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Game/On Podcast Radio Show

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Game On - S2E21 - Talking World of Warcraft's Present and Future with Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street: In this special edition of Game On, Managing Editor Bill Murphy chats with Blizzard and World of Warcraft's Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street about the recent 5.2 patch, WoW's goal to get back to the feeling of old Azeroth, and the future of the game and MMO industry as a whole.

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JudgeUK writes:

With Cata being voted as the worst Wow expansion in many player poles, would it be possible to remove it and add an extra 5 levels to WotLK expansion.


Tue Mar 19 2013 7:53AM Report
Harbinger1975 writes: Is Ghostcrawler really so lost?  Progression has NEVER been a big thing for me.  This whole "Raid progression/plain progression" is what ruined WoW.  It took the magic out of it.  If you want to give it the "Old feel", get back to what made WoW so great.  The story.  Go back to your roots and get out of this "Raid or Die" mentaiity. Wed Mar 20 2013 10:24AM Report
nyxium writes:

Guild housing,

F2P alternatives

High Elf Alliance / Blood Elf transfers

More PVP, more arena & encouragement to PVE instance together rather than single play.. not farm, not 'battle pet', but this.

Might be worth playing again.

Tue Mar 26 2013 11:55AM Report
erikk3189 writes: Roachcrawler doesn't have a clue. He, like WoW are both played out. Only people still playing this trash are pre-schoolers and adults who are totally witless and like playing a simple easy game. The game has been watered down to the extreme. It's no longer a challenge to play this, it's how bad it's become. Thu Mar 28 2013 11:12PM Report
Synns77 writes: Totally agree with Scorpionone, the whole raid is the only way mentality is what has destroyed WoW. Fri Mar 29 2013 6:05AM Report
maciopa writes:

The game is supposed to be fun. I am the WoW player since beta 2004 and the game was a great breakthroug in the MMO market at taht time because it was FUAN and EASY to play! All othe MMO's on the market were "hard to achieve anything for casual player" style. That was the factor, which brought WoW so great popularity (along with the the theme line), so other games vanished out of the market or tired to copy WoW style.

The game is still fun to play, but there are some factors which slowly kills it - automated ilvl req for quests and dungeons, forced grind for rep/items. The game doesn't take a personal skill of the player into account.

I do not think that current raiding solution (lfr) kills the game, in my opinion it allows ppl like myself to participate in raids. I couldn't do it in the past because I am a casual player so lacking the best eq.


Fri Mar 29 2013 6:30AM Report
rx8993 writes:

I stoped playing after Wotlk, but when i look back, its still a good game. There aint that many other mmos that i like, aside from GW2, DDO and maybe few other there aint that many that are good or worth of mentioning.

What ghostcrawler said was true, there are different kinds of people and you cant please them all. Even before mmos with action combat there were people in WoW that crawed for it and when it showed a lot of them left without looking back.

So as more genres and subgenres apear, more and more people will leave WoW or other games to play them. And with each passing day more of the hybrids show up.

So hate WoW or dont, its still a good game and i hope they make some interesting changes in future.

Sat Mar 30 2013 8:32PM Report writes:
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