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Originally posted by altairzq
Originally posted by Crispin

Alganon released yesterday and is a small indie game that looks very much and feels very much like wow, even more than runes of magic. Great community though.


Eve would be my least favorite, I have played it a few months this year and it's like a second game I have on my second monitor that I click on once in a while. It starts out very slow, and running missions is very boring, it takes a while, and only requires you to click a few times, and watch your ship fire, and usually you are so powerful t hat you can just sit in one spot and click fire and your done. I never felt it was useful or very necessary to group in missions because they are so easy and mundane, maybe at lvl 4 missions it could be handy. It's not a bad game at all, but it takes a while to get going, and the first month is better spent only training learning skills, or you will lag behind a lot. The game feels very slow paced and I think it would take too long for us to get into, and a lot of people would fall off. And I don't think the game encourage grouping early on, well mining missions is handy to be grouping, and going to 0.0 space to pvp, but that takes months to prepare for.


My experience at least, I could very well be doing it wrong.


I have the same experience with EVE, but that's doing missions alone, it's the most boring thing, but starting as a group and learning to combat between us, for instance, and doing missions together could be a blast. And it's a game to play for years to come.


About the name.. these are anagrams form Adventure, some are funny, like Evader Nut, Evade Turn, Avert Dune, Raven Duet... :

A Ventured
Ad Venture
Averted Nu
Evader Tun
Evader Nut
Evade Runt
Evade Turn
Unread Vet
Vaunted Re
Advent Rue
Raved Tune
Tundra Eve
Daunt Ever
Daunt Veer
Dart Venue
Drat Venue
Earn Duvet
Near Duvet
Tavern Due
Raven Duet
Nave Trued
Vane Trued
Avert Dune
Avert Nude
Aver Tuned
Rave Tuned
Vaunt Reed
Vaunt Deer
Tau Nerved
Tau Vender
Vat Enured
Vat Endure



Loved this.

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Originally posted by nate1980
Originally posted by Patternizer
Originally posted by nate1980

Oh, as for my votes for your given list. I vote for game number:












I believe the idea is for each to vote for 3-4 games ....


Yeah, I seen that later. I usually reply 1st to the OP, then I read the thread and get involved with the discussion.


My revised list of top 5 choices, in no particular order, are:

Asherons Call



Saga of Ryzom




Ok, I forgot about DAoC when I, DAoC, Vanguard, EQ, EVE, FFXI.....I don't quite remember what Istaria is, but that it seemed cool, so it's a step above FFXI.  If I can only have fewer votes, these are in order.

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Originally posted by Goronian






Gorone is a fictional organization in a book I'm trying to write. Goronian is just any member of said organization. And since the games ar enot set in Cascade, I doubt it would be a good idea. Also, I'm not that much of an ego trip.


Thefivemagik,Mannish,Magnum2103, Ramones274, welcome to the team!


Then why not Gorone or Goronians?  Sounds amusing enough.

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Originally posted by garbonzo
Originally posted by Goronian

What do you guys say, we use some non-offensive foreign word, as a guild name? For example russian Iskateli (Seekers)?


Like it.



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Originally posted by Alamor0
Originally posted by nate1980
Originally posted by Goronian
Originally posted by nate1980
Originally posted by Alamor0

As for a name, I'm completely stumped.  Using a 'foreign' (earlier definition of foreign duly noted :P ) word seems cliche.  I'm huge into wordplay.  I'll rack my brain some and hope something comes of it.  I'd love to work in the seeker/adventurer theme with the throwback.


Okay, let's work with Adventurers or Seekers as the second word. As for the first word:

website>site>forums = Forumite Seekers ?

MMO Veterans, Refugees. Refugees could be called Aliens. Forum Warriors (lol, no)

Seeker can be called Hunter's. Someone who hunts for a new home is?


That should get the juices flowing. Too late for me, or I'd continue.

I'd prefer a name without the words "MMORPG" or "forum", if only to be able to RP with myself.


Massy6969, welcome to the team!



I 100% agree. I'm a roleplayer at heart, myself.

What do you think of Genesis? It's a new beginning for us all. Seems like a good name.


Genesis works for me.  I think we should have something added to it to make it more unique and also avoid the fact that that guild name is probably taken in every MMO in existence. :P


Don't suppose anyone knows the Sumerian or Akkadian word for Genesis or Beginning, eh?

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Originally posted by Goronian
Originally posted by Crispin

I'm a bit disappointed that almost nobody wants to try Istaria, it seems to have a few unique things, but the game seems almost like everything but dead :( Anyways, really looking forward to this, it's been a while since I was this excited. 


Problem is, no one really knows much about Istaria, y'see?

I share your emotions, buddy.


Hmmmm....if none of us really know a lot about Istaria, that just kinda makes it seem more interesting idea to explore as a group imo.

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Summerian 'begining' could be 'apsu' or 'surru' gives 'apsu' but the page does not seem that authentic.

For more authenticity use: 'To begin' is 'surru'.

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Originally posted by Scot

Summerian 'begining' could be 'apsu' or 'surru' gives 'apsu' but the page does not seem that authentic.

For more authenticity use: 'To begin' is 'surru'.


What about again or anew?....possibly perpetually or eternally or forever...let's see what they have here....Hur is ever or ever again.  Ever beginning or Ever again beginning.  I'm still only on page 28 of 37, sorry for replying while catching up, guys.

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Originally posted by CactusmanX
Originally posted by Goronian
Originally posted by CactusmanX

I like the concept I am not so keen on the game choices though, I haven't played Everquest II or Vangaurd but I have played Eve, Pyzom and Final Fantsy XI and didn't like those games much, especially not enough to play them again.


What would you recommend, then?


Games I have not tried but may want to
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Lord of the Rings Online
Asheron's Call 1 or 2
EverQuest II

Games I have played and liked
City of Heroes/Villians

So really any of these would be good.


To anybody that is interested in playing DDO, I'm on Khyber server as: Jarn, Brottern, Lariad, and Geremiah.  Also have a very inactive guild I made called the Potato Bandits

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I love the idea and would be interested . I find some games interesting, some not.

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Please count me in.  I have been in a gaming rut lately and am looking for something just like this to get me interested again.


Thanks for getting this idea going, sounds fun.



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I'm signed up on the site. I have the username Mithryn? on there from previous endeavors.

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Just stumbled upon this thread and this is an amazing idea.  I have been away from MMOs since I left WoW for the like the 4th time lol.  I know Free to play games have a negative appeal but Allods online is a lot of fun.  I got into CB 2 and have played like 10 hours or so and have been quite impressed.  Other games that I had a ton of fun playing are Vanguard (once people started leaving IE my guild I left too), EQII, AoC (too bad once you hit max level you had nothing to do or it would have been cool).  I have played lots of others but the adventure and the group play with a static group is what pushed me away from MMOs ... why play a MMO if you have no intention of interacting?  That is my question to the wow folks lol.

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I would strongly consider EQ or DAOC again if I knew that there would always be others on that I knew and enjoyed grouping with.

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Just registered - username same as here, looking forward to something 'new'!!

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I'd definitely be interested in this endeavor as well, depending on which game we select.

My list of MMO's for us to consider would be:

Current Games.

  1. EverQuest II
  2. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
  3. EVE Online
  4. Warhammer Online

Upcoming Games:

  1. Star Trek Online
  2. Star Wars: The Old Republic


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Sign me up. I made an account over on the website.

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I wanna jump in !


Very good Idea =)


i've already registred in your forum as Haavel.


For the game i suggest Ryzom ! ive been looking foward it, and seems amazing and perfect for your goal !

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Thanks for joining, guys!  I hope you're all enjoying the guild website.  We have plenty of forum activity and have already been extensively delving into game discussion and trialing.

It's never too late to join us!

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Can I please get a link to the guild website?


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