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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 03/16/99)  | Pub:Sony Online Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$09.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
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EverQuest Videos: The Design Philosophy of EverQuest Next (12:03)

Garrett Fuller of caught up with SOE's Dave Georgeson to talk the past, present, and future of the Everquest franchise: specifically the design philosophy behind creating EverQuest Next.

Garrett Fuller of caught up with SOE's Dave Georgeson to talk the past, present, and future of the Everquest franchise: specifically the design philosophy behind creating EverQuest Next.
Duration: 12:03
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Game: EverQuest
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sanshi44 writes: Seriously cant wait till August right now :) looking forward to see wha tthere planning for EQ Next. Wed Mar 27 2013 9:29AM Report
Dogblaster writes:

As I already commented on youtube ...

Can't wait ! Awesome :)

Wed Mar 27 2013 9:30AM Report
FromHell writes:

This is really a game to be excited about! Can´t wait for some more infos. SOE fan here since SWG...


Wed Mar 27 2013 9:31AM Report
rojoArcueid writes: looking forward to EQN Wed Mar 27 2013 9:43AM Report
FromHell writes:

this guy is spot on, agree with everything he says about what is important in MMOs

Whatever SOE is paying him, it is not enough.


(Damn, I wish they could also make another Star Wars MMO)

Wed Mar 27 2013 9:52AM Report
MajiinX writes: EQN is going to be a game changer I'm very excited for this. Regardless of what people say SOE is a great company that really listens to its fanbase and I think they are going to take all their knowledge and experience and create an amazing MMO. Wed Mar 27 2013 10:01AM Report
Coolit writes:

I can’t wait to see what EQ Next brings and by the sounds of it this could be the game changer for a lot of people.

Wed Mar 27 2013 10:16AM Report
Wizardry writes:

I know a lot are watching and waiting,i am one of those people.

I am not so sure this PR guy was feeding much to go on or just typical bias.

To claim Eq and Eq2 are successful,is hardly the truth,they have never achieved the status of new games.They also have VERY low player bases ,so maintining that is not really that tough.

As to claiming they assembled a brilliant team of thinkers...hmmm..really?

When we look at all the people that have left big teams,all they have done is copy cat the same old they already did before,the Torchlights,Diblos ect ect.

On the same topic of creative thinking,is there really any ideas that will be GREAT for the game ,that we have not already seen,i mean he is not hinting,he was claiming they will be NEW ideas.

The part  that scares me,is the "hinting" of peripherals/apps.What i see is the game trying to run on those much weaker peripherals,that wil lnot be a good thing.It might reach out to more players and make them more money,but it won't be good for the game.Also what this might lead to is something i detest and that is anythging that runs offline.

Can anyone name one creative idea that has not already been done,that they can claim to be new?The ONLY thing i can think of is game manipualtion,example morphing the ground or making your own items as in Neverwinter or other games.IMO this would be a cash shop idea,one that won't sit well.

As to the BRAGGING comment,yes i agree,this has been obvious for years,i see it all the time.What worries me again is i see a hint at the same old trend to create leader boards and platforms to brag.I know GW2 is doing this as of right now,i do not think it has a place in a MMORPG,it is a design that works for FPS's.Also once yo ucreate that platform,then we see cash shop itmes that aid players in their quest to be on top of the leader board.

I think it obvious by my last couple statements,that since SOE has gone and try to ruin gaming wioth full blown cash shop ideas,i am really afraid this trend will only get worse in NEXT.

I hope i am wrong,i would love to see great ideas that are NOT al lbased around cash shop,guess  i'll have to wait like everyone else.

Wed Mar 27 2013 10:25AM Report
Iadien writes:

Wizardary... you may want to actually fact check before spewing information. You started off by saying that Dave is a PR guy... lol That shows your ignorance right off the bat.

Wed Mar 27 2013 10:29AM Report
Oldskoo writes: Would have liked to hear more about EQN. Kind of a waste of time interview.  Wed Mar 27 2013 10:34AM Report
TheMaelstrom writes:

@ Wizardry:


True, EQ has a small player base, but the game has been around for 14 years. I can hardly wrap my head around that. 14 years later, and it's still profitable enough that they put out expansions at least once per year. That's CRAZY! The player base might be small, but it's large enough to sustain continued development, and what more can you ask for if you're one of their dedicated players?


The same can be said for EQ2. The player base may not have reached millions like WoW, but we all know that WoW's success is anamolous, and "success" is measured differently by different developers. As long as their game keeps enough players to maintain continued content development (and of course profit), it's a success for the developer.


Regarding AAA developers, I'm sure there are scads of new and innovative ideas out there amongst the top-tier talent in MMO development. The fact that those ideas haven't seen the light of day in an existing title doesn't mean they're bad ideas. It just means they either didn't fit with the direction of the game that the dev was working on at the time, or perhaps the technology available at the time wouldn't allow for it (either due to expense or technical/scaling issues). We can't condemn their efforts before they present them. I say we give them until SOE Live and then we'll have something of substance to talk about. At this point it's all conjecture.


Personally, I've never had a link to any MMO the way I had with EQ1, and I'm really hoping EQN will break the mold in the MMO industry and bring us some new and exciting paths to follow. If it doesn't I'll be disappointed of course, but for now I'm cautiously optimistic.

Wed Mar 27 2013 10:37AM Report
Vorthanion writes: Dave Georgeson is my kind of developer / designer.  I'm quite intrigued with what is in store for EQN.  Knowing that he is at the helm makes me much more hopeful than if it were, say, John Smedley. Wed Mar 27 2013 10:39AM Report
Tsumoro writes:

I am actually quite curious about this, Dave seems to be a very passionate speaker. Oddly, I never played Everquest, my MMO history was an old game called Nexus: kingdom of the winds and from there I went to Warcraft. I missed the window really with EQ, typically because I was not equipped to play it in my youth. 

I do remember a long time ago that I went to a friends house and watched a mates brother play the game. It was just a bunch of guys grouped together and one person went off with a bow and arrow and kited mobs to the group for them to deal with. This went on for hours and hours and I found the concept fascinating, more to do with the depth of play and communication and just the general fun these people were having with each other. The kind banter I would of imagined at a DnD session. 

WoW, for me started like that and transitioned into something a little bit alienating. So, I would be very much interested in seeing what this Fantasy MMO has to bring to the table especially if a large amount of focus is the personal and internal investment to its players and enriching the communities. 

Wed Mar 27 2013 10:42AM Report
koboldfodder writes:

Uh, EQ1 was a massive hit.  When that game was released, so many people were playing it that it used up all the bandwith in the San Diego area.  They had to redesign a bunch of hardware just because of that game.


EQ1 launched quite a few tertiary gaming sites that are still very active today just because people wanted to figure out the quests. 


EQ2 was never a hit.  It almost didn't make it.  They had to radically redesign the core game mechanics just to tread water.  They were the first game to become a WOW clone.


Both games have low population now, but back in the day EQ1 ruled your social life.

Wed Mar 27 2013 10:54AM Report
Celestian writes:

"To claim Eq and Eq2 are successful,is hardly the truth,they have never achieved the status of new games."

During it's time EQ WAS the "new" game and had the largest player base of said type. 10 years from now you think WoW is going to have the touted "10 million players"?

If EQ can pay off the investment,  the bills and make money it is by all definitions a success.

"Can anyone name one creative idea that has not already been done,that they can claim to be new?" 

You do realize that EQ came out before WoW right? EVERYTHING EQ did at one time was new.


I am looking forward to EQNext. The games these days have just not been holding my interest like EQ did. Hopefully they can get the formula right and suck me in like I was in EQ.


Wed Mar 27 2013 11:00AM Report
Amaranthar writes: Best interview I've seen in many years. He's got that look of inspired belief in his eyes. But I'll need to see the substance behind it. Wed Mar 27 2013 11:01AM Report
strangiato2112 writes:

Did someone really try and say EQ wasnt successful?  Its the #2 or 3 all time western MMO.  Only 3 games have been able to sustain over 300k western subs, and EQ was one of those being above 400k for years (EvE and WoW the other two).


EQ2 is a modest success.  It was around 200k subs two years after launch, and the only game since that has done that is LOTRO and maybe Rift (not sure if Rift's subs are quite that high or not).  And its now 9 years old and still pretty well populated.

Wed Mar 27 2013 11:06AM Report
nerovipus32 writes: Once again it will be up to Everquest to revolutionize the mmorpg genre. Wed Mar 27 2013 11:12AM Report
VikingGamer writes:


All I can say is that I wish I could not succeed like that. Oh to be such a loser.

I still remember getting into beta 3 and seeing that world for the first time. I created a High Elf Cleric.

If they failed, they failed incredibly well.

Wed Mar 27 2013 11:23AM Report
Ghavrigg writes: The guy here being interviewed knows his shit and he's really got me psyched for the August reveal. I really hope EQN turns out amazing. Wed Mar 27 2013 11:58AM Report
Bravnik writes:

I just hope EQN is what EQ2 should have been. However, I doubt it. I forsee more cookie cutter classes that can solo everything in the game and tons of instanced dungeons. I forsee another MMO that you can easly solo to max level in just a few weeks without a care in the world.

What they need to do is have EQN like EQ before POP where you needed a druid to travel quickly and SOW could be sold. There is nothing wrong with the holy trinity of groups. To me a warrior should make a great tank but not solo efficently at all. A healer should be needed for every group. In EQ this is the way it was, only certain classes could solo and they took skill to do it. Shamans, and Necros were probably the best then Beastmasters came and could do it as well.

The community on EQ was what was the most fun. You don't see weddings in MMO's anymore. You don't see server wide gratz for a player getting their EPIC. Things in EQ were earned and the higher the risk the better. Todays MMO's everything is handed too you on a silver platter.

PVE and PVP don't mix, never has. In order to have PVP balanced all classes need to be simular to a degree. This means even that Tank can DPS or that Mage can take hits. You can't balance for PVE if you have PVP because the end result will be true DPS classes will be too powerful. So the Dev's balance for PVP and basically dumb down the PVE game. Sucks.

Lets hope I'm wrong, but I would bet you $20 I'm not. The game will be soloable by all classes, It will be instanced to all hell. It will be balanced around PVP ETC. It will have fast travel. Auction Houses etc. Basically it will be another MMO that you can play without ever talking to another person in game if you want.

Dead are the days of EQ and the community it had. The saddest of all is that the current generation has no clue what they are missing or how a real community used to be in an MMO. They have no clue what it was like to know people on your server outside of your guild.

Wed Mar 27 2013 12:17PM Report
fs23otm writes:

To say EQ or EQ2 are not successful is insane. 

EQ has been running 14 years... even if it's subscriber base is 100K that is still 1 mil a month for 14 years. I know in the first 5 years the subscirber base was 300K...

Sure WoW made more in a shorter time, but WoW is an anomaly. 

All newer games struggle to make what EQ has made in 14 years....

Wed Mar 27 2013 1:20PM Report
fs23otm writes:

"In EQ this is the way it was, only certain classes could solo and they took skill to do it. Shamans, and Necros were probably the best then Beastmasters came and could do it as well."

Bard were the king solo'ers in EQ. No one did it better....

Wed Mar 27 2013 1:22PM Report
Telondariel writes:

I'm glad Dave did an appearance and an interview to highlight the EQN reveal. 


Here's hoping there will be a Dec. 2013 release!


Wed Mar 27 2013 1:34PM Report
Wighty writes:




<span com_body"="">But enough about cloning... EQ Next will hopefully be great in an arena full of these "flash in the pan" MMO's... As it was stated in the interview people may leave for a few to try other things but in the end they always return home.

Wed Mar 27 2013 1:45PM Report
Wighty writes: Dont know what happened on my prior comment but what I said before the bizarre code was that EQ2 came out prior to WOW so it is in fact not a WOW clone... Wow more or less cloned the EQ model drawing from other titles at the time as well including from their own skill system in Diablo 2. Wed Mar 27 2013 1:48PM Report
Miblet writes:

EQ was hugely successful.  It held an enourmous marketshare back at it's peak, remember too that this was during a time when always online high speed internet was not common by a long shot and internet access was not even remotely as widespread (what a difference a decade makes!).

Almost everything in WoW from a PvE aspect was copied from EQ and polished.  WoW until WotLK was probably one of the least innovative MMOs ever, but what it did it did well.  Even Blizzard have said EQ was an enormous inspiration in WoWs development (even several notable EQ players helped in WoWs development).

EQ2 was never huge.  The old school EQ players felt it wasn't a true successor to their game and the system reqs were insane for the time.  Still it's successful, just not as much as WoW.


I am looking forward to EQNext, to see what it brings to the table.

Wed Mar 27 2013 1:59PM Report
Bravnik writes: @fs23otm Yes this is true can't believe I forgot Bards. I could never play one as I simply didn't like the juggling you had to do :) Wed Mar 27 2013 1:59PM Report
coretex666 writes: I hope it will be as revolutionary as I expect it to be...wait am I hyped? :)) Wed Mar 27 2013 2:30PM Report
mistmaker writes:



about pve and pvp you are wrong. you are right though when saying you cant balance pve with 1:1 pvp, but there can be balance in pve with group pvp. 1:1 pvp can never be balanced, its either fotm or scissor paper rock or just high difference in player skill.

Wed Mar 27 2013 2:57PM Report
firefly2003 writes: As long as they have housing , minigames and plenty of noncombat stuff to do Im in. Wed Mar 27 2013 4:13PM Report
JimmyYO writes:

Was depressing when he mentioned how much SoE knows what they're doing after almost a decade of flop after flop. Planetside 2 is the first decent game they've made since pre NGE Star Wars.

They are not the AAA developers anymore, that's part of the problem. Coasting off EQ 1 for so long has made them deillusional with how "relevant" they are in todays market.

Another scary comment was how he mentioned the "many ways" people can have fun together in an MMO. Reminded me of all the farmville crap in WoW and Free Realms nonsense. Certainly hope they don't plan to learn from these categories.

What these devs don't understand is that EQ1 is so different that even if you make a better version of it it will still seem unique in todays market. We don't want you to fail at reinventing the wheel for the 100th time, we want an actual EQ2, not the current abomination that bares resemblance in title only.

Wed Mar 27 2013 4:18PM Report
Uproar writes: I want to play!  I am hoping there is no spin -- just give us a fun game that requires intelligence and I'll be hooked (Again). Wed Mar 27 2013 4:51PM Report
Grimula writes:

wow i really hope this game has a Boat building mechanic and Vast oceans / islands you can discover

i remember way back in EQ 1 beta people talking about how they wanted to add boats into Eq 1...but then they dropped the idea

cant wait for this game...played eq 1 for 7 years since beta

Wed Mar 27 2013 5:05PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: haha, ya I wish I could own a failed business like SoE... I'd love to be a rich failure. Wed Mar 27 2013 5:58PM Report
dgarbini writes:

I think he forgot to mention the big hit that was Vanguard.  Wasn't that supposed to be the 'spiritual successor' to EQ?  After that amazing success can people really get excited again for a SOE game before seeing it?


On a side note, why do gaming journalists always kiss the butt of their interview?  Wheres the hard questions?

Wed Mar 27 2013 8:32PM Report
Bananaramaa writes:

I'm sold. This guy is was way more full of life and ideas than any of the other developers at that table except maybe chris roberts and I still think he has the edge.

Everything he said here was true, also broad and not narrow single issue crap and he completely hit the nail on the head. Guy knows his shit. Nice to hear they really thought about this one too.

Wed Mar 27 2013 9:13PM Report
arieste writes:

Why mentioned Vanguard?  It wasn't a SOE-developed game. SoE did rescue it when it's moronic lead designer ran the company into the ground and screwed over all his employees and fans.  SOE fixed it up and actually made it playable, but it's certainly not their design or vision.  If anything, it's indicative of what's likely to happen if somoene chooses to "remake" EQ1 with no regard for any of the innovation that has happened in the industry over the 15 or so years since it was designed.


There are new technologies and new consumer tastes and prefernces.  Despite what people say,  people have shown time and again that they don't want to play games with outdated philosophies.

As far as Dave G. and EQNExt, having witnessed what SOE did to SWG and EQ2 over the years, i have a hard time believing any kind of altruistic gamer-centric vision from these guys.    

But hey, as long as it has Ratonga, i'll probably try it.

Wed Mar 27 2013 9:24PM Report
azzamasin writes: Never played EQ 1 or 2 but I do look forward to seeing what this game has in mind.  As long as it doesn't implement "forced" grouping, Camp grinding to level, and 9869875 man raids then I look forward to thier vision of sandbox elements while retaining many of the core themepark systems that make them more fun overall. Wed Mar 27 2013 10:19PM Report
Hedeon writes:

am excited to see what they are doing with EQnext, the hype is working on me, but that is what this is, nothing else but hype, letting people´s imagination about what this could be go go crazy, so when they actually show it, then people can go....oh was that it?!?

SOE always used huge words for small changes...also it sounds like they want to rely heavy on player created content, but will see I guess, they seem very happy about their player studio - players creating cash shop items, for a small share of the profit.

Thu Mar 28 2013 3:09AM Report
slikeytre writes: I also have to chime in on this one.  This EQ Next needs to cling to its roots, I believe the whole hit A to attack left alot of room for chatting during encounters and each class having a role to play. The idea of releasing the game without a map and eliminating solo content would make this game shine.  Also needs to have non instanced dungeons with named mobs that drop amazing loot and have quests that give amazing reward. but actually take days to complete and require actual effort...  Im totally up for an EQ1 remake.... Ive never found an MMO that comes close to EQ1 :(  I hope this will be it. Thu Mar 28 2013 3:12AM Report
Xthos writes: I am excited about what they may be doing, and I agree with a lot of what he said, about immersion and being part of a game world, not some hack and slash game hopper mmo. Thu Mar 28 2013 4:33AM Report
Bentwick writes: If EQNext does not require grouping most of the time and allows you to gain max level in weeks then it will be like all the other MMO's out there and I will not play it.  A fast paced mmo keeps players for only a few months at most, I want a mmo that takes me 12 months of casual play to get max level. Thu Mar 28 2013 8:30AM Report
jensen_34 writes: Hey check it out another mmo that will change everything and cure cancer at the same time.  I can't wait! Thu Mar 28 2013 9:18AM Report
kaltahn writes:

I consider a game a success if it holds my attention for at least 6 months.  I don't care what the stats say, or what rankings a game achieves, or even what awards they win; none of that matters to me, because I don't play a game for it's percieved "success".  Six months of enjoyment in anything is a winner in my book.

So if EQN keeps me sated after six months of gameplay, I'll consider it worth every penny I drop on it.

Thu Mar 28 2013 10:19AM Report
winter writes:

 Meh more PR double speak. This is SOE here people we are talking about.  the people that released Jump to light speed for SWg and 2 months later Nerfed the game to uselessness with the NGE. You can't really truxt SOE PR to speak a word of truth. Lets judge them by what they've done not the pretty words they spew.

  No players requested States be removed from EQ2 yet SOE decided that stat where just to complex and decided to nerf them down to just a power and a health stat. (chasing the WoW casual money train?) But thats ok they gave every race a chance to have wings to fly to make up for it. (Yeah I'm sure there were millions of players clamoring for their characters to have winfs because it was so Aion)

  What has SOE really done with EQ2 or EQ in the last several years? Well they added facial expressions, sorry big whoop!. I suspect from this interview EQ nexts will be EQ connect or some kinda wireless motion sensor gaming, otherwise i expect they release EQfarmvile.

Thu Mar 28 2013 10:24AM Report
Bravnik writes: @mismaker - Sorry but totally disagree. You can't have PVE and PVP at the same time and have diversity of classes. The only way to have PVP in the first place is to have each side equal in power and access to the same stuff.

In an MMO with multiple races/classes that equals no diversity. There may be 5 differently named classes in each race with different spells/attacks but to balance PVP they have to be all exactly the same in a sense. Look at any recently released MMO that has PVP. Yes, there are different races but who cares as all are the same in the end. If you played a Tank as one race you have played them all. Per say.

If you really want true diversity in an MMO then you can't have PVP in the game. This gives you the opportunity to make the game more real. There is simply NO reason for a Tank to be able to dish out damage as good as a Mage. No Mage should be able to take huge hits wearing cloth armor. A rogue should be able to kill you quickly but if you get your hands on his neck you should be able to pinch his head off.

Personally I'm tired of the cookie cutter classes of today games. Tera, GW2, WOW all are cookie cutter with the same attacks/spells on ether side with no diversity at all. Besides, if I want to PVP then I go play a game designed around PVP. Not a PVE game that has PVP as an after thought.
Thu Mar 28 2013 10:35AM Report
JerYnkFan writes: I saw both panels with Dave at Pax East and was very impressed with him.  He sounds like a gamer at heart, very passionate about wanting to make a good game that pushes the boundaries as we know them with a MMO. Thu Mar 28 2013 12:51PM Report
Lyrina writes:

12 Minutes of BlaBla and pure Non-Information ;-)

But anyway, i can't wait to see more from EQ3! We all praying, it will become more like EQ (Vanilla).



Fri Mar 29 2013 2:20AM Report