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Shroud of the Avatar Videos: Lord British Updates Us On Progress (13:07)

We caught up with Lord British in his home in NYC to talk about all things Shroud of the Avatar: from alpha progress, to beta, to combat, and even PVP. Watch and learn!

We caught up with Lord British in his home in NYC to talk about all things Shroud of the Avatar: from alpha progress, to beta, to combat, and even PVP. Watch and learn!
Duration: 13:07
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Game: Shroud of the Avatar
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Pythagoras2012 writes: Lord British epic powerfull hair :D Thu Mar 06 2014 2:49PM Report
handlewithcare writes: the game must be as realistic as possible except when you kill me you cant take all my stuff. Thu Mar 06 2014 3:15PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: As a roleplayer/PvEer that backed the game. I'll say I'd be ok with certain areas being activated for PvP. I would however, object if these areas were ever impossible to get around, or some how not clearly labeled. I'm even ok with special rewards or quests in these areas, as long as the main story isn't halted by not going there. Thu Mar 06 2014 3:45PM Report
garrett writes: Guys we are going to host an AMA with Richard to discuss PvP we will definitely give you a heads up when it goes live, hopefully in the next two weeks or so.  Thu Mar 06 2014 5:37PM Report
N1njaPwnStar writes:

All I can say is I miss old school Ultima Online.. I would be playing it to this day if ya know...

Thu Mar 06 2014 6:15PM Report
mcrippins writes:

In UO there were safe areas. They were called towns. I think it would be just fine if those 'towns' were considered safe with the glowy ball thingy. I also recall a few random farm areas around Moonglow that were also safe. Of course the exception would be for guilds that were warred. 


However, (imo) the main world should be open pvp. It should create a sense of danger, other than the random world AI that you know you can beat without any issues. Roleplayers not liking PvP has always confused me. I always thought roleplayers were the most hardcore. Then again, when I think of roleplayers - I think of the LARP guys. Pretty sure those guys would like world PvP. That would be pretty ironic otherwise.

Thu Mar 06 2014 7:07PM Report
Tokken writes: Nice hairdo Lord British! NOT!! you cannot prevent baldness or middle age syndrome! Thu Mar 06 2014 7:41PM Report
grimfall writes:

I am so sick of these developers thinking "people really like PVP, they just don't realize it!"  Open world PVP is tho MMO equivalent of prison rape.  Just because after a couple of years getting raped most prisoners decide they want to be the rapers instead of the rapee, it doesn't mean it's a good thing.

Richard Garriot, print this post up, blow it up and cover a wall in your office with it, until you learn it.

Thu Mar 06 2014 9:33PM Report
vort3x writes:

grimfall writes: "I am so sick of these developers thinking "people really like PVP, they just don't realize it!"  Open world PVP is tho MMO equivalent of prison rape.  Just because after a couple of years getting raped most prisoners decide they want to be the rapers instead of the rapee, it doesn't mean it's a good thing.

Richard Garriot, print this post up, blow it up and cover a wall in your office with it, until you learn it."


How on earth did you get to conclude that developers think that? Point me to a single AAA MMORPG released in last few years with any kind of REAL open world pvp. There ain't one. And that's why MMORPGs in my humble opinion suck nowadays. If I want a safe world where I can walk around picking and smelling flowers I can do that in Skyrim. But in MMORPG i want to smash some player skulls.


Open world pvp all the way!

Fri Mar 07 2014 12:49AM Report
CarlinArcher writes:

I'm for a system that encourages (gently) non-pvp to try out pvp but doesn't 'scare them off' by being compulsory. Also, there needs to be consequences for 'evil' actions built into the game (e.g. murdering someone without a reason). Death must also have significant consequences.

Fri Mar 07 2014 3:37AM Report
CarlinArcher writes: p.s. One has got to love the internet, a place where cowards can post derogatory comments about people that they would never have the courage to say to the person face to face. (I'm referring to some of the posts here that are non-constructive and purely defamatory). Fri Mar 07 2014 3:38AM Report
Lahuzer writes:

I recently backed this game, and I rly look forward to playing it. One of the things I like the most is "meaningfull" PVP. Where you fight over recources etc. And there are those that do wanna smell flowers all day long and pick apples etc without anything on the line. Why not devide the world up similar to how they have done in EVE? Making towns like high sec, and there you'll be safe. Then there could be a middleground, where there is PVP, but not full loot. And last there will be places with full loot. And maybe have the second one have all the resources that, the most dangerous place have, but less. So those that want more of it etc, ventures out to the full loot area, or make expeditions there in groups to bring it in.

This just popped into my head. Dunno how well it could work, but it would be a way to please both sides some.

Fri Mar 07 2014 6:44AM Report
fearless47 writes:

I played Ultima Online for quite a bit with my wife. She was a grandmaster armorer and I was a grandmaster miner. We loved the game except my wife hates PVP.

The biggest problem we encountered was that whenever we left the so-called safe areas we were ganked. So basically after awhile we were limited to just those safe areas. 

I think that is what will happen with your bubble plan. 

A better way to do both is have the PVP tied to guilds. If you have a PVP/PVE switch for the guild to set. Once set is can not be changed. 

Each guild should be able to construct a fortress. Supplying the fortress should give buffs to that guild. For PVP is should give out buffs that pertain to PVP (ex:combat buffs)and for PVE the buffs should be geared for PVE (Harvesting).

Allow for open PVP for any guilds that are flagged as PVP. PVE guild members can not be targeted. 

For the PVP guilds, ransacking another guilds fortress and taking it over gets them the buffs that that fortress carries.  Once a fortress is defeated it would take resources to rebuild it for the owning guild to get control back. Ex: Wood,iron..etc and the process would take like 3 days.

PVE guilds could not participate in the battles, but could sell weapons and resources to the PVP members.

This would keep the economy running, allow full PVP for those that want it and full PVE for those that dont. Plus allow interactions between both types of players. It also keeps the PVP'ers from having to craft if they do not want too.

Having the fortresses reset should keep the battles flowing in PVP. Also this system would allow open world PVP for those that want it without being a hinderence to those that don't.

Basically it does not restrict either side from what they want. Plus if people who PVE watch battles unfolding around them, they may actually decide at a later time to switch to a PVP guild.

You could still do limited item drops or full drops this way.

Anyway that is my two cents worth

Fri Mar 07 2014 8:35AM Report
Mitara writes:

He is NOT going to go with reason.

He will most likely introduce fake borders, fake rules and forget that the reason people dont want pvp is because it has always been Unfair and Unpunished.

Fri Mar 07 2014 8:48AM Report
Aartemis-SoH writes:

Quoting from the Shroud PvP Design Doc:

"Our goal with PVP is to balance the thrill of unpredictable encounters with the desire by a large segment of the community to feel “safe” at all times. Rest assured that no matter what we do, players who wish to avoid PVP will never be forced to participate in PVP nor will there ever be non-consensual PVP."

It is VERY Clear if you take the time to research the project that they want to have the thrill of Danger, and PvP but the bottom line is that the player will not be "tricked" into PvP.  You will have to make a choice to do it.

Fri Mar 07 2014 9:07AM Report
Tbau writes:

If I recall there are different ways you can play this game.

You can play it as a single player game with offline mode.

You can play it in online mode and have it friends only so you only see people in your friends list.

Or you can play it as a full on MMO with everyone.

Those that don't like PvP, can play with friends only and no longer have to worry about it.

Fri Mar 07 2014 11:38AM Report
Samhael writes: My answer to his question about PvP... No, the middle ground(s) you describe hold no interest for me. Either full-on or none at all. Fri Mar 07 2014 2:02PM Report
Retired writes: No matter how much hair you try to grow in the back British, it's gone in the front. Just cut it and come to grips with your age. Fri Mar 07 2014 4:17PM Report
Lahuzer writes: These hair remarks... Attention seeking much? Who the F cares!?!? Lord British name name ain't Samson, so don't worry about his hair. JFC!!!! Sat Mar 08 2014 6:49AM Report
grimfall writes:

How on earth did you get to conclude that developers think that?


We don't like it.  Put the sign up.  Balanced PVP which you are not forced to engage is what the market likes.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why RG can't (won't?) grasp this. He seems reasonably intelligent, but Hitler thought he was gonna win the war until the day he blew his own brains out, I guess RG has the same meglomaniac reality obstructions.

Half the player base quit UO to play EQ.  You may say "OK, but it also had a 3D graphics".  Then AC came out with 3D and PVP and EQ was #1.  Then AOC came out with improved graphics and RvRvR and... EQ was still #1.

Have open world PVP servers. EQ did, WoW did.  But if you try to make everyone have to deal with PVP to harvest resources or view someone's player built town, they'll stay away, or maybe play until they get ganked twice and then leave.

What happened to the player phasing?  The friends of friends thing?  That was a step forward that addressed the PVP vs PVE player issue.  What's the sudden need to revert to 1997 tech?

Sat Mar 08 2014 7:06PM Report
Zodos writes:

I agree with open pvp, but something like this: Only normal items are lootable; if the char is a pvper and has killed a lot, then, if killed, high level items are lootable too.

Simple and fair, imo.

Sun Mar 09 2014 9:58AM Report
Lahuzer writes: grimfall relax. You can still go all carebear with you friends if you wanna. Phasing each other to death. But for us that want open world PVP etc, we choose to play multiplayer online with others that also want it. You call it a step back, I call what they are doing a step forward compared to all the other steamlined themepark piece of crap that's out there. Thank god they actually look back, and takes things that was good and unique then, and improve on it. Here's a link to a post on their public forum about it, and if you read it through, there is a way for both carebears and PVPers to play "hand in hand" on the server if they wanna. Or you can phase on with you friends in your nice little bubble and smell them roses and watch them rainbows together. :D Sun Mar 09 2014 5:09PM Report
LostGamer writes:

I personally intensely dislike PvP.  It completely ruins the gaming experience for me - I play to have fun. Murdering people around me is not fun, watching good people get murdered is not fun. Again personally, I do not see the logic in encouraging such behavior.

Acknowledging that some folks have a strong competitive nature and love PvP, I can understand having an arena/lair/dungeon(s) in which they can challenge or hunt other players to their hearts content.  Makes me think of laser tag territories.

If that area in any way overlaps with my gaming space, that I will not play that game.  It is unacceptable for a developer to force any player into PvP areas by putting overall game goals/quests into those areas, or to punish PvE players who will not enter a PvP space such that PvE quests/game goals cannot be reached without entering PvP ( ESO for example ). 

If the developer really wants both player styles to co-exist, then allow me to define/create/play toons which are always 100% immune to PvP attacks and thefts.  Only under those conditions, I would try a game that mixed the areas.





Mon Apr 07 2014 5:26PM Report