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MMOFTW - WoW's Pre-Draenor Patch Cometh
This week's MMOFTW covers the coming Pre-Warlords of Draenor Patch in WoW, WildStar's state of the game address, FFXIV's new classes, ArcheAge's bot fighting, and more. Watch and learn! World of Warcraft v6.0.2 "Iron Tide" to Hit Servers on October 14 Our news: Source: Wildstar State of the Game Our news: Source: Final Fantasy XIV: Rogue & Ninja Preview Our news: Source: Project Gorgon Begins New Funding Initiative Our news: Source: SWTOR: Farewell to Skill Trees, Hello to Disciplines Our news: Source: ArcheAge - Devs Respond to Land Claim Hacking Report Our news: Source: []
MMOFTW - Nightmare Tide Delayed
This week's MMOFTW is filled with news about delays, people changing companies and Dragon Age's customization. Watch and learn! Rift: Nightmare Tide Expansion Delayed Our news: Source: Pillars of Eternity Delayed to Early 2015 Our news: Source: PlanetSide 2: Tramell Ray Isaac Leaves Our news: Source: Destiny's Rocky Final Year of Development (Rumor) Our news: Source: WildStar: Stephen Frost Leaves Carbine Our news: Source: Dragon Age Inquisition: Customization Our news: Source: Article: []
MMOFTW - Blizzard's Titan is Dead
This week's MMOFTW is about the death of Titan, ArcheAge queue times, WildStar's state of the game, the potential launch of Blade & Soul in the US, and much more. Watch and learn! TITAN: Blizzard Cancels Titan After 7 Years Our news: Link: DESTINY - Priority Fixes Our news: Link: WILDSTAR - State of the Game Our news: Link: BLADE & SOUL - No NA or EU Release in 2014 Our news: ARCHEAGE - Queue Time Reduction Our news: Link: NEVERWINTER: Next Expansion Announced Our news: Link: []
MMOFTW - ArcheAge Queues Up
This week's MMOFTW is all about the ArcheAge launch, FFXIII's PC debut, Hearthstone's millions of players, and yes... the official news of Mojang's sale to Microsoft. Watch and learn! ArcheAge State of the Game Week 1 Our News: Source: Final Fantasy XIII Series Coming to PC Our news: Source: EverQuest Next: Omeed Dariani Resigns Our news: Source: Rift: Minions Collection Game Announced Our news: Source: Hearthstone: 20M people Take Part Our news: Source: Press release but most of what was important is quoted Minecraft: It's Official: Microsoft Owns Mojang Our News: Source: []
MMOFTW - ArcheAge's Head Start Woes
This week's MMOFTW (now with fixed audio at the Minecraft bit!) is all about ArcheAge, GW2, and more. Find out who this week's winners and losers were, watch and learn! ArcheAge : Head Start Patch Reverts Labor Potion Cooldown Our news: Source: Guild Wars 2 : Colin Johanson Takes to Forums to Allay Concerns Our news: Source: Will Ferrell's SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge Our news: Source: Destiny : $500M in Game Copies Shipped As of Day 1 Our news: Secondary news (launch): Source: Minecraft : The Rumor Mill: Microsoft to Buy Mojang for $2B? Our news: Source: []
MMOFTW - WildStar Gets Megaservers
This week's MMOFTW has GW2 news about the new trading post, WildStar megaserver news, Star Trek Online casting, Robin Williams' Warcraft NPC, and more. Check it out! GW 2 Trading Post Overhaul: Our article - Source - WoW Robin Williams Memorial: Our article: Source: PAX Prime Awards: WildStar Megaservers Announced: Our article: Source: Star Trek Online Expansion Reunites Voyager Cast: Our article: Source: City of Heroes Revival a Possibility: Our article: Source:,10284.0 []
MMOFTW - ArcheAge Cometh
In this week's MMOFTW, we cover the slew of news out of Trion Worlds, the state of WildStar, the forthcoming Shadow of Mordor RPG, and more! Watch and learn, because this is MMOFTW. []
MMOFTW - Free FFXIV for Everyone!
What MMO just got its first 2-week free trial program? What game just launched a new PVP map? What console is Neverwinter headed to in 2015? And how many people took part in Destiny’s beta? Watch and learn more because THIS is MMOFTW. 1) Final Fantasy XIV: Two week trial accounts announced 2) WildStar: PvP centric ‘Sabotage’ released 3) Neverwinter headed to XBox One in early 2015 4) Destiny: Bungie boasts over 4.6 unique users during beta events 5) Firefall’s launch day arrives That’ll do it for this week’s news, folks. Thanks for watching as always, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook at MMORPGcom, without the dot. I’m Bill Murphy, you can follow me @TheBillMurphy, and remember... don’t let a bad PUG get you down. []
MMOFTW - Black Desert's Publisher
Who’s publishing Korean sandbox MMO Black Desert in the West? When’s ArcheAge’s 2nd closed beta? How long has Dragon Age Inquisition been delayed? What’s WildStar’s new PVP map all about? Watch and learn more because THIS is MMOFTW. 1) Black Desert: North American and European Publisher Revealed 2) ArcheAge: Second Beta Event Dated 3) Dragon Age Inquisition Delayed Six Weeks 4) WildStar: Carbine Reveals PvP-Centric “Sabotage” 5) Swordsman Online to be Released on July 29th []
MMOFTW - What's Your Destiny?
Where can you watch DOTA's International this weekend? Hint, it's not just your browser. ArcheAge is stepping up from Alpha to Beta this weekend, but so is Bungie's Destiny! Hearthstone's Naxxramas dungeon has a release date, and Motiga's going Gigantic. Plus, Firefall hit a major milestone this week. Watch and learn more because THIS is MMOFTW. 1) DOTA 2 : The International Championship to Be Broadcast by ESPN 2) ArcheAge: First Closed Beta Event Kicks Off 3) Destiny PlayStation 4 Beta Event Begins 4) Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas to be Released on July 22nd 5) Motiga Announces Its MOBA, "Gigantic" []
MMOFTW - Guild Wars 2's Millions
When's ArcheAge entering closed beta? Just how much do the Chinese care about Guild Wars 2? Is LotRO going down the Path of the Dead? What lies ahead for ESO? And how much will Naxxramas cost you Hearthstone players? Find out all this and more because THIS is MMOFTW. 1) ArcheAge Open Beta Coming July 17th 2) Guild Wars 2 - ArenaNet Amasses 3.8M in China Sales 3) Lord of the Rings Online Path of the Dead to Launch July 14th 4) Star Wars: The Old Republic: All You Need to Know About Galactic Strongholds 5) Elder Scrolls Online - The Road Ahead 6) Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Pricing Revealed []
MMOFTW - The Nightmare Tide Rises
How many botters can Trion kill in one fell swoop? What's Wartune like on the iPhone? How much will early access to Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade cost you? And what is the name of Rift's next expansion? Find out all this and more because THIS is MMOFTW. 1) ArcheAge: Trion Bans 16k Botters & Spammers, Patron Program Detailed 2) Wartune Hall of Heroes App Released 3) Das Tal Funding Secured, Alpha Set for July 4) Rift: Nightmare Tide Expansion Announced 5) Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade Founder's Program Detailed 6) Star Citizen: Backers Vote to Keep Stretch Rewards/Goals []
MMOFTW - SOE is Getting a Divorce!
From Elder Scrolls epic dungeons to SOE getting a divorce, it's been a crazy week. What's Neverwinter doing to celebrate 1 year since launch? What NEW content is Firefall adding? Find out! This is MMOFTW. Visit us, punks! - HTTP://WWW.MMORPG.COM []
MMOFTW: E3 2014 Wrap-Up
This week, we're going to do a little something different with MMOFTW. Coming down off our week long stint in Los Angeles for E3 2014, we figured this week would be as good as any to talk about a few of the games we were most impressed by at the show. Our official awards will be coming on Tuesday, June 17th, but let's call this the short list for our annual E3 Awards. Watch on, because this is MMOFTW. []
MMOFTW - Hello, Cupcakes
Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for June 7th, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in the top MMO news stories. Why exactly did CCP's World of Darkness cease production? What new feature is coming to Guild Wars 2 in Season 2? Oh, and what new MMO launched into the stratosphere this week? Find out all this and more, because this is MMOFTW. 1.) World of Darkness Tanked Due to Project Mismanagement 2.) CCP Confirms New Round of Layoffs 3.) Guild Wars 2: Save & Replay Content in New Journal Feature 4) WildStar Launches! 5) Defiance: More NSFW! 6) World of Warcraft: For the HORDE! Azeroth Choppers Winner Announced []
MMOFTW: Farewell to Mythic
Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for May 31st, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in the top MMO news stories. A classic and stalwart MMO studio shutters its doors. Star Citizen sees more delays, but with reason. Plus, is Guild Wars 2 going to get a new zone soon? Find out all this and more, because this is MMOFTW. 1.) The End of an Era: EA Closes Mythic 2.) War Thunder to Launch on PS4 in North America on June 3rd 3.) Star Citizen: Arena Commander Release Delayed, Chris Roberts Explains Why 4) Guild Wars 2: What Lies Ahead for Tyria 5) LEGO Minifigures Online Trailer Reveals a Medieval World 6) Darkfall: Unholy Wars Inventories Rolled Back After Exploit Discovered []
MMOFTW - Defiance Goes Free for All
Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for May 3rd, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in the top MMO news stories. When is Trion's Defiance going F2P? What's next for Elder Scrolls Online? What new MMOFPS is CCP working on? Find out all this and more, because this is MMOFTW. []
MMOFTW News Recap - ArcheAge Founder's Program Begins
Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for April 27th, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in the top MMO news stories. What three tenets does Behaviour Hold when it comes to Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade? When is Divinity Original Sin releasing? What comes as part of ArcheAge's founder's packs? And why was SWTOR's Galactic Stronghold expansion delayed? Find out all this and more, because this is MMOFTW. 1.) Warhammer 40k: Founder's Program to Adhere to Core Standards 2.) Divinity Original Sin Headed to Release on June 20th 3.) ArcheAge Founder's Packs Announced 4) Black Gold: Closed Beta to Kick Off on May 15th 5) SWTOR: Galactic Strongholds Delayed 6) Destiny: Site Revamp Reveals 3 Character Classes []
MMOFTW - World of Darkness Goes Dark
Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for April 20th, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in the top MMO news stories. What does Orange County Choppers have to do with Warcraft? When is Neverwinter's Curse of Icewind Dale launch? What new trouble is ESO running into with bugs this week? And is CCP's World of Darkness cancelled? Watch on to find out, because this is MMOFTW. 1.) World of Warcraft's Azeroth Choppers Debuts 2.) Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale to Arrive May 13th 3.) Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online Head to Steam Greenlight 4) Dupe Bugs Abound in ESO 5) Defiance Arktech Revolution DLC Launches 6) World of Darkness Development Stops []

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