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Earthrise: First Impact Videos: MMOFTW - S2E2 - Earthrise Revived (6:07)

This week's MMOFTW covers TERA's F2P change, Pathfinder's Kickstarter and beta aspects, EVE and Dust's single-server reality, Earthrise's Revival, and The Secret World's B2P success. Plus in our community spotlight, we talk grouping and whether it's enjoyable.

This week's MMOFTW covers TERA's F2P change, Pathfinder's Kickstarter and beta aspects, EVE and Dust's single-server reality, Earthrise's Revival, and The Secret World's B2P success. Plus in our community spotlight, we talk grouping and whether it's enjoyable.
Duration: 6:07
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Game: Earthrise: First Impact
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wallet113 writes:

Did you say Pathfinder is trying to bring back the golden age of MMO like UO?


Mon Jan 14 2013 8:21AM Report
jimdandy26 writes: My issue with the discussion around grouping is that a large number of developers have made it so finding that group of people is not rewarded. I am fine with allowing players to play solo if they wish, but there is no push to move players together so that guilds are not only wanted, but the main focus of the game. Finding a great group of people will keep players around a lot longer than any shiny new tier of gear., and should be more emphasized through mechanics. Not through guild leveling (a failure in my mind at trying to accomplish it) but through more guild orientated things that are not power. Mon Jan 14 2013 9:00AM Report
ziabatsu writes: Does anyone else think he looks like a monkey? Also, is the soul path still 'in'? Or should I say, the "Howie Mandel". Mon Jan 14 2013 9:43AM Report
ziabatsu writes: soul patch* Mon Jan 14 2013 9:44AM Report
mcrippins writes: I think it should be noted that Dust 514 is for Ps3 only. Some people might not know. Mon Jan 14 2013 10:02AM Report
ziabatsu writes: It was noted in the video, but thank you for the extra clarification, mcrippins. Guessing you didn't watch it. lol Mon Jan 14 2013 10:04AM Report
releaseme writes:

Tera is a potato game :/

Lasted till lvl 12 when the repetetive mobs with different skins got too boring >=<

Mon Jan 14 2013 10:23AM Report
Smintar writes: It appears that Pathfinder will be one the best MMO's to have come out in a long time so far it doesnt appear to have a lot of Flash like SWTOR and others. But has that content and game play that most of us desire to have and enjoy in an MMO. This also why I am looking at Archage these r the only 2 atm that I am interested in.By the way I always enjoy this type of format for updated news MMOFTW keep up the good work Mon Jan 14 2013 10:28AM Report
Scot writes:

"Being together while alone?"

Does Bill do that while being in a guild and not in a guild? Or liking the crafting while not doing any crafting?

You can like soloing and grouping, I do. But the only time I get the extra value of beng in an online world is through interacting. That may be grouping, rping, just chatting in guild chat or even general.

Mon Jan 14 2013 11:01AM Report
CrimsonFalkon writes:

Bill: As always, enjoyed the show. I even got my wife watching these now! WHAAAA?? 


Any way, I would agree with the statements on grouping. I like to group with folks as long as they fit my play style for the most part. Some of my fondest memories in DAOC is with a small group of freinds and we guilded and grouped all the time and it was the best.

Now a days though grouping is something folks do to accomplish something and then they are gone. For example, there was a couple of folks that were asking for a group recently in a game I currently play and I grouped up with them, but as soon as they accomplished what they needed to they were gone....not a single word or even a thnks for the group....just disbanded and gone. I find it sad really that this happens more often then not it my experience these days.

Mon Jan 14 2013 12:32PM Report
Wraithone writes:

Grouping? That depends on the game, and the people involved. Some of the most fun I've had in WoW was with the guilds I was with. Costa Clan (Deathwing) and Aces of Azeroth (Silvermoon).

Sadly, Aces has all but disbanded, as most of the remaining active players have gone over to another guild.

As for TERA, I played the game at launch, and have three 60's (Lancer, Slayer, Warrior). I've tried to get back into the game over the last week, and it seems they have broken their launcher/patcher.  LOTS of people have been getting manifest and other such errors. Its not the way to kick off ones transition to F2P...

Mon Jan 14 2013 1:19PM Report
Pivotelite writes: Wraithone that was apparently just fixed, Knoxxer made a post about it. Mon Jan 14 2013 1:45PM Report
FelixMajor writes: Awesome video man, some good updates in this one! Mon Jan 14 2013 6:46PM Report
Cheboygan writes:


GW2 yes, as far as events are concerned - love jumping in with 50 other players during a big event

Rift was O.K. too

But not into "guilds" generally 'cause i want to do what i want to do 90% of the time 

Mon Jan 14 2013 10:25PM Report
Matticus75 writes: I dont really like grouping anymore, I used to, and I think the reason I dont anymore is mostly age, im 38 now. I dont care that much for people anymore, Not that I hate, just that people are people and they do what they do, mostly in the end I dont really care about about what you think, or the stimulus that it was...... or the "issues" of my fellow friends/players (Really I dont care about what YOU care about anymore) but I do like to play with people, in the fact that fighting in PvP is more stimulating that a PvE bot. The Human interaction is a world of its own originality, "Killing" other players is more of a game of competition to learn about my self, not about rubbing it in, "rubbing it in would matter if I cared, but again I dont care" lol. I dont feel lonely anymore, nor do I "need" to feel compeled to socialize just for the sake of doing it.....again I think its age........... And in the end its all the same about people, over and over and is what it is :) Tue Jan 15 2013 12:54AM Report
Matticus75 writes: One thing I would like to add, as far as being "old" is the fact that when the internet came out and you used it for the first time as an adult it was really an expierence, growing up without it then havining it was amazing, the fact that you could play a form of a co op multi player game was fun in itself, to me team fortress comes to mind..... didnt matter if the game was balanced, or SWG when it was released was cool too at first.....all these people in a virtual world WOW!!!...but the "basics" of the internet has rubbed off, and now we as players want that "newness" feel back.....and innovation can only give that to us, the current business of gaming is going the other direction IMO. Tech has went up, but originality down.... :( Tue Jan 15 2013 1:01AM Report
hkharpster writes: Well Tera wont be being repopulated with old players, EmE seems it fitting to ban any player that has played the game and stopped for posting feedback, suggestions and any criticisms of the game. Not sure if this is something that they think will help them make room on the servers for al these new players when the game goes free, but not sure what they gain from doing this and treating past players like trash, only wanting to get feedback and help make the game better. But they seem to think they are above the players. Sad thing is they don't have a game or a business with out people playing the game; so why treat them horriblly? Tue Jan 15 2013 4:43AM Report
chryses writes: I agree with the grouping thing. I prefer to go solo but love the idea of being in a world full of players but really enjoy a tight team when you find one.  Tue Jan 15 2013 3:10PM Report
Dinasty writes:

TSW's combat is total trash. Builder, builder, builder, builder, builder, spend 5 resources rinse and repeat till you're sick of it.

I got damn sick of the disgustingly repetative combat and went to try Tera on a whim. And I'm in love now with an awesome combat system that actually fun to use.

TSW is a waste of money. I should have read the signs =\

Sat Jan 19 2013 4:37PM Report