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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: New Trailer (3:55)

Checkout the new trailer for SWTOR.

Checkout the new trailer for SWTOR.
Duration: 3:55
Views: 28,130  112 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Praxus1874 writes: Holy crap that was amazing! I don't even care about the game, I just want to watch that over and over! Mon Jun 01 2009 9:46PM Report
daeandor writes: If it really played like that.... Mon Jun 01 2009 11:17PM Report
purewitz writes: One word, EPIC! Tue Jun 02 2009 12:41AM Report
aristoculous writes: That is the BEST Star Wars trailer PERIOD. (regardless for game or a movie.) Tue Jun 02 2009 12:55AM Report
undead17 writes: makes me want and watch all the movies over again lol. but like all the gloss of every game its how it plays . i can hope they do a better job than mythic have done with warhammer. i look forward to finding out:) off to watch some sith now Tue Jun 02 2009 1:14AM Report
p3m0 writes: Praxus1874 said nuff xD DAMN this trailer is freaking Awesome =O Looks like BioWare really gets in to the project =) High hopes, high hopes... Tue Jun 02 2009 3:14AM Report
Xondar123 writes: Oh wow, that looks pretty amazing. Tue Jun 02 2009 4:25AM Report
hebzster writes: I'm sold already... Tue Jun 02 2009 4:41AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: "I want to be a Jedi!" "I want to be a Sith" "I want to be Boba Fett!" Blah-bedee-dah... SWTOR is a masterpiece of taking what the SWG's NGE tried to do and actually (probably) succeeding at it. ---- But when is someone going to make a STAR WARS MMORPG? You know... one based on the ORIGINAL THREE MOVIES. Tue Jun 02 2009 4:58AM Report
talismen351 writes: Looks pretty decent...I hope it plays as exciting as the trailer. Tue Jun 02 2009 7:50AM Report
eyeswideopen writes: Ow, wow!! Bioware made a cinematic computer generated movie!! That's never been done before and I'm sure the game will look and play EXACTLY like that!! Sheep.... Tue Jun 02 2009 8:49AM Report
marinkov writes: This game is the potential the wow-killer :) Tue Jun 02 2009 8:51AM Report
Petrosis writes: Yes, this is the best trailer about a game so far. Tue Jun 02 2009 8:52AM Report
Syrexx writes: That was great! Looking forward to playing this game regardless of how it plays out. Tue Jun 02 2009 8:55AM Report
Kinjiru writes: I'm dubious about what they'll actually deliver... but damn, that was cool. Tue Jun 02 2009 8:57AM Report
Zionnax writes: Screw the game, give me a full-length movie based on that trailer! That was cool! Tue Jun 02 2009 9:03AM Report
CoffeeGrunt writes: knocked me off my feet...awesome trailer Tue Jun 02 2009 9:07AM Report
Wolflaynce writes: Holy cow! Yes, give me the full-length movie too!! If they give ships also, screw the other sci-fi mmo's, I want my pew-pew-pew! Tue Jun 02 2009 9:25AM Report
Comstrike writes: Yeah, those Ozzy Osborne ads for WoW just don't hold-up to this. They had best get this right. Tue Jun 02 2009 10:02AM Report
aleos writes: still got wood. Tue Jun 02 2009 10:08AM Report
Chimps writes: if the game is anything like this it's worth whatever it's gona cost per month. Some rumors say it's f2p and i just said it's my ass but still it could come true :O. Anyways i wish they made a new star wars movie that is based on a new year or something cause the way it ended sucked. Yaya love this and if game is like this once again i would pay anything cause fuckingh ell amazing. My wish game is a game where you pvp with no monsters anything you start as lvl 1 and you are in a world with lvl 1s to then you pvp them and kill so on until you lvl to 10 where you get to switch worlds and pvp lvl 10-15 players so on:D would be awesome. No there is no consequences you might think omg the lvl 15 players will kil llvl 10 easy. It's not about lvl it's about skills and you need to be good there is nothing improving your stats you only wear armour to look cooler stats increase at lvl 10 for everyone but not lvl 15 just new cooler stuff xD I havn't thought it through but if i ever get in to the college i want you might see an awesome gamei n future :D Tue Jun 02 2009 10:20AM Report
Xidal writes: I'm soooo rolling a sith! Tue Jun 02 2009 10:29AM Report
solareus writes: Very good :) Tue Jun 02 2009 10:39AM Report
MindTrigger writes: Well, take that trailer and turn it into a movie and it will sell like no other Star Wars movie has. It was incredible. Now how about some news about the actual game? We know it's not going to look or play like that video, so come with the reality next time. Tue Jun 02 2009 11:25AM Report
daddystabz writes: That was freaking AMAZING! I can hardly wait! The force will be with me! Jedi all the way! Tue Jun 02 2009 11:35AM Report
LodenDSG writes: Nice, its looking like Star Wars done right. Tue Jun 02 2009 11:43AM Report
Reno0513 writes: Ah if only the game were like the trailer... nice mini-movie though. Saved it to my hard drive for later viewing. Tue Jun 02 2009 12:15PM Report
Wrayeth writes: That was made of 100% win and awesome. If the game plays anything like that, then it's going to be one of the best MMOs ever to come out. Tue Jun 02 2009 12:22PM Report
kingtommyboy writes: That was EPIC :o... I gonna buy this one :o Tue Jun 02 2009 12:23PM Report
ArmySurplus writes: A+ Tue Jun 02 2009 12:35PM Report
Corthala writes: OMG!!! Count me in me, Mr Dark Side!! I yours to command. Death to the Jedi! Tue Jun 02 2009 12:58PM Report
zeb725 writes: i so want ot be the the light side. Tue Jun 02 2009 3:08PM Report
zeb725 writes: isnt it online? Tue Jun 02 2009 3:09PM Report
zeb725 writes: chimps is right chimps when u play join the light and lets help each other and added me. Tue Jun 02 2009 3:12PM Report
NeokiNaomi writes: that's what I call an epic trailer .. wow Tue Jun 02 2009 3:38PM Report
magess writes: Neat trailer! Very cool to watch. Tue Jun 02 2009 4:44PM Report
ultra56 writes: If Darth Maul came back even though is body was burnt in the comics, tht would b eso frikin awsome!!!! And the trailer showed the slaughter of the rebublic, they showed that in the movies Tue Jun 02 2009 5:15PM Report
apocalance writes: Now, more than ever, I am looking forward to this title, SW:TOR! Tue Jun 02 2009 5:18PM Report
Silverwatch writes: this is quite possibly the best game trailer iv ever seen, i highly doubt the game will be anything like this but its worth a shot just because of the trailer ha Tue Jun 02 2009 6:15PM Report
eyeswideopen writes: Ultra56, do you know anything about the Old Republic timeline? This is thousands of years before the stupid "prequel" movies. Go play SWG, maybe they'll throw in Darth Maul for you like all the rest of the prequel junk they threw in. Tue Jun 02 2009 6:36PM Report
Bakkoda24 writes: This video just ruined the balance of the game. Now everyone will roll Sith because they'll all think "OMG!1! dey look so BAMf!!"...Still looks extremely sweet. Tue Jun 02 2009 9:16PM Report
SoSilencer writes: I agree with eyeswideopen. You guys are way too excited over a non-gameplay trailer that uses every possible cliche to make everyone excited that they can fulfill their epic elite-troop delusions. I'll give them credit though because they did a good job with it. You all certainly bought into it. Tue Jun 02 2009 10:16PM Report
Deak writes: When does THAT movie come out...? Amazing game trailer Tue Jun 02 2009 10:58PM Report
Allanon6666 writes: This is probably the 3rd or fourth time I've seen this trailer (saw twice it on g4 during they're coverage) and it is just as amazing as before!!!!!!!!!!!! I want this game soooooooooo bad! Tue Jun 02 2009 11:07PM Report
Vittorioso writes: OMFG!!! men this is amazing, great game, I want it :P Tue Jun 02 2009 11:20PM Report
Tivian writes: Nice game trailer. Reminds me of the opening for Dawn of War. Truly epic indeed but it doesn't make it a great game though. I do trust Bio to make a great game. I have played 3 of their titles. As long as its an MMORPG I will play it though. Wed Jun 03 2009 12:02AM Report
ArgoZex77 writes: I came buckets! Wed Jun 03 2009 1:51AM Report
ArgoZex77 writes: I came buckets! Wed Jun 03 2009 1:51AM Report
Wolfhammer writes: I shall await the games arrival with eager anticipation :) Wed Jun 03 2009 3:45AM Report
Shohadaku writes: One of the best Star Wars vids I have seen. I would rather pay to see this in the movies then ep 123! Wed Jun 03 2009 4:18AM Report
shadowbliss writes: excuse me i need to change my pants Wed Jun 03 2009 5:33AM Report
boognish75 writes: Why dont twilecks tentacles ever become maimed, if I ever fought a twileck the first thing I would do is cut off its tendrils. Wed Jun 03 2009 7:52AM Report
sifudoja writes: Love this trailer! Oh, and was that Vader? Wed Jun 03 2009 8:38AM Report
mattadams007 writes: Is it normal to be "Sexually aroused by a game trailer? LoL =D Wed Jun 03 2009 9:37AM Report
TonySabre writes: Breathtaking. That trailer was epic just on its own. Wed Jun 03 2009 9:40AM Report
celee2222 writes: Impressive - most impressive! Wed Jun 03 2009 9:54AM Report
sadeyx writes: Deceived is the correct word. Wed Jun 03 2009 9:57AM Report
TheKraken writes: Exciting advertisement? Yes, very. Does it reflect the actual game, in any way at all? Who knows. Wed Jun 03 2009 10:03AM Report
Danag writes: Okay, I'll admit that was an amazing trailer. Nice to see an epic SW trailer (game or movie, no matter) after all these years. However, keep in mind; This is not in-game footage, so I say big effin' deal. No way will MMO-combat ever be this fast, seamless, or intense. If, by some chance, BioWare can pull it off though, I'll be the first to eat a big smokin' plate of Crow while handing them my monthly subscription. I give Kudos when it's earned. But so far all they've done is give us a nice 3-minute and 56-second short-flik. :) Wed Jun 03 2009 12:05PM Report
yigael writes: I'll be playing Sith right away!!! Wed Jun 03 2009 12:12PM Report
ArcAngel3 writes: The trailer is possibly the best StarWars cinematic sequence I've ever seen in my life, and I've been watching StarWars since 1977. As for being a WoW-killer. Who cares? Wow's irrelevant if you ask me. Bioware should just focus on their own game, and do what they do best. If this trailer is any indication, they're right on track. Wed Jun 03 2009 3:30PM Report
JestorRodo writes: WoW killer? No, A SWG Killer - Muahahaha Like those who run the other Star Wars MMO the answer is a no-brainier. Wed Jun 03 2009 4:15PM Report
zaylin writes: Damn one of the best trailers for sure. Cant wait! just hope bioware tries to make a good game and not a {cough}wow killer,that imo is where a lot of companies fail.{cheers} Wed Jun 03 2009 11:21PM Report
tron21369 writes: i think this comes out next years guys and ladies yes it looks great iam sure Lukas and Bio are going to make it good with out SONY in the way Thu Jun 04 2009 3:21AM Report
stinkingD writes: Great trailer. Bounty Hunter for me, you can keep your spoilt jedi snobs. Thu Jun 04 2009 3:23AM Report
riceae02 writes: Wow some ppl just cannot say a good thing when they see it, it must suck to be you. This trailer was one of the best if not "THE" best to come out for anygame and most movies (see G.I. Joe movie trailer). And btw there will never be a Wow killer that phenominon will nvr happen again. Just like there will never be another Michael Jordan. There be good players but nvr. any better in our time. Thu Jun 04 2009 3:41AM Report
Yzan writes: That looks awesome, really looking forward to this one. Thu Jun 04 2009 8:00AM Report
zmrz writes: Great job Bioware , now give game that is 20% of that trailer and im sold. Thu Jun 04 2009 2:53PM Report
dawgmmo writes: This is the best mmo trailer I have ever seen. City of Heroes had some good ones, but this one is awesome. Thu Jun 04 2009 8:42PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Nice Cinematic Fri Jun 05 2009 12:47AM Report
jimmy123 writes: Bye bye WoW, there's a new Daddy in town Fri Jun 05 2009 6:08AM Report
zarzu writes: these comments are why the mmorpg community is what it is: "omgz a good looking trailer, that must mean the game is going to be awesome!" every second they needed to produce this trailer was a second wasted on something not being in the actual mmorpg, the trailer says nothing about the game, it's just cookies and balloons for the common folk, seriously. Fri Jun 05 2009 12:59PM Report
Mithithiel writes: The trailer running shivers all down my spine gives me a good feel for the game. However, just because it's an amazing trailer, doesnt mean thats the core reason why we should have faith in this game. The obvious reason is that its made by brilliant minds, it's made by Bioware :) Fri Jun 05 2009 5:40PM Report
Damaja writes: I am so praying this game is THE GAME! some kinda badass trailer also Fri Jun 05 2009 11:12PM Report
darkartgod writes: gonna roll a jedi... kill all the sith ,, then im gonna roll a sith and kill all the jedi that helped me kill the sith .... as far as the trailer wnet .. the twi'lek pet is cool Sat Jun 06 2009 2:34AM Report
mindmeld writes: excellent trailer but will have nothing with gameplay to do so holding my breath so far. Sat Jun 06 2009 4:09AM Report
Tarka writes: Trailer: VERY enjoyable to watch. Nice graphics and action Game: Not very enticing right now and certainly won't look as good or play as good as the trailer for obvious reasons. Conclusion: Bioware/Lucasarts know how to make a trailer. Whether they can make a compelling MMO that can be classed as successful in the long term, has yet to be proven. Sat Jun 06 2009 11:19AM Report
noy1 writes: That was unbelievable. Of course people are skeptical because it's only a theatrical trailer, but they've already proven to us one thing: they're putting effort into making this game. That is something some MMOs aren't even able to do; market effectively. From quitting that garbage they call Warcraft, I am extremely hopeful for this to come out. Sun Jun 07 2009 12:38AM Report
HeltFotad writes: i mean omg that was totally amazing im so going sith pure evil (6) im counting everyday for this release this game will pwn any existing mmo out there if they live up to expectations just for that i hold myself until it is released Sun Jun 07 2009 5:30AM Report
typhoon511 writes: WOOOOOOOOW!!! Sun Jun 07 2009 9:26AM Report
stefanbab writes: KICKASS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sun Jun 07 2009 9:51AM Report
darkrain5 writes: Want to be dark jedi master ones more rrrr :) Sun Jun 07 2009 12:01PM Report
kinglaban writes: I just crapped my pants and felt good about it Sun Jun 07 2009 2:21PM Report
Rehmes writes: Wow, simply amazing..... Sun Jun 07 2009 6:32PM Report
Faurin writes: Sith or BH...i will be hunting jedis Long Live the Dark Side Sun Jun 07 2009 11:36PM Report
kaincerberus writes: this trailer makes my dick hard. enough said! Sun Jun 07 2009 11:48PM Report
SpyroStorm writes: This game has huge potential. The trailer shows their effort. Bioware is a safe company to partner with lucasarts. Not SOE haha so thats a benefit in itself. Bioware has made an excellent rpg with the knights of the old republic series so they have an excellent model to work with. Considering MMORPG=Role playing game. Definetly high hopes. Hope this doesn't flop. Mon Jun 08 2009 1:03AM Report
DemonMonkey0 writes: IMA BE SETH Mon Jun 08 2009 8:36PM Report
mrothird writes: jezz... talking about not putting 2 and 2 together, i just realized this is either happening before or during the time of kotor. This makes this game even more interesting, will it be a "ddo" clone(aka kotor turned online) or will it be something else? I am excited. Tue Jun 09 2009 1:27AM Report
Aleaa writes: Humm... So long as I forget about SWG, this might me worth while. And I won't be giving SOE any money :) Tue Jun 09 2009 2:37AM Report
majinant writes: Man that's awesome. Good enough to be a new movie! Tue Jun 09 2009 2:56AM Report
spLagger writes: so when does the movie come out =P Tue Jun 09 2009 6:20AM Report
wgc01 writes: Nice eye candy, but we all know thats not the graphics of the game or game play video, I am taking a wait and see, I don't want to buy into the hype, and be disapointed once more when the product goes live, but I am crossing my finger for a good one.. Tue Jun 09 2009 9:19AM Report
PeterPorker writes: Heheh, few days ago I wanted to make a WOW KICK BUTT thread about this.. I have to comment.. taht was great! Gotta love their dedicattion to their lore and the talent they bring to the table to entertain us.. This game is going to end all other games!!!!!!!!!!! Tue Jun 09 2009 10:38AM Report
Ugottawantit writes: That really was awesome, better than the last three movies combined. Of course look at the opening movie for Wow and then the disappointment of what the game actually looks like. Tue Jun 09 2009 3:51PM Report
Roman291 writes: More I see this trailer, more epic it becomes. Tue Jun 09 2009 6:20PM Report
thekid1 writes: Hope the game doesn't focus to much on lightsabers and jedi. I don't care for lightsaber fights at all, laserguns and Han Solo type heroes for the win. I did not like the trailer one bit. In fact I hated it. Wed Jun 10 2009 8:22PM Report
Devros writes: bleh... great animation but big deal. The game will never live up to anything shown in that trailor. Wed Jun 10 2009 10:57PM Report
DestinoBR writes: Bioware, thats a company name that I respect, they had gave us some the best games in the last years, so when I've read that this guys were behind this project it made me quite interested. This little cinematic just made it clear to us, the lvl of dedication they are puting in this game, we know that all this is about money and company profit, but, well you still can make money and do some nice piece of art of it. In the end, its what its worth. We in the future will allways remember about the day we first saw this trayler, and we will allways rember the good time we had playing this game if it is as good as they are trying to make it. And yeah, this is the best action sequence based in the star wars universe in a long time. Thu Jun 11 2009 12:21PM Report
MisterNoGooD writes: What we do see here in the trailer can actually be as good as it looks from what I mean. The game is using the most powerful engine, HeroEngine. With that they can create beutiful real-time game to create the best mmorpg we perhaps ever have seen in many many years. Not only the graphic, but a gameplay so creative and different compared to other mmorpg-games. World Building, Character Systems, Effects SystemAI & Pathfinding, Smart Objects. All these advanced Tech. Thats how they can create the starwars story as they talked so much about. How the choices in the storyline have an effect for which path you are choosing. Just think about the quests are going to be. Missions will never be the same again, the magination is unlimited for what they can bring to us, something new, different. This will be , which I hope for, worlds best mmorpg that will knock out WoW on time for all! knock it out! There is nothing u can do. Give up and throw the white towel into the ring because you are soon out. Best trailer so far, best game ever so far(Crossing fingers) Do your best!! Fri Jun 12 2009 6:01PM Report
Ziphen writes: Its a pretty video, that looks like it could make a great game. And all you people that are calling it a WoW killer are so retarded... I too hate WoW, but the only thing that is going to kill WoW is lack of interest due to peoples boredom. SWTOR has a fantastic opportunity to be great, as has 100 games before it. Fri Jun 12 2009 7:18PM Report
Gkarr writes: I'd shell out $30 to watch a full length movie like that in a theatre. Mon Jun 15 2009 1:33PM Report
dumper49 writes: Does this mean lucas finally listened to what we want??? ass!! Mon Jun 15 2009 9:02PM Report
morpheusxp writes: Best looking game to come outta E3. I can't wait. Tue Jun 16 2009 8:22AM Report
bonzow2 writes: if the game is the the trailer it will be SWEET Wed Jun 17 2009 4:10PM Report
MajDogMeat writes: It will NEVER play that way. But the Graphics may be stunning ! Sat Jun 27 2009 9:58AM Report
Baradine writes: That looked like Malak! And also, very BA Tue Jul 07 2009 5:43PM Report
HeavensCharm writes: Crap just go ahead and make it a full movie. You have all us Star Wars fans hooked already. Thu Jul 23 2009 8:11PM Report
acerpg007 writes: Wow! Such magnificent Trailer, it really draws you to play the game itself.. Sun Sep 20 2009 8:41PM Report
C-Mac writes: :O Fri Nov 20 2009 12:09PM Report
mmorpg-su writes: Belive thet this game be mach better then "Hellgate:London"... There was super Movie... but game was SUX Thu Jan 14 2010 6:43PM Report
Seravee writes: coool, if u could really do that. Wed Jan 20 2010 6:34PM Report