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Game On | Brad McQuaid on the Future of Pantheon: Welcome back to Game On: Epic Slant Press Edition! This week we’re honored to be joined by Brad McQuaid, the Chief Creative Officer for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and Founder of Visionary Realms studios! You may also know him as one of the original creators of EverQuest and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Following the conclusion of the game’s Kickstarter, we sit down to talk about what happened, where the game is at, and what’s in store for the future. In the words of Brad, the end of the Kickstar

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Earley writes:

Unfortunately, in my mind, the words "Brad McQuaid" will always be associated with arrogance, anger management issues, and absolutely no impulse for self-reflection.

In our group of friends, all gamers with lifelong obsessions (starting with that copy of Akalabeth we bought from Richard Garriott in 1980), Brad is a standing joke about one-hit wonders.

Wed Feb 26 2014 6:49PM Report
Camoeb writes: I completely agree with you Earley, back in 2006 I was such a huge fan of this guy, I was absolutely stoked for Vanguard. After seeing what a huge piece of crap it was I just see him as arrogant and have a lot of doubts. Thu Feb 27 2014 10:26AM Report
mysticaluna writes:

He isn't a one hit wonder, since EQ1 and Vanguard = 2 games. 

The only problem was investors and rushing vanguard when it needed another year to fix bugs/giltches, now the game is so much better and less buggy , yet its to late to save it !! Grr... 

If the game plays like EQ1 and vanguard I'd love it, and it would give Vanguard saga of heroes players somewhere to go after the game closes down  this July... So I wish him luck 

Fri Feb 28 2014 9:07PM Report
GungaDin writes:

There just isn't the interest in this Genre of games anymore.  Swords, shields, magic, blah blah blah.  Its been done to death.  Shroud of the Avatar is the last to cash in on it.  Games want something new, hence, the success of Star Citizen.

There should be no more Kickstarters for any MMO with this Genre.  Its been done to death.

Sun Mar 02 2014 9:40AM Report
caynenable writes: There is a interest in this game, even though the kickstater failed it raised over 460k, that with a poorly thought out kickstarter with inadequate information. So add all the people that are interested that did not support the kickstarter for the lack of info. Over 3k people donated, there are a ton more that did not donate until they actually see game footage. Just because you GungaDin do not like it does not mean none else does. Why do people think their opinion is fact? Mon Mar 03 2014 11:30AM Report
Mitara writes:

So far, the only selling point i have heard and read about with Pantheon, is that they want more difficult mobs. Can they really sell a game from that. Even the presented classes seems to be very very 2003, not 2014.

I still wish them all well. I hope they get to make their dream. I just might not be my dream.

Thu Mar 06 2014 9:46AM Report
Wizardry writes:

Man i like Brad but it is going to be a real tough chore for him and his group.

The problem is there seems to be this negative stigma surrounding him and imo VERY undeserving.

When i see people saying VG was crap,i lol,it is still to this day a better game than most every game on the net.Even released in a buggy state it did MORE than any other game in the market,and it did it very well.

All you have to do is look at the biggest money maker >>>WOW and see how the majority don't even like the game,most everyone just wants Wow end game.That is pretty much FACT that Blizzard cannot design a good triple A game but manages to keep an audience based on about 1% of it's game play,which is really sad.

Anyhow Blizzard does not matter to me,this is about Pantheon.I do 100%agree with the concept of "grouping" and keeping the game smaller to stay within it's budget.I do however feel Brad needs to look more into the depth area.

I say this because i find the old EQ design to be boring,i want MORE than just equipping my character and swinging a sword.I have always point to>>>FFXI,i would like to see a similar type class/combat structure but with even more depth.

No matter what i think there is still going to be problems within the community and media.I say this because there is that HUGE part of the community that all began playing Wow and nothing else.So they expect hand holding ,linear game play.

This equates to a lose lose for Brad,one he can't make those happy that will be quick to flame and troll because it is not a Wow clone and two the people that think VG was no good and everything Brad does will be the same product.

Anyway,i wish Brad luck on his venture,i think he should open up his thinking though,a simple group dungeon crawl won't cut it.


Mon Mar 10 2014 11:08PM Report
Agricola1 writes:

Brad McQuaid is back?

"Pantsaren'ton: Return of the Ego!"

Let's be serious, unless this guy has adult supervision it's gone boobs up! Now he's trying to emulate Chris Roberts and Star Citizen. Chris Roberts' kick starter project met its goal because he has a reputation for success and integrity ... Brad McQuaid (no matter how much you like the guy) does not.

As stated previously, there's a plethora of these swords and sorcery games. You only need to sift through and you'll find one that suits you now and it'll probably be F2P. Unless Brad's offering something different what's the point in me pledging towards his project?

Another thing I'm certain of is that everyone who invests their time and money with Brad McQuaid will get exactly what they deserve!


Thu Mar 13 2014 12:23PM Report writes:
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