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Game/On Podcast Radio Show

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Game On: ESP Edition #15 - Eager For FFXIV: A Realm Reborn: Welcome back to another week of Game On: Epic Slant Press Edition! Adam and Chris go solo this week and talk all about FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. Later in the episode, they take on Mark Kern’s recent blog topic (“Up to 90% of MMO Real Estate Wasted”). If you enjoy the podcast, please consider leaving us a 5-star iTunes review!

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ZizouX writes:

YoshiP, the current director says they've already working on 3 giant content patches to come out every 3 months after release.  The game hasn't released yet, but they already have a Housing Patch, PvP Patch and other content.


You're going to be very alone in your opinion that the first version of the game was "not that bad."  I have multiple lvl 50s from version 1.0 and I think it was a horrific game.  The new game is 1000% better than the first, not just technically, but concept wise in every way.


I hope you're wrong about the P2P to F2P conversion.  I hope it never happens and that really depends on the content patches.  WE'll see, I think this game has staying power but that's just my opinion.

Mon Jul 08 2013 10:23AM Report
GameByNight writes:

That's great news! If you can find a link, I would love to go over their plans a little more. 

And yeah, I am very much in the minority when it comes to my opinion on it. That said, I never reached level cap, so I always keep my positive experiences with a little mental caveat. I do have to ask, if it was horrific, why did you level up multiple characters? Just nothing to scratch the itch the way you would have liked?

Mon Jul 08 2013 12:41PM Report
Robbgobb writes:

I enjoyed FFXIV as it was. I think it had issues but I had fun. 


I love the comment on the subscription. I love the fact it has a subscription. It is worth it to me. 


FFXIV: ARR is one that I figure will take most of my time. I can't wait to get to housing and such. The crafting and harvesting jobs are more interested to me at the moment than the fighting and magic jobs.


Wasted areas is true in most MMOs. I do miss old games. I remember going back to old zones in EQ and DAoC to do things. 

Mon Jul 08 2013 4:17PM Report
Rizon538 writes:

Unfortunately the commentators showed their ignorance of ARR in this Podcast. Let me list the reasons I say this.

1. Neither has played any portion of the Beta. They are going by second hand information a lot of which is as misinformed as they are. For the 1 commentator who said that he was in Ver 1.0 he would have know that he had an automatic invite to Phase 3 Beta. He did not take they time to do so.

2. 1 Commentator said he did play Ver 1.0. If he did and he followed the progress of the game he would know that Phase 4 (Open Beta) will have most of the content available. In addition to that SE is instituting a "Welcome Back" campaign for those players that includes 2 weeks of free play time. Also the game comes with a 30 day free trial.

3. Yoshida has talked about his preference for a subscription model at great lengths. At no time did he ever mention that it was because the Japanese players would support it. His major reason is the fact that a subscription model provides a steady stream if income that allows the Dev team to plan new content well in advance. The lack of content in favor of a make money cash shop is the major reason most F2P games fail. If you know anything about SE you know that they will never adopt a F2P model.

4. The commentators talked in generalities. There was never any mention about the specific aspects of the game, good or bad. The 1 commentator constantly talked about his experiences with Ver 1.0 which is now history.

I would respectfully recommend to the commentators that they first  research and experience a game before they talk about it.

Tue Jul 09 2013 2:42AM Report
GameByNight writes:


Thanks for the comment. I am the commentator you are referring to. I am aware of the information in your first two points and have had a beta invite for some time. I have not taken part primarily because it is a weekend beta and I am unable to do so, but also because I want to be awed the revisions when it finally launches. The amount of content being increased in Phase 4 is great but I'm not sure how it relates to anything we mentioned. General information? I don't think I was critical of the game; I like v1.0. 

As far as subscriptions are concerned, I no longer have an article to link to. Maybe I was wrong or misremembering. I don't think that makes our points about that being a bad idea in this market any less valid. Is FFXIV with its bad reputation going to be one of the very few able to convince its international players that a sub is worth it? I hope so and agree with Yoshida. Maybe it will gain enough traction to inch by in the west but 90 day server pops will tell the tale. 

Believe it or not, I have said the exact same things as you when listening to podcasts from people less invested than myself. I wanted talk about it because it interests me and I have history with it. I wanted Adam's perspective. The alternative is not talking about it at all and less attention goes to the game and we have less diversity in our topics. At the end of the day, we are just gamers like you. We won't know everything all the time but we will do our best. I would rather mix up a small detail here or there and then talk about it here or have a follow-up conversation than leave big games and topics right off the table. 



Tue Jul 09 2013 9:01AM Report writes:
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