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Zenimax Online Studios | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 04/04/14)  | Pub:Bethesda Softworks
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$59.99 | Pay Type:Buy to Play | Monthly Fee:Free
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Elder Scrolls Online Videos: This Week in ESO - A First Look at PvP (14:44)

This Week In Elder Scrolls Online Episode 2 - The AvAvA aka PvP edition. This week we take a first look at Cyrodiil and some of the things we can do in ESO PvP. This episode ran a little long. Sorry!

This Week In Elder Scrolls Online Episode 2 - The AvAvA aka PvP edition. This week we take a first look at Cyrodiil and some of the things we can do in ESO PvP. This episode ran a little long. Sorry!
Duration: 14:44
Views: 6,277  36 comments
Game: Elder Scrolls Online
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mcrippins writes: I haven't been able to watch a youtube video on the site in fullscreen in quite some time. I have to go directly to youtube. Is it just me? Fri Feb 14 2014 9:24AM Report
BillMurphy writes: I just tried it, seems fine to me.  Hmm... browser and version? Fri Feb 14 2014 9:29AM Report
odienman writes:

@mcrippins, I think its just you.  I use Firefox, so maybe thats it?




Great look into the system, I can't wait.  The only thing I didn't like and hope they change is the speed at which you can put up and take down a trebochet.  I think it would be much more tactical and interesting for it to take at least 20-30 seconds and could be damaged and destroyed before it fully materializes.  Otherwise I can see future abuse.

Fri Feb 14 2014 9:31AM Report
mcrippins writes: I'm using Chrome Fri Feb 14 2014 9:34AM Report
BillMurphy writes: Using Chrome too. Have no problems.  Any addons blocking it?  Try emailing Support, as Ben or Evan can likely better help you than I. Fri Feb 14 2014 9:35AM Report
mcrippins writes: It's ok, not a big deal really. Glad to know it's on my end. Thanks for all the help! Fri Feb 14 2014 9:43AM Report
mcrippins writes: That being said - This video made me preorder ESO. I absolutely cannot wait for this PvP! Fri Feb 14 2014 9:43AM Report
rasli writes: I wish you can show more the distance between objectives and how the terrain look like.  Like how long does it take you to run to that keep from the outpost you just ported to. Fri Feb 14 2014 10:09AM Report
gwei1984 writes:

Well, words cannot describe the immense fun this PvP was, at the Beta weekend.

Great Vid!

Fri Feb 14 2014 10:09AM Report
odienman writes:


The distance is pretty staggering on foot.  The PvP is as big as the Oblivion Map in Elder Scrolls.  I think its the biggest instanced PvP map ever?

Fri Feb 14 2014 10:21AM Report
Grixxitt writes:

Pretty solid PvP preview. 


As awesome as this looks and plays, I would be interested on hearing Zenimax' plans for the future so things don't get stale or old.



Fri Feb 14 2014 11:18AM Report
cylon8 writes: tempting Fri Feb 14 2014 12:11PM Report
Grakulen writes: Ok someone found it and posted it on youtube. At 13:13 you can see a werewolf (player) in the game. Fri Feb 14 2014 12:42PM Report
Telondariel writes:

Nice preview.


I would like to know more about Alliance Points, and if you can use them as per Realm Points to further progress your character? 

Fri Feb 14 2014 12:44PM Report
Spawnblade writes: @Grixxitt -- They plan on eventually incorporating all of Tamriel into the game, so you could travel from one end to the other.  How this is implemented probably depends greatly on the success of Cyrodiil.  The more people enjoy the open pvp / AvAvA of the area, the more likely they are to incorporate further areas into that same Cyrodiil-like setting, with further objectives/dungeons/etc all in an open world pvp-enabled area.  They have a great many zones with which this could be done.  If, on the other hand, it's not very successful, we can expect more of it to become PvE only areas connected to the factions.  They may also do something entirely different with them, though what, I'm not sure. Fri Feb 14 2014 2:37PM Report
Spawnblade writes: @Telondariel -- They're used as currency for anything in AvAvA.  So if you want to buy siege engines or upgrade the defenses of a keep/point/whatever, you use those same points you earn from taking objectives.  This keeps the currency separate from the main game  (whereas GW2, it is most effective to level to max before entering World v World so you don't break your bank buying a single catapult.  Basically meaning the richest player has the easiest access to all kinds of crap.)  You can also use the currency for armor and weapons that can only be earned via AvAvA, and I believe there were some other things mentioned, but I can't recall. Fri Feb 14 2014 2:40PM Report
Nzscorpion80 writes: Think they have a pvp skill line or something. Alliance points you repair & buy siege etc. Otherwise if could could also add to your character no one would spend them on consumable things. Fri Feb 14 2014 2:50PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes: Pvp looks worth the price of the game alone. Fri Feb 14 2014 3:01PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes: Pvp looks worth the price of the game alone. Fri Feb 14 2014 3:01PM Report
ButeoRegalis writes:


<span com_body"="">Yea, no, sorry. When you fight in WvW you get tokens for kills and those tokens you can use to buy siege. If you like you can use gold.

Fri Feb 14 2014 3:14PM Report
Nzscorpion80 writes: Would also suck if cyrodil has reached its cap for your alliance & you cant get in because theres 20 people crafting there, when they could easily craft in the pve zones. Fri Feb 14 2014 3:31PM Report
Nzscorpion80 writes: Where most the other zones look pretty similar to the actual tamriel layout. Cyrodil is a lot different shape to what the actual province is in other maps. I assume it was to make it fair/even for all alliances?? Fri Feb 14 2014 3:39PM Report
Nzscorpion80 writes: One question I didn't get to run around much in pvp, but are all the keeps different in layout & design or are they pretty much the same. Fri Feb 14 2014 3:40PM Report
Nzscorpion80 writes: Think they should add a resource with the siege merchant to build the siege plan. Having 20 ppl drop 20 trebs is stupid. Fri Feb 14 2014 3:51PM Report
ikcin writes:

By me ESO is not a usual MMORPG. It’s some kind of multiplayer . And that’s why people wait in line for mobs, quests , etc. And that’s why this DAoC kind of PvP will become boring grindfest soon. In true MMO there is no queues . ESO like GW2 is a typical western themepark game. What does that mean - there is no competition, no incentives for communication among players, no policy makes, no sense. This is a RPG game moved to the network, not MMO. First, except in PvP zone, up to few dozen players need to gather in an area. Thus there is nothing mass in the majority of the game. Secondly we have a story, as in the singleplayer game and meaningful play is limited there. I.e. as in the usual RPG, player does his footwork doing quests and etc.

The problem is that at ESO and GW2  so many people do the same, that they just ruin your fun. In fact all play as singleplayers, nothing they are many. Aside from the story, that supposed to be personal and unique, but happens to millions of players, everything else is pointless. Why do you need better gear? To boast of it, and so. Why do you need a higher level? Why do you play? The usual answer is for fun, but what’s the fun in unmotivated by the game action, no one can answer. Therefore TES is meaningful and interesting. In TES important is a story and it only happens to you. In ESO you and another million players save the same damsel in distress or kill the same mob. PvP zone shall be the end game content. In practice, the game ends with the end of the story written by the author, as in any RPG.

What is a MMO? Who played Lineage 2 knows what I mean. You grind savage mobs for the maximum level and better gear. But when you get to the point where end games like ESO and GW2, in true MMO a real game begins. Game in which you compete against thousands of other players. Game in which no queues because if somebody sit on your spot you will blew his head off. If you cannot do it alone, call friends, than he will call his friends, going melee, declaring war and fight all over the map in GvG. High levels players are forced to keep weaker. Guilds are ffighting for bosses, capture each other castles and fortresses. Throughout the game makes you play it with other people and against others. This is not a singleplayer or a multiplayer , this is a MMO. Crafting gear makes sense because of better equipment depends on the survival and the success of your character. And experience of everything you do, every duel, every siege is unique. With your character you create own story, which is not invented by the creator of the game and is the result of interaction with other players, wins and losses from them, on when you step in to rescue them, or vice versa, whether you helped them or not. This is a MMORPG. I think most of western players never play a real MMORPG – game in open world, with free PvP, drop, PK, political system, game in which players are creating their own stories. Themeparks like ESO or GW2 are not such games, and they cannot be.

PvP in ESO will fail, cause it’s not a part of the game. Why you go in PvP area? Cause you need a fortress to trade. But why you need to trade? Cause you need better gear. And why you need better gear? To PvP? No, in fact you don’t need it, except for praise. 

Fri Feb 14 2014 4:22PM Report
Bookah writes: Another great video Grakulen, thanks man. Fri Feb 14 2014 5:45PM Report
RelGn writes: Pvp looks really good hope it does not end up like gw2 zerg fest Fri Feb 14 2014 6:37PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: So go play Lineage 2 if it's so great. Why do you care if we like ESO? Fri Feb 14 2014 6:37PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: I think most PvP ends up largely a Zerg fest, just because people go where the action is. Been happening since the dawn of MMOs and always will. Fri Feb 14 2014 6:38PM Report
Grakulen writes: Let me know if you have any questions. I'll answer some of them on next week's episode. Fri Feb 14 2014 9:24PM Report
Arskaaa writes: looks fun, better be ranged spect tho... Sat Feb 15 2014 3:19AM Report
ikcin writes: You didn't get it. L2 is now a crap game, they screw it very bad after went F2P. And it's not about the marketing model, I played it on free server, just game is not good enough compare to old L2. Anyway I used L2 for example, why ESO is not a MMORPG. Themepark game cannot be a MMORPG, nothing developers call it so. ESO is GW2 clone, with not so good combat mechanics, but with better story. Apropos, may some one tell me a reason to fight in Cyrodiil, except so called fun :) It's the same like 24/7 zerg rush in GW2 PvP area - absolutely pointless. Sat Feb 15 2014 5:13AM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Sounds a lot like Warhammer pvp. Might not be a bad thing. Sat Feb 15 2014 7:33AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: Great vid Grak ! Sat Feb 15 2014 10:28PM Report
Fusion writes: Is it just me, or is the video very jittery? Sun Feb 16 2014 6:22AM Report
Nephelai writes: @mcrippins same problem here on iPad Air of late.  Wed Feb 19 2014 7:54AM Report