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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Age of Conan: Unchained Videos: Wayback Wednesday with Craig Morrison (0:26)

Wayback Wednesday Episode 2: Age of Conan. We were fortunate to have Craig Morrison from Funcom on the stream tonight to share with us his thoughts on AoC. -- Recorded live on for -

Wayback Wednesday Episode 2: Age of Conan. We were fortunate to have Craig Morrison from Funcom on the stream tonight to share with us his thoughts on AoC. -- Recorded live on for -
Duration: 0:26
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Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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Ngogorogoro writes:

Looks and plays very well. The team has done an amazing job with the f2p version!

Fri Mar 23 2012 4:26AM Report
DthRevan writes:

this game had it chance abd failed

Fri Mar 23 2012 4:27AM Report
Scypheroth writes:

what do u mean it failed? this is prob one of the most sucsessful FTP game out there...if u can bare through the first 20 lvls...i coudnt.

Fri Mar 23 2012 8:35AM Report
69Cuda writes:

People still play this game?

Fri Mar 23 2012 10:18AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

tyranny population is so low, I don't even think it is worth the time to be doing these interviews. I thini ti is time get back to work on Anarchy Online and continue to push that game, cause that is the only thing worth playing at this point.

Fri Mar 23 2012 10:35AM Report
Grakulen writes: We are in the works to do a WW episode in April with the AO team. Fri Mar 23 2012 12:09PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

I would be surprised if ther eis 10k people who play aoc on a regular basis. Funcom thinks it cool to desert ideas that would of made the game better, for the player base they have now. This game could easily seen LotrO returns , but because of class inbalances the lack of looking at the mechanics of some classes and making OP class OP'er, is just asinine and waste of time, imho.

SOmeone suggested to give rangers spaceships, cause gosh damn, they just werent op enough.

Fri Mar 23 2012 2:47PM Report
Seasoned1 writes:

I played Aoc for 3 and a half years.  Granted the graphics were top notch, the combat, quests and ambience top notch.  IN free to play standards, it is one of the top free to play games out there.  it is vast, it has amazing style and beauty, the quests are well done, the dungeons are outstanding.  The playability for a long time is there.  But with that said there are some flaws that are hard to get over.  This is the first time I have actually heard craig, and he seems like a nice guy.  The problems that i see in the game, playing the game almost everyday for 3 and a half years involved game mechanics.


INput requirements numbers to get something, or to build something or to level, not only contrdict each other at times, but are extremely skewered in aoc, which forces incredible grinds on a player if they choose to attempt them.

Tier III cities, which give bonuses and allow you to craft at 80 level = 500,000 units to make.  Sounds simple.  But after years of running around in the resource zones like nascar to hit rock after rock with 10 units possible off of each node (skewered input number to the extreme), this can dominate someones play experience for years.  Most won't attempt it at the almost 4 year point in game.  It takes an hour and a half to get a couple hundred units, with lower playerbase populations and 500,000 units required or more, it will take years of struggle for any new or even guilds that have been in game to even get there t3 crafting workshops to compete and craft level 80.

Pvp experience in the open world at the time I left in december 2011 was on a reverse scale.  The more you kill someone the less experience.  So averaging 20 points a kill, then you have 200,000 or 300,000 pvp exp to level again skewered input numbers to each extreme.  There was bori, but that is chipping rocks (nodes) for rares to get a somewhat reasonable experience to pvp level.  What is this do, the years of chipping rocks to build your cities and now you have months and years of chipping rocks to pvp level.  To me, that just does not make common sense to put your playerbase through that type of grind.


To get around chipping rocks (pve content) you can pvp mini, where the winning group benefits, and losers don't benefit much.  I can understand that so you go in a mini there are no designation levels for 80 level pvp 0 through 10.  So instead of playing like opponents, you are thrown in with pvp 10's...even if there is a pvp 10 with full t3 gear, you are going to get rocked as a low pvp level.  So again your team loses, you may get 66 exp points or maybe even 100 pvp exp.  but if you need 100k to level, or 300k to level, that 15 min time sink of playing that mini again skeweres the input requirement numbers and makes for an incredible time sink just to compete.

Raids have lockout times, of 7 days, and gear for character class in tieer I and tier II have three raids, one for a chance at a helm, one for a chance at legs, one for a chance at chestpiece for each tier of raid gear.  There are tokens but they can be distrubuted by the raid leader.  So one chance a week at a specific piece of gear.  It took me 2 and half years to get my main tier I gear complete.  I never did get tier II complete, and there are tier 3 and tier 4 raids out now.  So again skewwered game mechanic requirement numbers placed in the game in major areas of play which lead to incredible time sinks.


Can the above be fixed, I would sure hope so.


With that said the game is graphically brillant, the combat unique, the dungeons superb, and the quest lines fluid.  But the game mechanics especially in the requirement numbers of major areas in AoC, needs to be addressed and fixed.  It is a tremendously grindiny game in the above areas, and maybe that is okay for a free to play game now.  but those numbers and requirements should have been caught and addressed, and hopefully they will address it someday.  But I do believe their playerbase will suffer for it due to the excessive grinds it put on the community.


With that said it is a beautiful game, it just floors me to see the above flaws in a game such as this.  Which if those flaws are addressed, it could be one of the most top played games in the world.  It is just a shame.

Fri Mar 23 2012 4:12PM Report
Seasoned1 writes:

Also I made a couple typos and sorry about that...  In regards to Guild city 500,000 items (frame, beam, block etc) to complete them with each item (frame,beam, block) requiring 10 units of resource to make.  Plus each resource node has a total of 10 units possible.  So after running around in the resource zones for an hour or two, you have 200 unis of resource, but that is 20 items total.  Yet you need 500,000 of those items just to complete tier III cities, excluding tier I, and Tier II cities which are required first.


I also misstated on PVP minis: it should have been, even if there is NOT a pvp 10 with full t3 gear, you are going to get rocked as a low pvp level.  Since there are no mini designations pvp minis for pvp 0 to 3's,4 to 6's, 7 to 10.  So even though there might be pvp 10's on both sides, if your pvp 0 and sign up for that mini, you enter that mini with every pvp level in the game.  They do have new pvp loot drops, with tokens for the pvp 3 gear, which you cannot start attaining pvp 3 gear until pvp level 8 i believe.  But if you get 20 points a kill in open world minis and continually lose in pvp minis, with 66 to 100 points, and you need 200,000 or more points in pvp exp to get there, the darn requirement numbers put in place, puts a extensive grind on the player population.  So then you are forced to bori, chipping rocks over and over like nascar, if you can get a group of 6, and if the pvp higher levels 8 thru 10's do not search bori and come in and crush you from getting any reasonable pvp experience.  it is a never ending grind, which is a unconciousable hurdle for people trying to gain pvp experience to level just to complete.  I was stuck on pvp 5 for over a year until I finally gave up.

So sorry about leaving stuff out in my above post, but again the game is stunning visually, it is pretty impressive in that way.  Then requiements were made on game mechanics that defy logic, to common sense players, placing input number or requirement numbers to extremes which puts huge time sinks in game play, some requiring multiple years, that pput new players to a huge disadvantage, as well as even vet players.

Loved the game I really did but the incredible time sinks in AOC due to those extremes placed in the requirements of certain areas of game play, finally took its toll on myself.  I played for 3 and one half years from release, and I can only speak on my experience, but if theyaddress those issues, which i stated here and in the above post.  Again it is an amazing game in visuals, ambience, combat and quest lines.  but the game mechanics and requirements just skewered the heck out of it.  Which is just a travesty. 

Fri Mar 23 2012 11:50PM Report
Grakulen writes:

If you are interested in future Wayback Wednesday Episodes please check this thread :

Sat Mar 24 2012 12:54PM Report