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Blizzard Entertainment | Official Site
MMORPG | Genre:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

World of Warcraft Videos: A Guide to Settling in Draenor (4:05)

TheHiveLeader gives a few handy tips when settling the lands of Draenor.

TheHiveLeader gives a few handy tips when settling the lands of Draenor.
Duration: 4:05
Views: 6,307  34 comments
Game: World of Warcraft
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demadil writes: Can someone say wildstar clone! Thu Jul 10 2014 8:39AM Report
silverreign writes: ummm.....uh..........well..............yeah Thu Jul 10 2014 8:43AM Report
silverreign writes: wildstar does it better Thu Jul 10 2014 8:44AM Report
demadil writes: Just to clarify i will be playin draenor with my wife. This was the first 15 sec impression but the video was funny. Thu Jul 10 2014 8:49AM Report
TheHiveLeader writes:

@demadil I'll take it! (It's not really meant to be taken as an impressions video or anything. Just a simple comedy video using Draenor and garrisons.)

Thu Jul 10 2014 8:55AM Report
Soki123 writes: Lol, Wildstar better then WoW, that's quite funny. Thu Jul 10 2014 9:35AM Report
abahnur writes: wildstar does it better sure, but that's about it, the fact that wow is far more entertaining is a prize in it's own right. Thu Jul 10 2014 11:07AM Report
Nightfyre writes:

Sorry I've played both, and Wildstar does not do it better.  Wow's the best scripted game out there, next to Secret World.  It's sad to say, but yeah I've seen better scripted events with Wow.

Wildstar's was alright, maybe it'll get there but not to Wow's standards.

Thu Jul 10 2014 11:38AM Report
SethiusX writes:

As others have commented, I was so excited about Garrisons until Wildstar's housing, which was similar but way more customizable. That kind of spoiled Garrisons for me. I even would have enjoyed this video if it wasn't so similar to the Protostar stuff from Wildstar that I just kept envisioning the little green protostar clone guys.

Don't get me wrong, I love WoW and Wildstar, and I'll enjoy both, but this feature doesn't feel as fresh or as big of a deal now.

Thu Jul 10 2014 12:20PM Report
MrMelGibson writes: Looks cool.  And I don't understand why Wildstar and WoW can't be similar in some ways (both games are fun).  After all, one is fantasy and one is Sci-fi.  I Thu Jul 10 2014 12:52PM Report
Copypasterino writes:

Holy shit this is so sad.


wildstar is owning this. This is a shame for blizz devs :/

Thu Jul 10 2014 1:45PM Report
skitzy129 writes: Wildstars housing is so horrendously pointless though.  Aesthetic shit is a waste of time. Thu Jul 10 2014 1:50PM Report
observer writes:

Wow looks so old and dated now.  It even looked old when it released.  Watching the combat was just sad.  Their Garrison system is just terrible.  It's basically a Daily-Quest Hub.  I should've stopped playing WoW after Cata.  There are better games out there.  There really is.  It's time to move on people, or you're going to end up like those Asheron's Call and Everquest "vets" that won't let go. lol.

Thu Jul 10 2014 2:51PM Report
palulalula writes:

Amazing! Graphic is shining now. This could be the best selling expansion ever!  They gave 10y more life to the ''King of mmorpg''.


















Thu Jul 10 2014 5:22PM Report
SethiusX writes:

There is a ton of cosmetic stuff you can do with Wildstar housing, this is true, but the wildstar housing is also extremely functional with plugs for challenges, farming, even group based dungeons, and a ton of other stuff. 

Thu Jul 10 2014 6:30PM Report
bbethel writes:

Look how far the mighty WoW has fallen. They now are one of the sheeple. 

Reminds me of Apple. They once were the leaders now they are a sheeple too.

Thu Jul 10 2014 7:14PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: OH MY GOD!!! I was so hoping this was a Hive Leader video hahaha. Ok gotta watch it now. Just had to laugh at the fact that I was right. Thu Jul 10 2014 7:24PM Report
nefastus1985 writes:

all hail the king WoW.

all hail the 7+ M subs after 10 years.

QQ more

Thu Jul 10 2014 7:50PM Report
Viper482 writes: Wildstar won't last a fraction of a spec of the time that WoW has. Keep the twitch arcade crap out of my MMO's please.  Thu Jul 10 2014 7:58PM Report
Distopia writes: Speaking of WIldstar, quite funny that this video's presentation was pretty much spot on to what W* tried to achieve in their housing vids. Thu Jul 10 2014 10:31PM Report
dquangdat writes: good gramphic Thu Jul 10 2014 10:40PM Report
Arthasm writes: I'll just want to say thanks to MMORPG for beta key! :) Thu Jul 10 2014 10:43PM Report
blueturtle13 writes: Noone knows what MMO will last for how long. To those who hate on Wildstar get over it. There are SO  MANY games to play if you do not like Wildstar,which in my opinion is a fun game, do not play it. Pretty Simple. I mean at least it is not ANOTHER  Fantasy mmo nor does it try and take itself too serious. I respect that. Fri Jul 11 2014 12:47AM Report
expresso writes: Looking good graphics wise it still holds up regarless of what others say, you can play in 60FPS with max out settings which is just dandy.  I'd take 60FPS with great gfx over 30FPS with "next gen" gfx... what ever that means. Fri Jul 11 2014 5:23AM Report
odiasuda writes:

"Speaking of WIldstar, quite funny that this video's presentation was pretty much spot on to what W* tried to achieve in their housing vids."

Your comment would have had a lot more impact, and made more sense, if Blizzard had actually made this video - which, of course, they did not. 

What's so funny about an interested 3rd party making something similar to another game's promotional material?

Fri Jul 11 2014 6:19AM Report
Uhwop writes:

Funny stuff.  

Clearly many didn't get the point.  

Fri Jul 11 2014 8:15AM Report
Ghavrigg writes: Nice. Good video, and the garrison stuff looks fun. Fri Jul 11 2014 9:34AM Report
Po_gg writes:

Agree with Dreamo84, they should've put HL in the title as well, because I couldn't care less about wow, so with the title of "World of Warcraft Videos: A Guide to Settling in Draenor" I almost missed a great HL training video.

Btw, there was no followup joke after the starting "So follow me", probably you think folks are already learned that you're actally leaving at that part? :)

Btw2, worgen scout cookies? yuck... full of fur I guess... lol

Sat Jul 12 2014 2:30AM Report
zethcarn writes: what a stupid, pointless video. Sat Jul 12 2014 2:39AM Report
kairel182 writes: A shot in the dark in an attempt to emulate Wildstar's humor.  This wasn't even remotely funny, at all, and tried far too hard.  The idea is interesting but nothing remotely revolutionary.  The thing I'm more interested in is seeing the rest of the race model updates. Sat Jul 12 2014 9:37PM Report
jeeshadow writes:

"Sorry I've played both, and Wildstar does not do it better.  Wow's the best scripted game out there, next to Secret World.  It's sad to say, but yeah I've seen better scripted events with Wow."



Apology Accepted!

Sun Jul 13 2014 5:26PM Report
Bookah writes:

Ive been playing wow WOD beta and this expansion is looking incredible, the new character models wow actually looks better than 99% of games out there and of course it plays better than them as well.

<my only complaint is its REALLY still in alpha really and FAR from even being close to done i mean could be a year almost nothing works lol./

Sun Jul 13 2014 11:20PM Report
Karol_Hellruner writes: i cant wait till i can raid and kill Grommash <3 Mon Jul 14 2014 1:12PM Report
Salute writes:

Feels badly dated and combat really sucks big time.

Had many good times in WoW the past decade but this is something i cant play anymore.

Tue Jul 15 2014 9:36AM Report