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Trove (T)
Trion Worlds | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 2014)  | Pub:Trion Worlds
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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Trove Videos: First Impressions - TheHiveLeader (4:01)

TheHiveLeader takes a quick look at Trove from Trion Worlds.

TheHiveLeader takes a quick look at Trove from Trion Worlds.
Duration: 4:01
Views: 5,789  29 comments
Game: Trove
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DMKano writes: Been in Trove Alpha since last year. This is the most unique MMO on the market at this time, it is simple and yet I keep playing it every night. The fact that community is adding lots of stuff like weapons and dungeons, lairs to the game and Trion is updating every week is impressive. There have been over 70 updates to Trove and it's still in Alpha. Thu Jul 17 2014 8:16AM Report
DrkKaiser writes: This game to me is merely a minecraft knock off with a new name; Trust me guys, you don't want to encourage this type of behavior in game companies, as it's precisely what everyone did in a mad scramble to copy World of Warcraft's success: We ended up with a ton of crappy mmorpgs, and it over saturated the market, leading to diluted, unwanted crap. Thu Jul 17 2014 9:19AM Report
DMKano writes: DrKaiser - other than cube graphics (which look a ton better and Trion used a custom engine), how is Trove a Minecraft ripoff? Oh yeah, its not. Have you even played it? I play Minecraft, Cubeworld and Trove - they are all different. Stop spreading complete misinformation. Thu Jul 17 2014 9:41AM Report
Abdar writes: Agreed with DMKano, it might looks the same as MC on the surface, but they are not the same game at all, at least with MC unmodded. Thu Jul 17 2014 9:48AM Report
cylon8 writes:

this will be their first official failure


Thu Jul 17 2014 9:49AM Report
Skuall writes: gah i want to play it :( Thu Jul 17 2014 9:51AM Report
SomeHuman writes: I've been in Alpha since the start, and I've played Minecraft for nearly two years.  I'd say they are of the same genre but very different.  I'd also put Landmark into this genre, too.  And to create more of an awesome genre isn't a bad thing.  Yes, DrkKaiser, imitation can lead to "diluted, unwanted crap," but it also leads to innovation.  I think that's what Trove is.  It takes great concepts from Minecraft (one of the most successful games in history) and improves on it.  I like that they look to the community for new weapons, monsters, biomes, classes, and actually use them.  Good for Trion.  Good for us. Thu Jul 17 2014 9:54AM Report
Po_gg writes:

Nice video, HL. I only miss that dude from the Landmark video, you know, the one who's dream world has circles? oh wait... there's no such thing as circles :D


As for Trove, it's a cool game, and Cornerstone is a great idea.

Thu Jul 17 2014 10:03AM Report
Aeonblades writes: Looks really exciting, good to see Trion pushing the envelope with quality games. They have always been a good and fair company, I wish nothing but the best for them with Trove and Archeage. Thu Jul 17 2014 10:12AM Report
flizzer writes: Ive been playing it for a bit.  Recently got bored with it and waiting for more things to be added to the game. I have yet to see where these tons of things to do are.  I'm not really a builder so maybe that is the problem.  Thu Jul 17 2014 10:48AM Report
Mitara writes: Life is too short for games likes this... Thu Jul 17 2014 11:06AM Report
Jaedor writes: Been playing since very early alpha. Game has changed a lot with all that has been added and it's quite robust. Between Homeworlds and Cornerstones, there's a huge amount of world to build in. And tons of adventure mode if you want combat and loot. Thu Jul 17 2014 11:12AM Report
unjoined writes: Where's the catch? Thu Jul 17 2014 12:16PM Report
rojoArcueid writes: another awesome video from the Hive leader. Im looking forward to Trove, but now im worried since the Hive Leader said the game focuses more on combat than crafting. I really hope crafting is not hindered by anything. I dont want to play a cube game for its combat, only for the crafting, and this looks way better than MC so i hope the crafting is at least as open/varied as MC. Thu Jul 17 2014 12:53PM Report
Reklaw writes: Thanks, that was entertaining to watch. Seems like a fun game, just not for me. Thu Jul 17 2014 12:59PM Report
JoyBoy80 writes: I like this guy, start useing him and maybe give Ripper X a new job. Thank you mmorpg. Thu Jul 17 2014 1:11PM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

@Rojo if building and crafting is your thing this game isn't bad for it, but it is definitely not their focus. They are aiming more for a Diabloesque styled ARPG. Yes you can build and people have made some amazing things but it is definitely not as robust as Minecraft is.

Thu Jul 17 2014 3:54PM Report
Leiros writes:

I've been playing this for a while and I have to say that it's been a fun and refreshing game. As someone else said, the fact that Trion has been asking for player suggestions and actually implementing them is a good sign. Every so often I'm asked to vote on a new class or biome to implement in the game.

At first I thought it was going to be a Minecraft clone, but when I started playing it I was pleasantly surprised. I would say it's more of what I would imagine a Minecraft MMORPG to be. The character development and persistent world with loot drops etc. is great. Also, the crafting and homeworlds make this a true "sandbox" experience - Yes, I know that this word has been overused lately.

Overall, I would highly recommend this game. I can't wait to see how it continues to develop. Loads of fun.

Thu Jul 17 2014 4:30PM Report
Ragnar1337 writes: What platform is this game being developed for, Sega Genesis?? Another niche game from Trion that no one will play.  Thu Jul 17 2014 7:07PM Report
DMKano writes: PC is the current Dev platform - early iterations ran on a mac as well. As the game is still alpha and the Dev team is about 11 devs - other platforms won't be considered til much later in development. LOL at none will play - 50 million Minecraft players might disagree with you. Thu Jul 17 2014 7:16PM Report
LuposDavalte writes:

The mechanics of this game seem quite appealing, but the art style is a massive deal-breaker for me.  EQ isn't much better.

Something a little grittier and voxel based would be quite interesting.  I'm thinking Wurm Online 2.0

Fri Jul 18 2014 12:21AM Report
IntheShadows writes: I just received my alpha invite a few weeks ago and it's been a lot of fun. It's also nice to see how active the devs are with the community and how often they are patching to improve/add things. I can definitely see it holding my interest for a long time. Fri Jul 18 2014 4:27AM Report
Caldrin writes:

OK is this a mmo then or similar to minecraft with lots of servers with a small amount of players ?



Fri Jul 18 2014 8:00AM Report
Leiros writes:


It's an mmo with levels, gear, special abilities and stats etc.. You can go to different "Adventure" areas that have dungeons and other areas to explore. These can be reached from a central hub world or from your own private home world. The cool thing is that each Adventure area has x amount of dungeons etc. in it, and when a dungeon is completed a giant red X appears over it to let you know that it's already been cleared. When all of the dungeons on that Adventure map have been cleared, you can go to a new Adventure area and an entirely new map is generated. Each area can hold tons of players. I've had fun grouping with other players to fight world bosses and clear dungeons. The loot can range from equipment to crafting materials to special decorations etc..

Since my previous comment they actually added a whole new dragon themed biome.

Fri Jul 18 2014 11:32PM Report
iRels writes:

@DMKano (and others),

Think you should take a look at Stonehearth (in case you haven't):


Remember you talking about how Devs in Trove were having a close relation with players, etc...  And I was surprised at how similar we were viewing both games, hah.

I risk saying (even though I'm clueless at whether you knew it or not) that if you had found about Stonehearth first, then it'd be the one cited in your posts.


Just did a quick search (this is from

"Stonehearth is equal parts Sandbox, Real Time Strategy, and RPG. It will initially ship on PC, but the door is open for Mac and Linux releases down the road.

The Kickstarter campaign is to fund the single player version of the game.  Cooperative multiplayer and PvP modes are planned as well, and these will appear as stretch goals."

So yeah, that's (mostly) all I had to say about it.

Sat Jul 19 2014 5:55AM Report
hfztt writes: @cylon8: "End of Nations" was the first official failure from Trion... Sun Jul 20 2014 2:03PM Report
patlefort writes: The combat system needs work. The AI is really dumb and easy to exploit. Monsters tend to just spam one or 2 abilities and you mostly have to soak the damage which make the game very stat based and not much skill, unless you exploit. I'm not asking for TERA level of action gameplay but maybe something similar to spiral knights. Tue Jul 22 2014 4:53PM Report
sn072856 writes:


They have specialized crafting capabilities attached to the Trove environment.

You can make your Corgi gun and get it put into the game.....

Wed Jul 23 2014 2:36PM Report
Randayn writes: It actually looks like a really awesome game and the fact that players can add content really makes me wanna put some money down on it.  The reason Ill play Trove is the reason I won't play Minecraft....there's actually something to do other than play legos Thu Jul 24 2014 5:33PM Report