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GC-Germany 2007 Videos

GC-Germany 2007 Videos

Interview with Associate Producer Arend Stuhrmann(15:18)

EVE Associate Producer Arend Stuhrmann discusses EVE Online and the 2007 Games Convention in Leipzig.
Duration: 15:18
Views: 11,618  37 comments
Game: EVE Online
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  • brenth writes: Stumpy26 writes: LOL at the pve guys, eve has had the exact same recipe since 4 years, also b4 wow came out, its not a mainstream game like wow or guildwars, its a niche game and does this well, if eve changes how u suggest it will lose its magic and die , simple as that. If you stay in empire(safe space) you can raid/npc/roleplay till ur hearts content. You leave safe space and you are fair game thats how it works. its a nitch game because the FFA PVP is crippling it. and just so you get a clue.. PVE players feel traped and pigeon holed in your socalled empire space DUDE! and it not because of the game mobs its because of other jerk players. and having a PVE server or a non-PVP faction wouldnt kill the game you PVP jerks can prey on each other all you want. and as for the capital carriers only the big PVP guilds/players will be able to have them because non pvpers will just be wasting their money and it would be blown up in minutes. Sun Oct 28 2007 3:45AM
  • brenth writes: maddbomber83 writes: Thanks for the interview. PVE optional? High sec space, nuff said. high space = noob and BORING,, PVPers = jerks on SWG when we had empire being jerks droping an invulnerable base outside the rebel capital the gamers directed their assaults at the gamer petition and website in mass untill it overloaded their customerservice system they FINALLY took care of the problem. do we have to crash too? Sun Oct 28 2007 3:35AM
  • brenth writes: These developers are so clueless about how many people would subscribe to EVE if it was casual player friendly so that the PVP jerks sould let us play in peace. last numbers I heard were 190k would probably double. its no fun having unarmed multi million credit haulers and transports blown up and your avatar killed. about as fair as shooting children in the face with a howitzer. way to design a game guys! Sun Oct 28 2007 3:23AM
  • tibikegamez writes: The "PvE vs PvP" argument is POINTLESS. Why ? Here's what happends if you make SEPARATE PvE and PvP servers... On the PvP server, actual PvP would cease to mean anything if there would be no PvE there, because there would be no way to "make" ISK (pretty much everything should be free of charge too), so you have to have PvE on the PvP server as a mean to "make a buck" and to have PvP mean something. Can't take PvE out of the PvP server. On the PvE server however, almost nobody would bother playing for a long time, since there's no incentive to actually do anything, you'd get bored pretty fast and just move back to the PvP server. The "Singularity" test server is the best example of how exactly a pure PvP and a pure PvE server would look like, because that server is BOTH. Or, rather, a no-costs consensual-only PvP server, with full PvE features. Separating PvP from PvE is the dumbest possible idea for EVE-Online. Thu Sep 27 2007 1:59AM
  • Whiskey6 writes: I love you guys I really do, you act like its some kind of personal attack against you or Eve Online when its nothing of the sort. This entire exchange just further demonstrates the fundamental difference between the styles of play that are out there, some people get and for others it just passes over their heads. PvP and PvE don't mix no matter how hard companies try to offer them on the same server as CCP has tried. When you force people to PvP when they have no desire to do so, the PvE player won't continue to pay to be the willing victim and will go some where else. As long as CCP only offers the one alternative then they won't get the players to stay beyond a certain point. That point being where to further enjoy the game the player starts to venture out into lawless zones and begins loosing progress, they then leave the game. I completely understand the PvP player not understanding the motivations of the PvE player and thinking that a PvE server wouldn't be any fun. You're right it wouldn't be any fun for a PvP player, but a PvE player would love it and I don't expect you to get that concept because your motivations are different than that. I'm suggesting that CCP give it some thought rather than as all the PvP respondants have and dismiss the idea outright without thinking it through dispassionately. Fri Aug 31 2007 2:36PM
  • Stumpy26 writes: This is pointless, I will just say this: Dont try change our game and we dont try change your game. I will quote a CCP dev now and this will be the last post I make here. EVE isn't designed to just look like a cold, dark and harsh world, it's designed to be a cold, dark and harsh world. - Wrangler Fri Aug 31 2007 5:24AM
  • apertotes writes: those asking for a PVE server, just use the test server. there you can PVE as much as you want without pvping. and if you ever got ganked, just buy a new vagabond or raven fro 100isk. aint that what you want? Fri Aug 31 2007 3:56AM
  • fagercraft writes: If they put out a PvE server, or make it like WoW (which on its own is still a good game which i pay for) where you either PvP or PvE and those 2 got NOTHING to do with eachother... then you migth be paying but i and many others wont anymore. And i doubt CCP will get new players to their side from wow or any other games at this stage. If you want to PvP you have to PvE (well almost always), if you want to PvE and you wanna do it outside empire for more profit you gotta PvP. Its whats makes sandbox games great, players decide. I mean seriously what would PvE players do if PvPers didnt buy their ships, or buy their minerals, and what would PvP do with no minerals on market, no ppl who buys protection, no ppl who builds their ships? Im sorry it got more elements than you wish for. Oh and im a "carbear mission runner" 90% of my time. (other times is when i got to much cash and to much money, and go kamikaze or join some mercs) Oh and you can PvE with 99% saftey from PvP at all times, but you gotta intereact with PvP people if you want some stuff you can only get outside PvE space, same as PvP ppl gotta buy stuff from PvE area to PvP more. Its what makes the game so large scale, its what makes EVE. Im sorry there are no MMO-space games where there is no PvP, but the day EvE loses its sandbox-policy, is the day EVE wont exist anymore. In games like WoW you can play WoW, and you can play WoW. You either play it like battlefield, or like co-op oblivion. You either play EVE, or you dont. There are no PvP side and PvE side.. there is only the EVE side. Got dam i sound like some marketing company.. Thu Aug 30 2007 8:00PM
  • Fellwood writes: Finally got to finish it after I let it buffer for an hour...But yea. PvP is very essential to gameplay, as without it, the lawless space becomes nothing more special than empire - more useless in fact if you can't blow up someone else's sovereignty. Thu Aug 30 2007 5:42PM
  • Whiskey6 writes: Sorry but the rabid response by the PvP types only exemplifies the need for a PvE server, and the argument that it would ruin Eve is ludicrous. You would still have Tranquility which would remain unchanged and you could gank to your hearts content and those that aren't of that mindset could play on the Carebear server since I'm sure that label is going to come up anyway I thought I'd go ahead and use it first. Eve Online then would garner the entire Sci-Fi player base, I have three accounts that are inactive and will remain that way unless something like this comes to pass. Now as a gamer we can all have our opinions but since we are all just gamers they all have equal weight, its CCP that makes the decisions in regard to their game. The economics are simple want to make more money to continue to develope games you need more subscribers, to get more subscribers you need to offer them a product they want to pay for. Currently I won't pay for Eve in its current form, to get my subscription money they need to offer me a product I want to play and that isn't whats on Tranquility. Now I'll say this again, Eve is a visually stunning game and the future development just builds on an already beautiful product, except for the FFA PvP, fix that and I and a lot more like me would come back. If that means we play on a different server then thats just fine. Thu Aug 30 2007 3:43PM
  • Stumpy26 writes: LOL at the pve guys, eve has had the exact same recipe since 4 years, also b4 wow came out, its not a mainstream game like wow or guildwars, its a niche game and does this well, if eve changes how u suggest it will lose its magic and die , simple as that. If you stay in empire(safe space) you can raid/npc/roleplay till ur hearts content. You leave safe space and you are fair game thats how it works. Thu Aug 30 2007 3:50AM
  • fuseblown writes: In reply to giskard73.. Making a second server for PvE only would completely ruin EVE as we know it. What makes EVE what it is today is the single "server" environment and throwing every player together. The majority of the market is driven by PvP, whether you want to believe it or not. Having a PvE server would feel pretty worthless as people would not be buying as many ships and modules (or any sort of variety), except for the occasional losses to NPC's, which doesn't happen anywhere near the rate of PvP losses. It just wouldn't be the same. Thu Aug 30 2007 1:46AM
  • maddbomber83 writes: Ok, PvE again . . . Look, the game rocks and I love it and if I'm not careful it consumes me. It is rare, unless you bring it upon yourself, to get killed by a player in High Sec Space. So if you want to run missions, or rat, or mine, or be an industrialist and make / research stuff, you can, no PvP. You want to go into low sec and 0.0 space to maximize profits, well then you'll need escorts or a fast ship, or be in an alliance that has arrangements with a police force. I'm all about PvP, and in this game, as it is now, I only have to PvP when I want to. The great thing about this game, is through FFA PvP in the end game areas, the players control everything. The market, the police, the stations, mining, everything. You take away pvp in those areas, you loose that, and that is the market the game was made for. Wed Aug 29 2007 5:48PM
  • Vaden writes: The graphics of EVE have always looked good. I saw that brought up alot.. but one thing i never got. Ok PvP and PvE... two very different sides, argument for the PvP side says PvP makes the game as well as other MMORPG, i strongly disagree, i go for content not mindly bashing ppl. I got Halo for that. BUT my thing is.. if u want to fight, go fight..if someone wants to PvE/Quest/RPG,why bug them? They tend to be the target of the PvP XD Wed Aug 29 2007 3:54AM
  • PoopyStuff writes: Surprized they didn't bring up this.... Tue Aug 28 2007 8:44PM
  • giskard73 writes: They could make a PvE server. I agree with Whiskey6 also but it would have to be a separate universe so it didn't alter or take away from their loyal PvP base. Damn those graphics are pretty. I've got my fingers crossed for STO. Tue Aug 28 2007 6:42PM
  • surlybird writes: There are alot of systems that you can run missions and mine in without having to PvP. This looks great. Tue Aug 28 2007 6:40PM
  • maddbomber83 writes: Thanks for the interview. PVE optional? High sec space, nuff said. Tue Aug 28 2007 2:46PM
  • AmbassadorDvinn writes: Looking good. EVE is going to last forever, I swear. Tue Aug 28 2007 2:00PM
  • Fellwood writes: It's definitely nice to know that CCP is working to improve EVE where certain other companies might be too 'busy' to constantly update their games. Also to the PVE guys, PvP makes EVE - making a PvE server or a PvP flag system just wouldn't work out. Sorry. Tue Aug 28 2007 11:19AM
  • Stumpy26 writes: YARR good stuff :) (sorry to the PVE guys, but that is the niche that Eve has and does well in it) Tue Aug 28 2007 9:35AM
  • Sarok writes: Great interview, can't wait for the new graphic engine ! :) Tue Aug 28 2007 7:19AM
  • Ganderik writes: yarrr, cant wait for the REv 3 expansion. Take a stroll down the hangar, and do some "shopping". Go EVE!!! Tue Aug 28 2007 4:30AM
  • cipi_raty writes: Nice...very nice game indeed...too bad that is not f2p! And did u guys noticed that if u listen closely u can hear their outer-space voices? lmao! Tue Aug 28 2007 2:42AM
  • M1sf1t writes: Looks interesting...Any info on when this new update might launch? Tue Aug 28 2007 2:37AM
  • Maurauder writes: Good interview but I agree with Whiskey6 on this. I had 2 accounts when I left eve for the reasons that they talk about in this video. There is not enough PvE in the game. CCP forces PvP into every aspect of the game. PvP should be a choice and not forced upon anyone. Even with their new capital mining ship they show here for an example. It is only allowable to be used in PvP space. So even if you want one you can not use it the way you would WANT to if you were a PvE miner. Totally lame and the reason I left Eve. The gamn could be great but the devs at CCP need to LISTEN to their players and not do what they want to do. Maybe that is why they only have the small numbers of people playing that they do.... Tue Aug 28 2007 2:28AM
  • Whiskey6 writes: You know it really is a visually stunning game, too bad they can't acknowledge that there is a huge segment of the Sci-Fi gaming community that don't embrace the FFA PvP enviroment. I came to Eve from Earth and Beyond, and its that style of game play that I want. Open a new server group for the PvE players that want to play this game. Tue Aug 28 2007 1:53AM
  • Datcyde writes: omg thanks for this interview ! Tue Aug 28 2007 1:41AM
  • Minsc writes: 2 gigs for the graphics engine upgrade, well there goes the days of the EVE installer fitting on a CD-R. Not surprised really as I'm sure most of that is the new art assets and dayummmm it's gonna look sweet. Mon Aug 27 2007 11:41PM
  • Fion writes: SCREW Eve. I wanna know how their World of Darkness MMOG is coming along! Mon Aug 27 2007 10:55PM
  • crazykinux writes: Thanks a lot for the interview. Any chance that Arend can provide the video he's showing! Mon Aug 27 2007 9:57PM
  • Darkz0r writes: nice, I hope it's a huge amount of stuff indeed ! Mon Aug 27 2007 9:55PM
  • lekiz writes: EVE has learned me to be a better pirate in real-life, thank you EVE! Nah, just kidding. I can't wait to see these changes, great interview too. It will surely rock! :) Mon Aug 27 2007 7:16PM
  • shmig writes: A full-time economist for an MMO? That's my dream job! I didn't get a degree in economics for nothing. Mon Aug 27 2007 7:02PM
  • Mile5 writes: I played eve for about one and a half year but i quit beceause i started playing in a clan that played bf2. But when this is all part of eve i'm so going to give it a whole new try. Good interview btw, answered alot of the big questions out there. :) Mon Aug 27 2007 6:47PM
  • szarr writes: damn, EvE is gonna rock! and a really good interview Mon Aug 27 2007 6:24PM
  • JonnyBigBoss writes: Great interview. Thanks Mon Aug 27 2007 4:46PM

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