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MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

The Secret World Videos: MMOFTW Live - Ep 3 - TSW with Joel Bylos (59:01)'s Bill Murphy and Rob Lashley rehash the week that was with Funcom's Joel Bylos (Game Director of The Secret World). Plus we get Joel to dish on the end of the world, the new sub-less TSW, and even the Funcom LEGO game!'s Bill Murphy and Rob Lashley rehash the week that was with Funcom's Joel Bylos (Game Director of The Secret World). Plus we get Joel to dish on the end of the world, the new sub-less TSW, and even the Funcom LEGO game!
Duration: 59:01
Views: 8,237  21 comments
Game: The Secret World
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Indol writes: Fantastic! The Secret World is easily my favorite mmo to come out in 10+ years. UO, Asheron's Call and Everquest will always be my absolute favorites but TSW gives them a run for their money, which i thought was something that i'd never see. Sat Dec 15 2012 11:11AM Report
Cnuck writes: Brilliant idea, but dammit I still have to buy it. lol Probably end up doin it now for sure tho Sat Dec 15 2012 11:15AM Report
Searias writes: Excellent work with The Secret World guys, it been my favorite MMO since Everquest 1. And also great new business model, I was able to bring friends into the game that was not going to pay a subscription before, which is a good thing for me :). I hope to be playing this great game for a long time to come :). And thanks again Funcom for making a totally unique game that does not follow Wow model like some other games. Sat Dec 15 2012 11:46AM Report
Hexcaliber writes:

With the change to pay to play, I reinstalled, half an hour in game and its removed from my PC again, still the same crap. Because you are able to earn ap for every skill in game, Funcom in their wisdom couldn’t give a shit if some builds struggle mid game, and offer no means to respec. Leaving some players screwed because they thought the description of X/Y synergistic build would be fun, and are left struggling against trash mobs while other builds cruise through group content solo. The “puzzles” such as they are, may be mildly distracting for some, but are far from challenging as some would have you believe.

Sat Dec 15 2012 11:51AM Report
Chills05 writes: Bought TSW quickly after it went B2P. After playing the beta, I did want the game if not for the subscription, so I'm glad that's no longer needed to play it. Great story and awesome voice casting. Bioware can learn a thing or two from Funcom. Sat Dec 15 2012 11:56AM Report
rochrist writes:

Why would you NEED to respec? Just go out and get a few more points and correct the errors in your build. It's not as though there aren't dozens of viable PvE builds in the game anyway.


Sat Dec 15 2012 12:29PM Report
Agent_Joseph writes: started with early acces & still i have great fun,TSW  is surprised awesome game Sat Dec 15 2012 12:35PM Report
bestever writes:

you can get it for 14.99$

Sat Dec 15 2012 1:07PM Report
KroxMalon writes:

Joel's cool. I like Joel.

Cheers guys.

Sat Dec 15 2012 1:21PM Report
birdycephon writes: Reddit is full of TEST alliance guys who are pretty much the same as that example with the 50 friends, except a thousand times worse. XD Sat Dec 15 2012 1:21PM Report
FromHell writes: well done, well done. All the best for this fantastic game, I'm a big fan. And put some RL merchandise on the store please, I'd like a TSW mug for my morning coffee Sat Dec 15 2012 2:31PM Report
Wizardry writes:

cross platform is done on FFXi,I have heard talk abotu Microsoft before but it has to do with the online portion nothing else..Not going cross platform means they are just cutting cost and it is not a good thing to seperate the player base depending on systems.Example i ONLY like PC gaming where as i know people who enjoy other systems.

Mr.Lashley seems intelligent on the entire industry.

I think AC2 is simply a testing of the waters,i don't see the game doing well.I was turned off by DnDO immediatley ,i am not a fan of Turbine games.

I think they just hired those guys because they are talented and maybe signed on at a bargain price.

Shockwave flash crashes right before Joel finishes his speech on the buy to play.

Sat Dec 15 2012 4:49PM Report
evilastro writes:

@Hexcaliber - "Funcom in their wisdom couldn’t give a shit if some builds struggle mid game, and offer no means to respec."

Yeah no. You can repeat every single mission from Kingsmouth onwards, including the investigation missions.

If you dont like your current spec, its very quick and easy to get enough points to build a viable spec by going back and doing easy missions below your level.  They even have a list of viable specs to choose from now and show you how to build them, it couldnt possibly be any more idiot proof without turning it into WoWs system.

Sat Dec 15 2012 10:03PM Report
bliss14 writes: As a journalist I'd love if you could pronounce sentient correctly.  Other than that, great! Sun Dec 16 2012 12:38AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes: Turbine definitely has an ace up their sleeve they've been working on for awhile. And I'm going to say voice acting is great...for single player RPGs but it is garbage in the mmo world. Who the f*** wants to listen to some other guys story when you could and should be creating your  own. Sun Dec 16 2012 6:59AM Report
Po_gg writes:

<span com_body"="">Who the f*** wants to listen to some other guys story when you could and should be creating your  own.

I do :) Actually Pokket had a thread about npc's, voiceovers etc. and I said there too, for me Conan's Tortage was the best npc/story/conversation experience so far (and the lacking voiceovers in the open world was a bit letdown, but FC keeps adding new voices so that slowly changing for the better).

And while I love TSW, in the npc/convo department I think it's a bit stepback from AoC. Joel said in the FTW Live the reasons behind it, but I still think, an AoC'ish type of npc interaction would be better... now it sometimes feels like I'm listening a tape the npc recorded earlier to play it for the curious players :)

(I mean the backstory, his/her opinion from other factions and the Council, those parts of the conversation is pretty straightforward)

Sun Dec 16 2012 7:43AM Report
NobleNerd writes:

 Bought and downloaded TSW. Played for about 1 hour. It was a fun time, but I am just not one who enjoys killing zombies. The game seemed to be designed well and I will pop in and try it out once in a while, but I see this as a big niche game. I am one of those gamers that rather have a fanatasy world with Elves and Dwarves, etc in it.


Great show! I enjoyed the info and the banter. Keep up the good work.

Sun Dec 16 2012 9:15AM Report
FromHell writes: Xepo: From the top of my head--  Vampires, Werewolves in Transylvania.. cultists, mummies and scorpions in Egypt.. Orochi agents and soldiers.. there is A LOT more to kill than "zombies" in TSW. You didn´t get very far by playing one hour Sun Dec 16 2012 9:56AM Report
Tsumoro writes:

TSW is a fantastic game, sure it has some flaws which will be ironed out with time but it has always been a stand strong game, even if it's niche. With me, I loved the game but being a heavy gamer I cleared the content, including the nightmares relatively quickly and I mean I did 'everything' within the game. I left no stone unturned. But, because of the lack of things to do and the 'need' to play it to make my sub worth while I quickly became bored.


However, this new B2P model is fantastic for me, I can now log on and play whenever I want andI can just purchase DLC to play like I did with Borderlands. In between those periods I can spend a bit extra on cosmetics which was something I didn't want to do when I was paying for a sub.


In short, I love the game, glad I can play it more causally and either way Funcom will be getting some cash from me as long as the quality of the content is good and that the DLCs aren't too expensive, I would for example happily pay 10-15 dollars for Tokyo expansion coming out next year.

I can only hope that this payment model proves to be successful and allows them to do more with their development time.


God speed Funcom!

Sun Dec 16 2012 10:51AM Report
kosac writes: hi Joel, can you plz add autojoin dungeon from LFG ?  not everyone interested in spaming LFG chat.. thx Mon Dec 17 2012 6:12AM Report
MagikrorriM writes: Hexcaliber still hasn't learned that you can test your builds, with no commitment of points in your faction's weapon's test facility, like Templar's cruicible. You can check abilities in these places, and get your points refunded, if you don't like how the abilities do, but only in these instances. That's why there is no refund of points, because it's already in the game. Mon Dec 17 2012 9:29AM Report