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GC-Germany 2007 Videos

GC-Germany 2007 Videos

Video Interview(26:27)

In Leipzig the guys from The Chronicles of Spellborn gave us a look at character creation and customization, combat, PvP zones, and more.
Duration: 26:27
Views: 10,815  23 comments
Game: The Chronicles of Spellborn
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  • kuatous writes: cant wait for this game to drop have been waiting for quite some time Thu Oct 23 2008 11:17AM
  • xavka writes: Looks nice , fresh and most important (at least for me ) casual Sun Nov 18 2007 10:35AM
  • impulsebooks writes: There's a lot to like about this game. I think the fighting aboard ship idea is a clever one, and the spectator in arena's is clever--don't think I have seen that before. I would watch like that too (trying to pick up some tips ;)) Fri Sep 28 2007 1:54PM
  • Darth_Pete writes: looks good but probably not my game Tue Sep 25 2007 7:17PM
  • BlackWatch writes: can't wait, honestly. looks great. Tue Sep 18 2007 3:14PM
  • starkreality writes: I'd like to punch the camera guy. Lazy lazy. Too much time spent looking at the back of developers heads... But on the plus side TCoS is absolutely stunning, unique and amazing. Fri Sep 14 2007 4:01AM
  • Dyraele writes: I have been following this for a while, like others of course. Looks really well done graphically. I love the fact you can pick different voices, I just hope a female can't pick a male voice. :) Sat Sep 08 2007 9:37AM
  • tiamat_lives writes: I'm glad that they are moving away from the WoW/EQ2/etc. combat system which is getting rather boring. Mon Sep 03 2007 11:43PM
  • LordRussell writes: This game is the sleeper of the year...I will be playing it for a very, very long time. Mon Sep 03 2007 6:47PM
  • DarkSkeda writes: What TRMC said! Mon Sep 03 2007 6:18PM
  • TRMC writes: You should get your facts straight Warphunter. If you have a concern no matter what it is. You are free to voice it. The devs of Spellborn have never stopped people from doing that. In fact they encourage it. But if the only way you can voice your concerns is by disrespecting others because they don't agree with you. You will be banned if we ask you more then twice to stop. As for the CM they hired. Don't blame the devs not only was it the community that voted that CM in that person did have a history of causing a little bit of trouble amoung some community members that was nothing much nonsense. That is until that person had just enough votes to be a CM then all the green eyed monsters came out. If your going to bring this stuff up at least tell the whole truth not just what you want people to now. An trying not to bring up things that happen like nearly a half a year ago. Talk about shameless attack to bring up the past the bash the game. Mon Sep 03 2007 3:28PM
  • WarpHunter writes: It could have been a great game until they started banning people who voiced their concerns about the game and about the direction they were taking it. They also fired or caused people to quit who actually spoke up for the community the management was trying to get rid of. Then to top it all off they hired a person to be the community manager that was hated by 90% of the community. I would suggest steering clear of this game unless petty Drama and not having a voice are your thing. Mon Sep 03 2007 10:08AM
  • patrikd23 writes: Nice presentation, gonna try the game when its out. Mon Sep 03 2007 2:05AM
  • Gajari writes: Looking more awesome all the time. Looking forward to this more than any other games. Sun Sep 02 2007 8:40AM
  • mutantmagnet writes: There is world pvp. You simply can't pvp anywhere which has been the case in most pvp related games for awhile now. In fact they just mentioned in that video while pvp isn't allowed in most of the main capitol, if you enter the Green District ffa pvp is enabled. Sun Sep 02 2007 8:09AM
  • StevenTheRoc writes: no world pvp ;( Sun Sep 02 2007 1:26AM
  • Pietoro writes: Great art style. I love the freestyle character customization! Sun Sep 02 2007 12:56AM
  • sempiternal writes: Not cartoony? Pfft... Sat Sep 01 2007 10:48PM
  • sempiternal writes: Not cartoony? Pffft. Sat Sep 01 2007 10:47PM
  • cupertino writes: I last looked at this about a year ago and forgot about it, coming from WoW I love the gfx.. they are not trying to be ultra realistic and not too cartoony.. a nice balance. I love the travel fighting =D The best thing.. its not be hyped as the next big thing. And fighting is not auto target, you need to aim and you can dodge Right now I wanna play this game more than WAR. Sat Sep 01 2007 7:43PM
  • muaddib101 writes: agree with all of the above. this might wind up being the sleeper hit. Sat Sep 01 2007 6:29PM
  • motionary writes: I've been following this game for several years now and it keeps looking better and better. It has the most of what I'm looking for in a game, and so far, a very mature community. Sat Sep 01 2007 5:45PM
  • Dyng-Johan writes: The more I see of this game, the better it seems! Two Thumbs up! Sat Sep 01 2007 5:41PM

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