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GC-Germany 2007 Videos

GC-Germany 2007 Videos

Interview with Matt Wilson(27:23)

In Leipzig, Managing Editor Jon Wood had a chance to sit down with Matt Wilson Studio Manager for SOE to talk about the upcoming MMORPG, The Agency. The pair discussed what's coming up for the spy / mercenary based MMORPG.
Duration: 27:23
Views: 4,939  16 comments
Game: The Agency
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  • Allanon6666 writes: Since this is published by SOE, is it gonna be available on PC, or just PS3 (I'm assuming that it is coming out for the PS3 since the publisher is Sony) Mon Sep 03 2007 12:59PM
  • Flummoxed writes: This game will have all the same problems as that EA spy game did. Calling you on your cell sounds cool but doesn't actually work very well. Sat Sep 01 2007 11:25PM
  • GiMMLi writes: I heard they were looking for a free to play model at GC. So hopefully they'll do away with the typical subscription. Most MMO players are beginning to turn to f2p models because there isn't taht feeling of wasting your money on a game that isn't going anywhere. Devs can't let you down so much if your not paying them. Istead you get that feeling of, I'm glad I don't pay for this. Fri Aug 31 2007 10:44AM
  • Sovren1 writes: Problem with this would clearly be the subscription. Why? because people who actually do play shooters may rather play free ones. My opinion of course being that I like shooters. Planetside did well enough, but the world was at war and it could be monitored which gave you a feeling of effecting the world around you. Guess we will see. And Paragon IS the name a city in CITY OF HEROES. Enigma wasn't asking the meaning of it. He just asked if it was the name of a city. Fri Aug 31 2007 6:39AM
  • chr1sm writes: He said it himself folks.. first and foremost this is an FPS and secondly an mmo... If I wanted to play an FPS, I'd do that.. when are the big name companies going to get the hint? I can't wait for DarkFalland Renaissance to come out..although I hate the fantasy genre, these are the only games for actual fun in MMORPG's. Thu Aug 30 2007 11:40PM
  • Interitus writes: No,Paragon is a word that means "a model or pattern of excellence or of a particular excellence." Which just also happens to be the name of the city in CoH. Thu Aug 30 2007 12:51PM
  • BaronJuJu writes: Wow!! I'm impressed how they intend to mesh the MMORPG and the FPS crowds together. Thu Aug 30 2007 12:28PM
  • Enigma writes: Isn't Paragon the city in City of Heroes? Thu Aug 30 2007 11:35AM
  • DystopiaBoy writes: Woot! The game looks like it will awesome! However, how many people are going to be arrested by Homeland Security when they get a cell phone call from their NPC contact? "Hey boss, I've got those rocket launchers installed on your Toyota." LOL. Thu Aug 30 2007 8:43AM
  • therain93 writes: Neat, although not a whole lot of new information other than if they're not really into an alpha yet, I'm doubtful of a summer 2008 release. Thu Aug 30 2007 8:21AM
  • Lobotomist writes: My feeling It will be good :) Thu Aug 30 2007 7:30AM
  • Elikal writes: Wow, I think this is the first time I see a person presenting a MMO who talks like a normal person! I am impressed. Gameplay sounds nice, but I am kinda split if this mere shooter emphasis may keep me interesting more than a few weeks. But definitely a novelt, which is good. Thu Aug 30 2007 4:22AM
  • Mosfet writes: Dang, that looks cool. Thu Aug 30 2007 4:05AM
  • Fion writes: Yea very different, but as a long time FPS fan, it looks fun. I'll add it to my ever growing 'anticipation' list for sure. :) Though I wish it were skill based, not level based. Thu Aug 30 2007 1:07AM
  • loftly writes: DUDE!!! that looks AWESOME! my one problem is sony will probably release the game a year too early and then half way thru its life will change it to a card battle game... Wed Aug 29 2007 11:59PM
  • Aware writes: first? Wed Aug 29 2007 8:16PM

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