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GC-Germany 2007 Videos

GC-Germany 2007 Videos

Russel Williams Interview(26:09)

In Leipzig, Jon Wood had a chance to sit down with Russel Williams CEO of Flying Lab Software to discuss their upcoming MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea as it moves closer and closer to launch.
Duration: 26:09
Views: 10,877  20 comments
Game: Pirates of the Burning Sea
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  • Eraser55 writes: awesome Thu Dec 06 2007 5:03AM
  • JaxWolfenden writes: ARRR Im so stoked. Not an elf or dwarf in sight. ARRR-B-DAR Mon Nov 12 2007 9:25PM
  • juv95hrn writes: I hope "this fall" means October rather than December but who knows? Tue Sep 04 2007 8:04AM
  • Neobius writes: Russel, you are my new hero. I've been salivating over PotBS for weeks now, and every time I see something new like this, I start gnawing at the bit just a little more. I've had my head buried in WoW (World of Warcraft) for several year now, leading a dual-sided cross-faction pirate guild on the RP server of Feathermoon...and for the first time since I started playing WoW, I'm ready to ditch it and dive headlong into PotBS. Brilliant game design, nearly perfect from top to bottom. Avatar combat isn't quite perfect, but they're still polishing so that's expected. The ship combat looks like pure POETRY in motion! Character customization is the best I've ever seen. It's great to see a PIRATE-focused MMORPG! It's gonna be interesting to see how a real-world based MMORPG with very little supernatural content is going to fare. Every major MMORPG I've seen is based in fantasy worlds, and very magic-heavy. I think it'll be a real culture change for anyone who gets into PotBS, but I think there's a HUGE market out there for it. Two things that catch my attention are realism and player-focus. The realism built into this game, from rolling your character, to sailing your ship into combat, merchant trading, and everything else, is awesome to see! The player focus has me hooked as well. Imagine a game where PLAYERS get to design new content (such as sail patterns), submit them to the community, and PLAYERS vote on the best submissions, then the winners actually get their designs built INTO the game in the next patch! PotBS will be doing that and more, from what I've heard. If Flying Labs pulls this off even HALF as well as I think they will...then they deserve to take a bow. This may very well be the last game I ever play, hands-down. I feel like giving these people a big, wet sloppy kiss right on the face. Can't WAIT to get my hands on this! =) Tue Sep 04 2007 1:05AM
  • Earadi writes: This looks like it is going to be a pretty solid game. I see a lot of low levels grouping up and just attacking the hell out of higher levels lol. Mon Sep 03 2007 3:44AM
  • smartkidz writes: This game is excellent. Hands down this is truly "next-gen". P.S. I'm so gonna be a privateer sooner or later. It's like being the "Dog"(kickass RL bounty hunter). Sun Sep 02 2007 11:39PM
  • daemon writes: just awesome. this is what we need! open beta go go go! Sun Sep 02 2007 9:00PM
  • Kilivin writes: I think that the ship combat for PVP is good because then if you got a friend who is a higher lvl than you than you could go gank a ship. Also what is cool about ship combat is the wind and how it affects your speed and how you can manuver your ship around your opponent, and the balance thing is nice cause then you can mainly do the same thing your doing in ship combat cause say your friend is fighting a high lvl and he is having abit a trouble, then if the opponent is off balance you can hit him and take down who you were fighting... so ya I think that the whole fighting system and how quests work is all a great idea. Sun Sep 02 2007 7:20PM
  • jerkson writes: How the hell do ya download the clip to your own computer? The buffering keeps stopping all the time, fix your servers? >< Sun Sep 02 2007 3:16PM
  • Flummoxed writes: "all goods are player made" YES! That feature plus the participatory pvp he was talking about at the end gives me a feeling that they've captured something unique here that's often missing from mmogs: a =natural= sense of Community. Many games try to add it via chat or grouping mechanics or whatever - here it seems it will just occur spontaneously. Sat Sep 01 2007 10:27PM
  • sacredfool writes: Ship combat is great! One of the only "bunny hopping free" shooters. ;) This has surprised me a lot! The swordfighting looks very stiff though (maybe will change if there is more players around) and doesnt seem to flow. Expected something a bit more from that. Sat Sep 01 2007 1:45PM
  • Elikal writes: Shiver me timbers! Splice the Mainbrace, and then send those landlubbers to the bottom of the sea, Harrgh! ^^ Really, this all sounds pretty exciting. Sat Sep 01 2007 4:20AM
  • Archin writes: This game sounds really dam good, love the idea of gathering friends, heading to some random island and because of your actions you open up a PvP zone on a once quiet island!!! Fri Aug 31 2007 4:28PM
  • Koolaider writes: <3 Rusty Fri Aug 31 2007 4:10PM
  • Pietoro writes: Wow, the more I see of this game, the more I want to try it out! Fri Aug 31 2007 4:01PM
  • Solanar writes: that was definitely awesome, can't wait to play this game... must freeze self... Fri Aug 31 2007 3:56PM
  • flamingjerk writes: First time coming across this game but wow it owns... seriously i love pirate mmos and this looks amazing Fri Aug 31 2007 1:07PM
  • henrikc3 writes: This showed that the game has got all I was hoping for and I'm realy looking forward to playing it! YARGH! Fri Aug 31 2007 7:58AM
  • cipi_raty writes: Nice, very nice! Fri Aug 31 2007 7:02AM
  • Nikepwns writes: Pretty ownage really, at first i thought the tactics for the ship combat was just gonna be press a button and your done, but NO, it does have tactics and a lot, after this video i will definatly be playing this game! Fri Aug 31 2007 6:31AM

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