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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 04/24/07)  | Pub:Midway Games
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Lord of the Rings Online Videos: Riders of Rohan Preview with Turbine's Leo Tan and Hannah Foell (0:17)

Riders of Rohan preview with Leo Tan and Hannah Foell of Turbine and Robert Lashley of

Riders of Rohan preview with Leo Tan and Hannah Foell of Turbine and Robert Lashley of
Duration: 0:17
Views: 3,481  15 comments
Game: Lord of the Rings Online
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Hardanger writes: That is one long interview. Fri Oct 05 2012 4:11PM Report
starwarsnut writes:

took them 5 years to get to rohan. This mounted combat is"meh"  After playing gw2  and other mmo's i cant take lotro seriously anymore. Lotro is nothing more then a grocery store for pay to win now sadly. 

5 years in you think we would have at least been to the outside of mordor or see mordor in some way.

shadows of angmar -good fun

mines of moria - good fun

Rise of isengard - Tower looked smal and crappy not impressed with the area.

More grinding then a construction worker on the street or a teenager learning to drive stick shift

Lotro was a fun game back in the day but all the empty promises with new pvmp maps and the pay to win grocery store have destroyed what was once a great game.

Fri Oct 05 2012 4:28PM Report
koboldfodder writes:

It's like they did not have one single person on the devlopmental team who actually rides horses in real life.  They decided to make the warhorse slide when it turns so it feels like you are riding on ice.

Mounted combat IS the expansion, and it looks and feels awful.

Fri Oct 05 2012 6:12PM Report
FrodoFragins writes: Didn't and won't watch.  I feel bad for the devs there, except for the leads.  They aren't given the resources to do justice to the IP. Fri Oct 05 2012 6:45PM Report
avalon1000 writes: Sad to say I agree with the other coments. I logged onto LOTRO the other night and it was dead. Eighty nine on glff and used to be 400+. Our kin (of which I am the leader) has gone from 25+ logging in on a 24 hour basis to maybe 8. This update will not be good enough to tear me away from GW2....sorry it's not even in the same category. Turbine, you shot the golden goose. We should have been much closer to Mordor by now. Sat Oct 06 2012 2:45AM Report
Methos12 writes:

@That's also kinda my problem LOTRO - they're taking their sweet time with the Epic Quests and generally progression.

Sat Oct 06 2012 4:47AM Report
eddieg50 writes: I think Lotro went much the way of WOW.  vanilla wow and vanilla Lotro were challenging mmo's that had exploring in it, now especially wow it is just follow the arrows Sat Oct 06 2012 11:09AM Report
erictlewis writes:

So how is the population now days.  SOM shadows of murkwood stuck so bad I quit at that point,  now I see this and I am kind of glad I did.


Sat Oct 06 2012 12:20PM Report
xalvi writes:

Man i used to look up to this game and turbine. SoA days were the best i have ever experienced in MMOs. However, things went really bad after SoM and thats when i quit while F2P totally killed it. 

Turbine got greedy, HORRIBLE customer service/support, retarded and impatient GMs/forums mods, no update to combat mechanics, no graphic updates, and the list goes on.


I really hope one day there will be a LOTR title MMO made by a good company, big fan of LOTR and i hope something will be done. Turbine killed the game, peace.

Sat Oct 06 2012 3:58PM Report
Tamanous writes:

I am finding most people complaints come from the transition from sub to f2p (although it is really a hybrid). There are a few things you are pretty much forced to get, mostly quality of life stuff you would rather not do without. There is very little in the way of pay to win though. End game gear caps out stats so tombs are meaningless and not required. Easily most of the CS stuff is cosmetic and optional.

Bonus Turbine points can cover most of the real upgrades if patient ... most aren't patient though and think they need to pay money to compete. Virtue grind hasn't changed since launch so saying you are required to pay for them is just saying you are too lazy to complete your levels in them.


As for Xalvi: Everyone is entitled to their opinion but things aren't as bad as he mentioned. Customer service is about the same I seen in any game. I've never had a reason to use it mind you in years and most who complain do so beyond reason as many do with any service anywhere. Bitching about your ISP or cell phone carrier is a national hobby it seems. 

Forum GM's are no worse than any forum. Stick to the rules and understand you are dealing with a VERY strict IP license and you will get along with all the other adults. It is a bitch session for keyboard warrior forum ragers. 

Combat mechanics went through a major upgrade a while back with taking out the delay and improving responsiveness. Each expansion tweaked combat a little. Each class went through a complete reballancing over the last couple years. The new expansion has many changes to every class. Most improved in areas really requiring attention. Other areas stated by the devs to be looked at after the expansion as their plate if full. I am going to have to say what xalvi said is a flat out lie and he only wants  to exaggerate his opinion without fact. He should run for President of the U.S.A. :)

Graphics are being upgraded in this expansion. Mostly terrain as what usually happens in most aging mmo's due to the crazy amount of work required to upgrade the entire engine it is built on in order to improve polly counts and add additional graphic features. It has always been a game that looked pretty good minus the complaints of stiff characters (oh so common in mmo's anyway who diverge from cartoon looks). The game can be improved in far more important areas anyway ... mainly content where their focus should be.

It would be so terribly nice for developers to put as much money toward post launch in mmo's at in pre-launch but this will never be the case. Thinking it should be is expressing extreme ignorance with how game development works. Companies develop a game in debt to lenders/investors and once released require a profit for payback. Maintenence of the game is paid within those profits. There is simply not multiple millions of dollars to play with (unless you're Wow and your players ponder how the f$ck it takes 2 years between expansions when you have more money than several other mmo developers combined). 

I'd like nothing more than to see Lotro progress faster and it will forever force me and others to leave and return over time. Mounted combat is an ambitious undertaking so I can respect the attempt. I haven't beta tested it but will see it soon enough. I suspect they will need to follow this up with Helmsdeep really soon though or players will look past the new mount tech a little too quickly. I like many elements of the game but it will always be a themepark clone done reasonably well by a company who once had a unique vision with Asheron's Call and lost it.

Sat Oct 06 2012 7:33PM Report
starwarsnut writes:

lol tam the lotro store is the textbook example/posterboy for pay to win. Its what in the future will be used for pay to win examples. The store offers advantage over convience despite what sapience and patience say. Dont believe me go look at the store. They increased the grind for the things to entice you to buy from the store. Those store morale pots are a HUGE advantage in the moors I.E pay to win.

The scenerey and how the world looked in lotro was awesome. The toons could look better. The graphics never really bothered me tbh.

Cs and gms in lotro were crap. I know of a gm dating a game player and influencing the pvp aspect and abusing his gm rights. I filed numerous tickets and the end result was a creep tribes monster manual bieng removed from the lotro forums for a tos viloation they "claimed"

Its been 5 years that point can not be argued. It took them 5 years to get to rohan? With gw2 and other mmo's coming out lotro  will be just lotr whores left. Gw2 destroyed the pvp community for lotro though.

I wish lotro would die to so another mmo company could make a "REAL" lotro mmo instead of a lotro grocery store pay to win crap

Sat Oct 06 2012 9:14PM Report
xalvi writes:

Well said, starwarsnut.

No one can argue that the GMs/forum mods are out of control with what they do. It can be said they are equal or worse than SWTOR forum mods closing everything "negative" about the game.Lotro store is strictly pay2win, unless you would want to grind for weeks/months. 

@Tam, seriously? What you just said is something that should be done when it comes to combat mechanics. They are still slow paced, did you ever play a champion,guardian, LM, burglar? Only class i think is somewhat face paced is a RK. I have read the dev dairies and im not impressed.....look this games succes rate then speak and tell me "run for president".

For a LOTR title MMO, this MMO should be on the tops with GW2/WoW.....look at where it is now. Yes i do wish this game shuts down, and be taken by a company who knows what they are doing. 

Sun Oct 07 2012 4:47PM Report
Torval writes:

I hate when MMORPG does articles on LotRO because I'm a masochist and read/watch them like a horrid train wreck on the news.  I wish they would just let this thing die.

It is almost criminal how Turbine has pissed away this IP.

Sun Oct 07 2012 11:12PM Report
skydiver12 writes:

Tamanous, you are tying to hard.

I don't know why you feel the need to lie and deny in order to defend lotro, but it's not helping.


It's a fact that feature concerning the legendary item system got removed and reappeared in the store ONLY. Such as rune removal.

It's a fact that critical rune building got nerfed and a "+% crit rune combination" scroll appeared as shop exclusive.

It's a fact that you can only get the 7th tier of stat tomes from the shop.

It's a fact that you can't_ aquire all tiered stat tomes up to 6 from doing the content or playing the AH at all.

It's a fact that the stat system is not limited since ROI which is roughly a year now.

It's a fact that the crystal ammount gained from decon and crit combinating was two times already reduced while the requirements trippled (+ shop exclusive scrolls appeared)


and so on.

Concerning ROR specifically: The mount system isn't the best one could imagine, and while i personaly think it's just "ok" borderline to bad the real issue i personaly have with this "expansion" is:  It's not utilized at all.

You got the new areas, but that's it. No Raids / No instances or viable group content is out there to even bother using mounts.

(Warbands do not drop high end gear)

Because all the future stuff is going to be classic instance clusters on foot. It's like legendary weapons only useable in moria. ROR isn't even utilizing the skirmish system despite cheap gear stat upgrades on existing gear.


Mon Oct 08 2012 9:17AM Report
starwarsnut writes:

dont forget to be amazed by the new moors lol. They dont even give you the new pvmp map still that still blows me away. They lied so many times about that new pvmp map.  

Sapience in one of his blogs recently says prepared to be amazed by the new moors well all they did was move 2 outposts around and screw over the designated 1v1 area on most servers by moving a rez point there. So they actually made the moors worse not better. How sapience has a job is questionable.

The fundamental problem as with swtor is the carebears who stay and support this garbage. Lotr is one of the hugest ip's out there and look how this game has turned out. Lotro is known for rp and festivals more then anything. Lotr is about a war and its taken a back seat to festivals and rp'rs lol. If the lotr movie was based off lotro it would be a comedy not a war about the ring 

Good point about the legenday weapons like i said its grocery store now nothing more oh well

Mon Oct 08 2012 1:49PM Report