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GC-Germany 2007 Videos

GC-Germany 2007 Videos

Interview with Darrin McPherson(19:21)

In Leipzig, Jon Wood had the opportunity to talk to Darrin McPherson Senior Game Designer about Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The two talked about Update 2, the upcoming Update 3 and the present and future of the game.
Duration: 19:21
Views: 7,003  18 comments
Game: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
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  • heathenux writes: they should fix the little things that matters like sound effects of sword hitting armor etc.. Tue Aug 05 2008 11:10PM
  • Rackhir writes: Excellent video. Darrin McPherson really seems to know what's best for the game, and is obviously very passionate about it. I've just re-subscribed (left on late February) and am going to check the changes first-hand. Sun Nov 18 2007 5:27AM
  • Kraenee writes: Just don't play the FFA. Too many hacks and too much exploiting going on. classes are still way out of balance Tue Sep 11 2007 12:12AM
  • Punisher writes: They need to send me a free month to prove the 6 months I subbed and was screwed. Wasnt all for not. Mon Sep 10 2007 9:01PM
  • NatoriousNyd writes: I stopped at "Non instanced raid dungeons." Mon Sep 10 2007 3:20PM
  • Mardy writes: I liked it, thank you. Looks like VG is heading towards the right direction. Sun Sep 09 2007 6:17PM
  • Borut writes: dude u realy sux with camera Sun Sep 09 2007 12:53PM
  • RonnyRulz writes: We got a monkey workin the camera or somethin? LOL, jk. If I were to work the camera, it would constantly be jiggling and would probably wonder off to other parts of the expo. Fri Aug 31 2007 1:28PM
  • yehuda writes: Looks pretty cool, too bad the video doesn't show more of that dungeon. I'm also with Jehryn, video keeps skipping. A download option would be nice to have. Fri Aug 31 2007 6:09AM
  • Rabenwolf writes: happy happy joy joy, the game had such potential. I really hope they tap in on it, and fix the classes while they are at it. Thu Aug 30 2007 11:02PM
  • Gajari writes: I'll be looking forward to that trial island they have in the works. They're definitely making the game look appealing as opposed to the mess the beta was. Thu Aug 30 2007 9:58PM
  • Gidion writes: Is there a part 2? Cause I don't know why you would end the interview mid sentence like that... Thu Aug 30 2007 12:46PM
  • midwestnets writes: I heard nothing concrete about performance. Thu Aug 30 2007 10:49AM
  • hawkeye74 writes: Awesome news for what can be a really awesome game for years to come, especially when/if Eq2 winds down in 2-3yrs from now. Thu Aug 30 2007 10:41AM
  • cupertino writes: Good to see that VG saw the light and put in stuff that players expect and things that should never be messed with such as Binded items with level requirements, dressing rooms and detailed item stats. The LFG systems is the same as in WoW's lets just hope people use it in VG more than they do in WoW. Seems they cut out the crap that tried to make it hardcore and brought it down to a level where more people will enjoy it. TBH a lot of WoW'est features being added..such as group lists & ready checks... which is good as those things work great. Thu Aug 30 2007 10:20AM
  • Blockmoore writes: Finally Vanguard gets some serious love and attention. The game really deserves it. Thu Aug 30 2007 7:00AM
  • Jehryn1982 writes: Why the hell do all MMORPG video's start to stutter after 30 seconds? i Can't watch any of them. Ain't it possible just to download the video's? Thu Aug 30 2007 6:51AM
  • Elikal writes: It seems VG is apparently in good hands with SOE now. The LFG system where you can seek especially for dungeons and quests is a good idea. And finally they add teleport points to areas in those huge dungeons you can skip parts you already did! I hope they add it to all those huge dungeons. Its one of the most annoying things that really drove me away, that you have the redo all the parts when you get a wipe or something. Really not casual-friendly at all! Thu Aug 30 2007 6:13AM

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