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Destination Games
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 11/02/07)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Tabula Rasa Videos: Tabula Rasa Hybrid Video (2:27)

NCsoft has released this video featuring the new hybrid race system.

NCsoft has released this video featuring the new hybrid race system.
Duration: 2:27
Views: 17,220  31 comments
Game: Tabula Rasa
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PoopyStuff writes: now all they need to do is introduce bane as a playable class for some good pvp, and I'll play it. Mon Jan 28 2008 11:14PM Report
Hybrid-Lord writes: I'd rather see a more addictive crafting system. Mon Jan 28 2008 11:31PM Report
nmalthus writes: All I can say is that the new races are outright ugly. Tue Jan 29 2008 12:38AM Report
Towyn writes: If they introduce PvP a lot of people are gonna leave that game, stick to bad games like WoW for PvP please =P Tue Jan 29 2008 12:44AM Report
needalife214 writes: i think this is a great add on to the game..will it make me but know i will be paying attention a lot more to see what changes will be made Tue Jan 29 2008 12:46AM Report
starbead writes: Lame. 'nuff said. Tue Jan 29 2008 1:04AM Report
Lionexx writes: pvp in that way would be sick, join the AFS or join the bane, that would be awesome. Tue Jan 29 2008 1:50AM Report
m240gulf writes: Nice! Tue Jan 29 2008 2:05AM Report
Sramota writes: So they slapped new skins on? How's this new and refreshing? Or a system? Tue Jan 29 2008 4:15AM Report
daryosh writes: rofl. doesnt make any difference to me. still boring. Tue Jan 29 2008 5:22AM Report
twistedvenom writes: Why did they add new races?? I feel they are missing the problems in the game. Looks nice but I say "WEAK!" This not going to save the game. Tue Jan 29 2008 6:10AM Report
sabutai22 writes: lame, not enough to get me back Tue Jan 29 2008 6:24AM Report
Mariner-80 writes: The skins look OK. If TR was a "just buy it and then play it" kind of game, I'd get it. But I don't plan on purchasing it AND paying a maximum monthly fee. Not going to happen. Tue Jan 29 2008 7:42AM Report
GazMc writes: IF this had an effect on meaningful pvp then i'd definately play...but it doesn't me thinks ;( bring on the bane as a playable race pls! some good pvp then i'd bet. and real reasons to take over bases Tue Jan 29 2008 8:44AM Report
todeswulf writes: Yeah they might as well let the Gankers have the game...god knows no one else is buying Tue Jan 29 2008 10:40AM Report
chriswsm writes: This game still looks like it lacks that little something that keeps you playing..... Tue Jan 29 2008 7:23PM Report
beetlej001 writes: PVP has been done over and over, TR is different and it's a welcome change. If only they'd address game bugs there'd be more playing, no one wants to pay to be in "an extended beta." Wed Jan 30 2008 2:01AM Report
oscarian writes: Agree with the crafting comment. Wed Jan 30 2008 2:27AM Report
AngelBurst writes: AH you got to love the comments on this misinformed, and so immature. I guess thats what you get when you set up a system like this. People comenting just to comment for other motives. Padding stats and all. Ive been working in teh game industry for 20 years, and the one thing I can tell you about games, is that it is all about the individual. Most games are decent games, and fun. Some people overthink it, some dont comprehend it at all. It either clicks or it doesnt with your mindset. People tend to compare thing with what they are use to. Udually that mean fantasy roles with diffres very much from the military life/path. I beta tested thsi game, not long after I retired. I was very impressed with what I experienced. It has great writing, misson arcs are well thought out, and rewarded. The intent of the game, which is to SAVE humanity is well preserved. IF you want to play a Bane, then you probably need to be playing Fury, or another FPS based on PVP. Playing a Bane doesnt fit woth the design of the game. Trying to fit a game in to ones personal agenda never goes well. Its like the spoon boy says in the Matrix. You should never try to beind the spoon, that is impossible. It's your mind that needs to bend, or expand to experience something new...different, or at the very least accept it for what it is...a spoon. If you want to play a pvp shooter, then play one of the many available to you, you shouldnt criticize a game because it doesnt fit in to your needs for a game. As a miliatary based mmo it does quite well. NOt to mention that most people dont even make it out of the landing zone/wilderness before formaing an opinion when they still dont even get the military life/path system. Games are what they are, and we cant insist, or try to make them what we want. Trying to do so just leads to dissapointment. Ive seen it ia lot in my days. Its the number one support complaint I see. "This game inst what I expected, and now I am dissappointed!" Those special special emails get filed in a special place. My personal observations about the gaming industry from a 20 year perspective: Logic, reason, reasonable expectations..all seem to go out the window when people form opinions on games they were hoping would be that special game that fills all their needs. Games are time killers, something to do when you have nothing else to do. Not something that you should put so much importance on. If its entrtaining, and fun while you kill that time, then it does its job. If your playing games while you dont have time to kill, and you get emotionally invovled because of the time spent playing, or hopes you had for the game. Then you should consider another hobby, and probably theorapy. Wed Jan 30 2008 12:51PM Report
AngelBurst writes: Also note that the addition of the new races come with their own stats. Which makes some better to make tanks, mentalist, and so forth. Wed Jan 30 2008 12:59PM Report
oronisi writes: Thats not even a new race, its just new skins.... Wed Jan 30 2008 1:57PM Report
Cryptor writes: The new hybrids are great and fit in nicelly in the whole humans vs evil aliens theme. Imho if they introduced brand new races that would kind of kill the whole "us vs them" feel. I can;t belive how much was put into this game allready. Auction house is in, new races are in, tons of content and bug fixes. We have mounts on their way, new expansion on its way as well for xmas hopefully. Craftuing revamp on its way. This game is getting better and better every few weeks with regular updates, and it allready is fantastic. If you have not tried it allready then send me a shout at and I will send you a trial key - Its worth it ! Wed Jan 30 2008 3:55PM Report
vipjerry writes: This is first patch after 2 months. They lied there will be some kind of 2 week patch cycle and what do we got after 2 months, moronic face skins and some stat changes. Man changing few numbers and designing few new skins took them 2 months how long we will have to wait for some decent content or pvp addon. Game is boring once you hit 30. There is no reason to play and this patch dosent change anything. Im afraid its to late for this game. ... Content hellloooo? Suits, devs someone wake up... Content helloooo? Wed Jan 30 2008 5:20PM Report
marnheus writes: This is not the first patch, you should check your infos better. They have already patched many things, and added some instances. The game already have clan-wise pvp and duels. Thu Jan 31 2008 1:41AM Report
Aedales writes: I kind of agree with AngelBurst, too many people set out to be disappointed. All this "Make PvP better!" junk totally takes away from what they are trying to do.. If you want PvP all the time.. play Unreal Tournament and leave MMOs alone. If you wish to help the game along in a specific direction, then get on the TR forums and talk to the devs (I know for a fact that they read them). Thu Jan 31 2008 11:14AM Report
Narc1 writes: I think people have every right to complain, expectations have to go up when you first pay full price for a game then pay a max monthly fee of 15$. The game better damn offer everything or else its time to cut that monthly cost by 100%. Successful mmo's offer everything and don't emphasize any one thing way more than the rest. This game is going to fail or remain at low subscription numbers as long as the "big" change is new skins. Im so glad they released a 3 day trial for this game or else I wouldve made the mistake of buying it Thu Jan 31 2008 6:38PM Report
PoopyStuff writes: if you introduce terroritoy control over bases and not able to fight other actual people for that? that's not fun. I didn't subscribe, and I don't plan too. the people who said not to subscribe during beta told everyone what they could expect... and now they have to deal with lost time and money Fri Feb 01 2008 3:51AM Report
ammie writes: Great post AngelBurst!! Fri Feb 01 2008 5:40AM Report
AnimaAion writes: I played Tabula Rasa from the moment it went live, well before actually since I had the pre order, started 2 or 3 days in advance, and I have to say, the game is awsome if you like the whole humans figthing for survival theme, but dont expect much PvP, this game is about player cooperation in figthing the aliens. I played it till level 32 and stoped, mainly due to the big lack of missions after lvl30, and I pretty much hate grinding.. But the game concept is unique and very well developed. Now actually commenting on the new races, they seem way to alike to be honest, its nice that they added new races but something seems missing, hybrids usually means they have distinct details from each race, and the new races, just seem humans with new skin colors. I did notice a few things that are diferent then humans, but theire so small details.. Fri Feb 01 2008 5:57AM Report
Anderskorn writes: I beta played the game.... loved every nerve wracking moment of it. Game went live, first patch hit. the crafting system totally changed and IMHO they took out a lot of the fluidity that made it fun. I realize a Lot of people want a really wicked craft system, as would i, however, making me log out of what ever character i'm playing to log into my "crafter" character better give me some kind of warm and fuzzies to make up for the total removal from the action. That being said, This game is Fun! I dropped my subscription because there were so many broken quests and game flaws that i didnt want to put up with at the time. I look forward to playing again and i sincerely hope the DEVs for this game address the quest flaws and broken quests because when I log in and want to accomplish some goal with my virtual killing machine, only to find out i spent Hours attempting only to find out the thing was bugged, hm well shame on me for not knowing about all those broken quests beforehand. Who knows maybe it was just my short sighted game playing that caused all my distress, what i do know is that I personally would love to see this game become the jewel i Know it has the potential to be. There are sooo many people that want to see this game be "better", its ridiculous. I've been playing online games since 99, and in-so saying that, if people want PVP, for god sakes make ONE extra server thats PVP based, at least we who are Into the story don't have to listen to people moan and groan about not having any PVP based action. but hey thats just me and my opinion. Make it hardcore like dark-tide from acheron's call one. I'm itching to get back into the action and i really hope the people making this game come to realize how harsh it is for us who want to see goals met while passing time in front of our computers have those goals smashed because of some quark in a piece of code that isn't 100% correct. I would have to agree that after the game went live it felt like the game was still in beta.... It could have benefited from another month of testing before going live. I played the full 30 days and canceled on my renewal day, because i wanted to see changes i didn't want to pay and wait to see... Sigh, i shall renew my account now and see if any of the issues i had are fixed. Fri Feb 01 2008 9:15PM Report
Drasken writes: WOW from reading this post most of the ppl have never even set foot i the end game version of Tr by this i mean have not even gone past lvl 10 I personly beta tested this game From almost day one and played it well into the months of relise the game is really a great game new conspets and new ideas how ever there is some down falls that i have seen frist the game crafting is very much lacking in ever way then we got the quest very well thoght out and done properly how ever the end game quest dont give the right rewards for the hardship of the quest in some quest not all but most of the end game quest are lacking in ways the story is rich but the end mends is not now i do relize that end game quest should not be the power house items you get from mobs but they should at lest hold a bit of proper lvl to them now i do know they have been doing alot of revamps but still They need to do a lot more and most of the quest are still broken witch is a sob fest in game hearing ppl complaine about it this issue really needs to be fixed befor even giving new skins into the world how ever i do know the time frames my not allow that. that said next is pvp this game was truly never ment for hard core pvp it dose offer a some what pvp aspects that are really nice consepts such as guild pvp only or 1v1 pvp if you and your friends dont want to pvp then Dont your guild leader dose not have to accept a pvp battle as fare as making bane playable if this happens the game will almost certenly be Dead with in 4 months them programers will be at there wits end Tr was not Designed for bane pvp conspets. now the bigest reasion i left the game was i played a spy a spy ablity to polymorph into bane was greatly NERFD in a bad way by not allow spys to infuiltrate bane controled bases this is a flaw a bad flaw by doing this they took the spys efectifness down to almost NELL granted we got great power with swords and other smaller skills but in group seetings spys are now usless becuse by the Time the forice feild is down the group its self can rush in and cap it on top of that it takes almost hours apone hours to destory a forice field becuse of its regen rate 2 hits massive hites it regens full get a full group the inter group should and better darn well attack the forice field or els it will regen by you got mobs on you as well so cant do that now i only places this all in this post as a read i know i cant spell worth darn and i have no grammer so please Dont b about that and Try the game frist befor talkinga bout it i plain on going back to the game becuse personly i injoyed playing it i was very impressed with the game quest and play ablity lack of a funciton computer really dampers that for me now my post dose have a lot of neg aspects about the game they are just a few issues that are easly fix able why its not been done i cant tell you i am not a programer but i am sure it will be done whin its done i for one rember UO having all sorts of bugs the frist year it was out well befor any other game so did ever quest and a few others the point is Play the game befor making comeits about playing bane or the game sucks becuse you cant get past lvl 10 or any other whine fest you may think of if you like the game play it if you DOnt go find some thing eals i give cudos to AngelBurst what was said in his/her post was right on the money the game is good if you like this kinda of conspet if not hey go find some thing eals to play Mon Feb 11 2008 3:31AM Report