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Aion (Aion)
NCSoft | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/22/09)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Aion Videos: Aion Video Released (1:54)

Check out this new Aion movie released at the Leipzig gaming convention.

Check out this new Aion movie released at the Leipzig gaming convention.
Duration: 1:54
Views: 18,587  56 comments
Game: Aion
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nemo_mz23 writes: Yeah, never thought the Koreans would go ahead and be stupid and have cloaked daggers like WoW. All my interest in this game is now gone. Fri Aug 24 2007 6:09PM Report
Mysk writes: This is the vid that was released at . It's a good vid, and infering from what I've read it seems to show a little from the cut scenes too. I have no idea what the other person means by "cloaked daggers", but there's definitely nothing here that reduces my interest in the game. ;-) Fri Aug 24 2007 6:12PM Report
orlac writes: So, rogues shouldn't have stealth attacks? Have some issues in WoW? Like your ass kicked? Fri Aug 24 2007 6:13PM Report
NallaMae writes: this game is awesome cant wait till it comes out definantly will play Fri Aug 24 2007 6:41PM Report
nemo_mz23 writes: WoW is the Disneyland of MMOs. Having rogues stealthed in a game is an open invitation to gas station hanging, suburban "Ninjas" who have "leet" bow staffing skills. A crowd I could do without. Fri Aug 24 2007 6:41PM Report
LackeyZero writes: stealth is a plus for me, as long as it's adequately balanced... (it adds more variety, in addition to just being cool...) Fri Aug 24 2007 6:53PM Report
Caladon writes: Think it looks great. like some kind of quest leading up to when she gets her wings. Cutscenes and everything. :P Fri Aug 24 2007 7:45PM Report
IvI_Nunez writes: Looks to me like it could go either way...maybe great, and maybe not. Though it looks to have some potential, I guess we'll see when it's released. Fri Aug 24 2007 8:22PM Report
fuzeblu writes: The stealth ability makes me want to play this game even more, and the character customization doesnt seem half bad. Kudos. Fri Aug 24 2007 8:48PM Report
aspiin writes: reminds me of Final Fantasy. The graphics atleast... and the character style. Id like to try it! Fri Aug 24 2007 9:20PM Report
HowlingFish writes: nemo could u make any less sense than u already do? lol anywho.. yea this game also reminds me of my good ol FFXI days I have high hopes it will be as fun too! Fri Aug 24 2007 10:54PM Report
ryknow writes: Probably the lamest mmo trailer ive ever seen, the models look like some sort of FF style metrosexual asians and the custimization looks pretty lacking. lol @ asians with wings, why is this fruity game so hyped? Sat Aug 25 2007 12:44AM Report
Kuaisky writes: Looks cool. I actually like the customization a little (however I hope there is more :D) They also could have done a little better with the graphics for a game trailer. Overall...good! Sat Aug 25 2007 1:08AM Report
Kuaisky writes: Mm about the might jsut be the low quality of the video here. Also I hope this game isn't just another grind and level type. Hopefully there is some purpose in it, other than just levelling. Sat Aug 25 2007 1:10AM Report
Altera writes: I've been waiting for this for a long time, having played FFXI this video has just added to my enthusiasm not put me off at all, lets hope it doesn't require the same kind of commitment in order to progress... Anyone that plays WoW will surely know that there is always a way to kill a Rogue :P Sat Aug 25 2007 1:46AM Report
merltock writes: Doesn't look liky anything special, another ugly asian game from the mmorpg factory. Sat Aug 25 2007 2:39AM Report
Kalowin writes: Totally awesome. Some people have no appreciation or are just to harsh. Hope game cards are available in Australia... Thumbs up! Sat Aug 25 2007 4:38AM Report
Oculitus writes: Did we just see a quick peak at the demon race? At about :52 in? Could be a mob, but to looks like a dark elf with bat wings, which is what I figured the demons might look like. Very cool overall. Sat Aug 25 2007 4:49AM Report
nemo_mz23 writes: HowlingIdiot, can you be anymore of an Idiot? These are korean designs in the artwork sense, and they are gorgeous. But NC soft has their flagship game that is completely unbalanced, Lineage2. Most korean games when ported to Western playstyle fail miserably because of the cultural differences. good ol ffXI indeed, what are you... 14? Must be fun to inhale those gas fumes. Sat Aug 25 2007 5:04AM Report
Caladon writes: nemo: Lucky for us this isn't a port. It's developed for a western audience, aswell as the eastern. Even though in history the preferences of western/eastern gamers have been different, the two groups are coming more closely together now. Concerning Lineage 2, I personally don't think it's imbalanced, but each to his own. AION is however *not* Lineage 2. It's developed for another market, for another audience, with a fresher view on what gamers actually want! Sat Aug 25 2007 6:11AM Report
daemon writes: movie looked nice and the game is not even beta. im sure it will be great b y the time it gets on the market. Sat Aug 25 2007 7:44AM Report
XTinTioN writes: Aion will rock =) Nice vid, bring us some more ^^ Sat Aug 25 2007 7:58AM Report
thlewis28 writes: It looks a lot like Guildwars to me. Not tryin ot say that is a bad thing although I doubt I will be interested in this game. Sat Aug 25 2007 9:14AM Report
Jeehao writes: Edited clips with special effect put in, this game will suck with stiff battles. or else they shuld not make a special effect every clip Sat Aug 25 2007 2:52PM Report
Jetrpg writes: Looks good but overall doesn't really show much. Still art is pretty and thats a plus. Sat Aug 25 2007 3:51PM Report
BigstAIONfan writes: OK! this is my opinion and may other pople with information about Aion: ALL PEOPLE WHO SAYS THIS GAME IS Lineage ll -ISH OR STIFF, ASIAN GRIND, OR ANYTHING ELSE ARE MORONS AND IGNORANT! If you have not seen all the movies of aion, read most of the information on wiki, Aionsource and of course: on this site, then you Can not say that this game is like Lineage ll. its an western-style MMOG that has Great graphix and great new ideas and all the good from GW and WoW and more popular or GOOD games, Not a freakin' grind with endless of killing! GET INFORMAION before you post, not just insult a game because it's made by NCsoft! this is no Candy-game like L2!!!!! Sat Aug 25 2007 4:02PM Report
gatheris writes: looking better than ever so where is the beta sign-up? videos certainly make it seem that the game is ready for it Sat Aug 25 2007 4:04PM Report
Flummoxed writes: bleh, whether one likes the game or not i don't much care, but i just have A Bad Feeling that THIS particular style of mmog (pretty gx with shallow, simplistic, superficial, trivial gameplay) will become The Standard adopted by the mass market film, game, tv, music, book, etc industries, and that more complex mmogs like WAR and Age of Conan which offer much deeper gameplay will becomes the exceptions. Sat Aug 25 2007 4:14PM Report
Caladon writes: Actually, Aions gameplay is everything but shallow (from what we're told, can't know for sure with any game until it's released, right?) :). Advanced fights where you can't just mash buttons randomly (directions matter, skill-chains). Castle sieges/raids with guild ownership, resources, storyline quests ad nauseum....and an incredible world (which ought to count for something). Sat Aug 25 2007 5:46PM Report
scottydabody writes: Seems interesting. Graphics look good, but it's much too early to speculate on gameplay, etc. The ending is priceless, haha. Sat Aug 25 2007 9:53PM Report
binary_0011 writes: is the grind as hard as lineage 2? Sat Aug 25 2007 10:07PM Report
narakuu writes: hahaha at the ending ^^ ... I still think I'll play AoC over this but who knows. Sun Aug 26 2007 2:44AM Report
Caladon writes: binary_0011: No, leveling is not supposed to take as long as Lineage 2, from what we've heard. And there's also supposed to be other things to do except from just "grinding". Sun Aug 26 2007 5:37AM Report
SteamRanger writes: The more I see of this game, the more I'm loving it. Sun Aug 26 2007 9:28AM Report
Smackr writes: looks great ^^ definantly going to give this game a try! Sun Aug 26 2007 11:33AM Report
tsao284 writes: So far its coming out great.. Can't wait! Sun Aug 26 2007 12:49PM Report
M1sf1t writes: Weak ! Yet another homo anime looking asian grinder. Sun Aug 26 2007 8:18PM Report
powerpolk writes: ITS NOT A FREAKING ASIAN GRINDFEST U A$$HOLES! lol Sun Aug 26 2007 9:13PM Report
Garrik writes: Aion is going to be amazing. Mon Aug 27 2007 5:16AM Report
Tsarmina writes: Hehehe. Run Mushroom, RUN! Mon Aug 27 2007 10:19AM Report
smartkidz writes: Their stealth class looks perfect. Also when will this come out it looks great. Mon Aug 27 2007 11:49AM Report
shathira writes: Okay, so the devs have said basically what all devs say all the time. "We have innovative combat" etc. So far I have yet to see one screen shot, or even see information about how the interface works. I agree, what they show is visually nice, but there's no gameplay comment. It's simply too early to make judgement on how the game is going to play. Tue Aug 28 2007 9:10PM Report
joescool writes: Too many new mmorpg's are coming out/ have been released quite recently, warhammer nline, aion, age of conan, guild wars (isn't really new but it still goes in with the crowd) and lord of the rings online, In my opinion all they're trying to do is get up to WoW's level, and seriously.....THEY FAIL Tue Aug 28 2007 10:44PM Report
david1104 writes: damn.... this game is tight ~~~~i wanna play this!!!!! Wed Aug 29 2007 1:26AM Report
Gajari writes: Looking better every day. Fri Aug 31 2007 7:45PM Report
LostMK writes: Asian Grindfest 0001 Mon Sep 03 2007 11:46PM Report
juv95hrn writes: Level based or skill based? Level of course since its easier to design. Crafting, economy, politics? Any innovative here or are we offered the static world of WoW all over again? Fed-ex quests? "Kill X of creature Y, bring Z of item Q to NPC Ö" Yeah , like I ever again want to do this over and over again. Multiple choice event chains with different results like in the SP games from the 80's anyone? It's pretty Ill give it that but unless they make som real innovative design choices regarding GAMEPLAY this game will be as taste less as all the other MMOs currently on the market. (I will excempt EVE since it has a player driven economy) Thu Sep 06 2007 6:34AM Report
Silver_Helix writes: WoW? It's only the brand name. This, if it holds to it's promise, could be the real wow buster. Glad I'll be able to get beta. Thu Sep 06 2007 6:38PM Report
Sovren1 writes: Ok, I don't use this word often but JOESCOOL...UR A NOOB NUBCAKE DRENCHED in NUBSAUCE. "trying to reach WoW's level"? Ur kidding right? WoW's level of what exactly? Number of subs? Level of being a near household name? Level of easiness in the game mechanics? Quite frankly....So. Who wouldn't? As far as failing, none of the games you mentioned have failed by MMO standards. Yet anyways, half of them aren't out yet so we don't know how they will do. In fact, Guildwars isn't that far behind when it comes to numbers. It has over 4mil units sold. Sun Sep 09 2007 12:32PM Report
Ravel_RP writes: Ok, they added some bite to it, but they need to add way more of it. Still looks too sugar sweet, like my little ponies meets the care-bears. Sun Sep 16 2007 6:12AM Report
felle1337 writes: Okay this game looks great, graphics are amazing and so are all the skills that i've so far have seen. This game truly looks good, cant wait to play it! Wed Sep 19 2007 1:03PM Report
TheKingMunro writes: Awesome, I enjoyed the character customization and look forward to seeing how unique players look compared to one another. In comparison Lineage2 did not have a whole lot when it came to unique face/body features. I hope Aion expands further in this area! Thu Sep 20 2007 5:19PM Report
Seanw725 writes: Does anyone know if this game is going to be a free game per month or what the deal is? Thu Oct 04 2007 11:04AM Report
Khan187 writes: Looks good, Looking foward to it's release date :). ohh ya, to those "Dino-Minded" noobcakes: if you don't encourage people to bring out new games and features, then sell your PC and stick to your Mega-Drive consol for life. If you want new games, new technology or even a new PC you have to encourage people to bring them out or you will "never focking get one". Fri Oct 05 2007 5:44AM Report
JaxWolfenden writes: The graphics look great. And I totaly dig the toon customization. Tue Nov 13 2007 12:17AM Report
shakaama writes: Very ... pretty? Wed Mar 19 2008 3:38AM Report