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Neowiz Games Reveals The Ranger
Announcements By Guest Writer on December 12, 2010

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Gun

Neowiz Games’ epic fantasy MMORPG, War of Angels, reveals its trigger-happy Ranger class

Grab some ammo pouches and arrow quivers, the Ranger class is here to unleash hell. War of Angels, the free-to-play epic fantasy massively multi-player role-playing game (MMORPG) from Neowiz Games, is currently in open beta but poised to officially launch on Dec. 15. The epic fantasy MMORPG offers players four character classes to start: Fighter, Mage, Ranger and Rogue. Players interested in joining the game for the official launch should sign up at

Rangers attack from a distance and stun opponents as effective combatants. Proficient in using bows and guns, Rangers rely on agility to boost hit rate and evasion. Rangers must rely on cunning and wits to make up for their lower damage. At level 20, Rangers can choose one of two distinctive specialization paths: the gun-specializing Hunter, whose honed skills deal massive damage from a distance, or the bow-specializing Archer, who use camouflage and trapping to evade enemies.

Rangers have a balance of damage and evasion skills, Including:

Wolf Shot – Players instantly shoot a high-damage shot to eviscerate their target

Pure Heart – Imbues a party with increased hit rate

Weakening Shot – This powerful shot weakens a target’s defense and its ability to avoid subsequent attacks

Powerful Shot – A loaded shot that inflicts more damage on a target and knocks them down

Though Rangers have lower damage and armor capabilities, their ability to attack from a distance and to stun and snare targets will make them a favored class for PvP-oriented players.

Players can sign up to play and download the game on the War of Angels website at, join the community at and

gaeanprayer writes:

Lame game is lame. Avoid.

Not only is there nothing new, but it doesn't even replicate existing systems in a successful way. Quest-based leveling isn't fun if it's all the same 'kill x quests' and each one gives you a fraction of the exp you need for each level. It's just a way to hide the grind, and it doesn't even do so cleverly. The only thing semi-different is the good/evil system, but its superficial at best. It's also been done before. Flight? Nothing special.

Ugh. Such a sad, dated game with absolutely nothing new and/or interesting to add to the market. I so wish companies would stop bringing over these old, crappy MMOs.  Think of how much more interesting this last year would have been if, instead of a ton of crappy f2p mmo's, we got one or two really great ones.

12/13/10 1:14:51 AM  | top
pussilicious writes:

Seriously, i 've been following this game since CBT1 and by far nothing impresses me. And to my surprise the game is being developed in Vietnam, or fart of thier management, WTF!. So to those that still wondering why the game is shit, there's your truth.

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12/13/10 2:10:56 AM  | top
pussilicious writes:

And this is the parent company, located in Seoul, South-Korea


Registrant : NeoWiz Co.
ASEM Tower. 6F, Samsung-dong 159-1 Gangnam-gu seoul

Registrar: Gabia,Inc. (GABIA.COM)

Administrative, Technical, Billing Contact:
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12/13/10 2:18:58 AM  | top
ganuska writes:

i hope ur wrong!-been involved in CB and still in OB and  am looking forward to helping to improve this title! The info about Vietnam,who cares!-if they produce a pleasure game to a particular group/style of players, good for them! If u have followed than u should no this is a very new gaming group. This game is not a RIFT, or LOTR but it has it enjoyable areas. I hope they improve with the full opening, and truly listen to the many wounderful beta testers who can guide them into making this a good game for its particular market group!

12/13/10 10:42:42 PM  | top
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