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The Secret War
General Article By Suzie Ford on May 03, 2012

Two weeks ago, Funcom unleashed the precursor to The Secret World. Called “The Secret War”, the game is a Facebook type social game with players joining any one of TSW’s three factions: Templar, Illuminati or Dragon. Depending on successful world domination, players help their faction unlock unique rewards, images, movies, etc. Each week, a few lucky players are also chosen for guaranteed access to the ongoing TSW closed beta.


Players first heading into The Secret War will find themselves placed on a multicolored map of the world. Each color represents a different faction: Blue for Illuminati, Red for Templars and Green for the Dragons. The amount of coverage on the map is indicative of the amount of “influence” the faction has gained. As influence is gained, players earn unlocks in the form of custom screenshots and more.

In addition, and as with most social games, daily rewards are earned by playing the game. Other rewards are earned by recruiting friends from Facebook and deploying them throughout the game world to help your faction increase its influence.

What’s quite cool about The Secret War is that the items players earn while playing will show up in their inventory when the game launches. Things such as elixirs, specialized t-shirts and other clothes, weapons and more. Those who play enough can also earn guaranteed access to the closed beta.

This from the recently released press document from Funcom:

“One of the most interesting features of ‘The Secret World’ is the three profoundly different secret societies that players can join,” says Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing Morten Larssen. “Since we first announced the game we have gradually revealed more details about them, and what we have seen is that hundreds of thousands of gamers in our community have come to identify with them and form a loyal bond to other community members belonging to the same society. With ‘The Secret War’ experience we are excited about the prospect of allowing for even more community interaction and engagement.” 

Funcom is investing a lot of PR into The Secret War by posting daily updates (to the humiliation of the poor Templars who are being kicked back to central Europe as of this writing) and detailing weekly rewards for even more fun. Here is what players were challenged to during the second week of The Secret War:

As you can see, playing The Secret War is a lot of fun but, more importantly, a way to earn in game rewards for trying it out. This week marks the mid-point for The Secret War leading up to The Secret World’s launch on June 16th.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think of The Secret War? Let us know in the comments.

Ovum writes:
That''s useful if got like, let's say 200 friends who are willing to purchase the game. Most probably your agents a.k.a. friends you will invite won't give a damn.
5/03/12 10:09:00 AM  | top
Nethriil writes:
200k now playing the secret war. I enjoy it
5/03/12 10:09:55 AM  | top
Senadina writes:
TSW is my most anticipated MMO by a longshot but....I don't do Facebook. I don't understand why people are flocking to post their personal info on a public website that anyone...(i.e. future employers, in-laws, serial killers) can access. It baffles me.
5/03/12 10:15:48 AM  | top
eric_w66 writes:

Hint: Make a *cough*bogus*cough* facebook account ;).



5/03/12 10:20:14 AM  | top
DaSpack writes:

Over 200 000 peps playing that thing now. Pretty damn hot!

Over 1 200 000 people have been viewing the material, the vids. Looks like the GW2 fanbois of got PWNed. Funcom found market elsewhere. ANd a market that now seem to turn into a nice community.  Good start

5/03/12 10:22:50 AM  | top
Yalexy writes:

Would've been great if it wouldnt require FB to begin with. There's nothing I hate more then social networks like FB.

Anyways... TSW will be a nice MMO to waste some time. Good skill-system, good crafting and decent questing. Atleast that's what you've seen in beta so far.

5/03/12 10:27:20 AM  | top
DaSpack writes:

Originally posted by Yalexy

Would've been great if it wouldnt require FB to begin with. There's nothing I hate more then social networks like FB.

Anyways... TSW will be a nice MMO to waste some time. Good skill-system, good crafting and decent questing. Atleast that's what you've seen in beta so far.


Let me give you a hint... This builds community. Go over to the official forums and move to the subforum called the secret war. The 3 factions are consolidating very well and building pride/hate in just the right proportion to get some epic PvP when peps are unleashed on eachother the 19th of June. You can read in the forums how people coordinate attacks and deployment of agents here and there.

Do not underestimate the value of this community building activity over some stale pics and vids displayed for the crowd.

5/03/12 10:32:26 AM  | top
nattius writes:
The Facebook game is terrible. Its like it was an after thought, they realised the day before that a Facebook game was due tomorrow and this is the end result.
5/03/12 10:50:43 AM  | top
Feydaway writes:

It's not's just marketing.  I played, I got the highest level in a day, I log on to 'enter' the contest daily.  No biggie.  If you pre-ordered, you have beta access anyhow...but, this had some fun virtual items for all of 1 hr. worth of effort to hype the game.  It's a good idea and I expect we'll see more of it in the future for other games.

I just wanna play the game now...

5/03/12 11:01:32 AM  | top
Samhael writes:

Because it's a social networking site known for releasing what should be private information and with deplorable cyber-security practices, I had to take a pass on that. 


5/03/12 12:56:55 PM  | top
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