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Divina was a whimsical fantasy MMORPG from Gamania where gods, demons, and mythological creatures vied for survival after the recent death of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Players became one of the heroes in the land chosen to go back in time to attempt to stop Ragnarok from destroying the World Tree. Going up against thousands of quests, a variety of unique creatures, open-world PvP combat, and a host of other features, players faced the ultimate decision: save themselves or save the world?


  • Classes | Assassin, Cleric, Knight, Machinist, Sorcerer.
  • Quick Change System | Allows players to use Exchange Points to quickly swap out their Main Class with their Sub Class at anytime, including during combat.
  • Sidekick System | Choose a trustworthy companion to adventure and interact with; they gain levels, classes, attributes and skills just as player characters do.
  • Creature Tome System | Seek out and collect research on hundreds of monsters, then play as the monster in battle.
Developer: Gamania Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Gamania Digital Entertainment
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
Status: Final
Release:  07/25/12
Has PVP: Yes
Retail Price: Free
Pay Type: Free
Monthly Fee:  Free
Desktop Client
System Req: PC 
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Official Review
Tuesday Jul 24,2012
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Launch Day Arrives
Thursday Jul 26,2012
Official Review
Tuesday Jul 24,2012
Kamikaze Feature
Saturday Jul 7,2012
Open Beta Begins
Tuesday Jun 12,2012
Unique Guild Domain System
Saturday May 12,2012
Latest Features 
Review: Official Review
Tuesday Jul 24,2012
We're putting Gamania's anime-themed free-to-play MMO, Divina, through its paces in our latest official review. Read more...
Dev Journals: Kamikaze Feature
Saturday Jul 7,2012
Divina developers have partnered with to give our readers a first look at the kamikaze feature that has arrived in game. Check it out!Read more...
The team behind Divina has partnered with to bring our readers an exclusive developer diary called "Guild vs Guild - Ubajin Fiesta!" See what it's all about in this exclusive first look and then let us know what you...Read more... has partnered with the Divina team to bring our readers an exclusive first-look at the unique guild domain system that is featured within the game. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.Read more...
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