back for the MMO variant. They're probably testing out classes in each game so that when it comes to their final product, the classes have all been thoroughly played.

Just my 2ยข.

9/07/10 12:36:46 PM  | top
Synthetick writes:

Pretty excited for this title. And it just made me realize for the first time how many upcoming titles there are that I'm actually genuinely excited about.

9/07/10 1:34:47 PM  | top
SRKev writes:

I'm kinda happy that they're making T2 an action RPG again before delving into the world of MMOs. The first one needed the multiplayer feature so badly.

9/07/10 3:53:32 PM  | top
Mordeath writes:

Normally its Blizzard stealing other people's ideas, its nice to see someone stealing theirs and doing well.

9/07/10 8:18:01 PM  | top
Githern writes:

I cannot wait to get ahold of the torched on this one. I'd love to add more events to what hopefully will be an already big list of them.

9/07/10 8:32:08 PM  | top
Regomar writes:
Originally posted by Mordeath

Normally its Blizzard stealing other people's ideas, its nice to see someone stealing theirs and doing well.

You DO realize that the guys doing Torchlight are the guys that did Diablo 2 don't you?  Dont be so quick to call people theives.

9/08/10 10:02:37 AM  | top
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