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GC-Germany 2007 Videos

GC-Germany 2007 Videos

Video Tour(8:51)

Markus Belchine of Bounty Bay online gives our viewers a glimpse of Bounty Bay Online
Duration: 8:51
Views: 3,634  5 comments
Game: Bounty Bay Online
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  • Abbababa writes: The guy talks crap about the game , showing it in a romantic light while in reality it's all down to how much cash you will spend in Item-shop. Unless you are willing to spend 500 EU a week don't even try it coz you will get PK-ed by overpowered nazis fueled with special items from a GM. Fri Apr 03 2009 7:09AM
  • intr0 writes: The idea to change VCO name to BBO and sell it as p2p seems like pathetic attempt to rip off our money. The thing that you don't have to pay in Item Mall to tame your pet isn't something special especialy when you have to pay monthly fee even if you don't have a pet. I don't see any signifcant differences between VCO and BBO exept that you have to pay for the last one. It seems that VCO has problems with atracting players even on f2p model so how BBO is going to make it? Maybe they hope that they will sucsed on german market. It looks like they are aiming for that. Paying in Item Mall - unfair option. Paying monthly fees - euqal chances. (priceless) lol Tue Aug 28 2007 3:03PM
  • cipi_raty writes: The thing that u can tame ur pet without using Item Mall is good idea...I wonder about the pet's u keep that up without IM healing kits? Tho..they are trying to keep it away from fantasy genre..but they can't...while u have Lizardmen, Golems and other creatures that never existed! So stop bothering making it more realistic and less SF cuz u won't succeed..even if VCO has magic wands it is the same thing ass BBO! But, u have to pay....and that u will have a tiny lil comunity for Bounty Bay Online, because in Voyage Century Online u can buy Item Mall things with in-game money, from players! So VCO still rocks! Cheers! Tue Aug 28 2007 1:22AM
  • eXme writes: Ah by the way i saw that guy in game lol :D Calar lol... sux no pk :( Mon Aug 27 2007 4:11AM
  • eXme writes: I got some negative comments on this game... 1. Chars are ugly :( 2. Low on sprites... 3. Map is cool because its real world map BUT there is no true names on it :( 4. Chating is not fun :( Poor on design... 5. No Roleplaying (low on quests) 6. Interface POOOOOOR guys common and you wanna make this game p2p? WTF? They should work 1 year more on this game... Of course you can download and play it, but Ill not recommend to waste your time on such game :( Mon Aug 27 2007 4:10AM

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