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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
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World of Warcraft Videos: MMOFTW Live - Ep 9 - WoW Movie Has a Director (60:02)

In this week's MMOFTW Live, Bill, Som, and Rob talk about the WoW Movie, Defiance's launch date, Neverwinter's beta plans, Elder Scrolls beta, and Planetside 2's Ultimate Empire Showdown. Plus we muse on our most wasted gaming purchases in the community spotlight.

In this week's MMOFTW Live, Bill, Som, and Rob talk about the WoW Movie, Defiance's launch date, Neverwinter's beta plans, Elder Scrolls beta, and Planetside 2's Ultimate Empire Showdown. Plus we muse on our most wasted gaming purchases in the community spotlight.
Duration: 60:02
Views: 6,530  22 comments
Game: World of Warcraft
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tomato_kwan writes:

There is a Chinese WoW animation -- It's up to the 6th season already. The animation is hilarius and popular.

Unfortunately I can't find an English version.

Sat Feb 02 2013 10:40AM Report
dwarflordking writes: make it as good as blizzard cinematics or if live action have weta do it.. or else it will suck Sat Feb 02 2013 10:45AM Report
Gravarg writes:

Hopefully this time the warcraft movie will come to be.  It's been mentioned for like the last 8 years since WoW was launched lol.


I have a lifetime sub to LOTRO and it was well worth every penny of it.  I still log in from time to time, but I don't play it regularly anymore.  I saved up my monthly points and got rohan for free :)


Worst thing I ever spent money on in a game would have to be Call of Duty games.  I've finally learned my lesson, but i will never buy another one.  They're all rehashes of old games.  They all use the same textures, guns, sounds, models, etc.  Which haven't changed much since the original modern warfare.  I'm no computer genius, but it feels like they haven't changed anything at all since about 2005...

Sat Feb 02 2013 11:52AM Report
Thorkune writes:

Bill...So Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings style in Azeroth would be a bad thing???

We can only hope the WoW movie is a third as good good as the Middle Earth epic.

Sat Feb 02 2013 12:09PM Report
BillMurphy writes: Not "bad". Just "been there done that". Sat Feb 02 2013 1:05PM Report
ghettoceleb writes: Duncan Jones should be a very good choice for director. Sat Feb 02 2013 2:24PM Report
McGamer writes: Nice of the host to spoil the movie, "Moon." jerk Sat Feb 02 2013 3:40PM Report
Valgar1 writes:

Why would somone say the most over rated char in sci fi fantasy  history in regards to Drizzt?. makes ZERO sence . This character has been around for over 20 years.  The character is an original.  So many like the stories so this over rates a character?  If not for the writings of Salvatore there would be no Drow race as is now told.

Granted there are a ton more stories out there in the fantasy world that are better stories and characters But how about some credit for the staying power of one of fantasy's most beloved character's.


I also do not like the fact that people need to try and re create him in a game world. Only thing Bill said smart there was the fact that no we do not need to see Drizzt dourrrdens running around all over. In fact i hope they could do somthing with name generator to not let anything along those lines be made.


just saying.






Sat Feb 02 2013 3:48PM Report
Wraithone writes: Lets hope that the WoW movie isn't like some of the other "action" fantasy movies over the years... Sat Feb 02 2013 3:49PM Report
brianw1 writes: Lol that probly thier paying alot to director.just make this movie. Sat Feb 02 2013 5:19PM Report
metal0x writes:

Call of duty and FEAR was my worst purchases. I play through them once and never play them again. Just like most movies I watch. See them once and just wait for the TV release if I care to see them again.

That Wow cartoon looks just terrible. I could barly recongize the characters in it. Is the main character supposed to be a tauren?? lol

Sat Feb 02 2013 7:42PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

Neverwinter.... mixed feelings at this time. I am disapointed in the vanity pet system and  the buy to play beta founder pack debocle. I will play the game, but I will not pay to get into a beta.

Elder Scrolls Online..... YEAH BABY! Very excited for the game. Signed up for beta. I am not expecting a single player rpg experience from it, but it is looking to be the most anticipated MMO for me in this new year. Dunmer or Dark Elf here.

Not a fps player so Defiance and PS2 no comment.

Great episode. The 3 of you played off each other and made me laugh the whole time.

Sat Feb 02 2013 10:00PM Report
maplestone writes:

Dissing subscriptions while talking about how much money you've dropped in the cash shop of a recently-released game?

Sat Feb 02 2013 11:13PM Report
Rider071 writes:

You guys are really putting out one of the best shows weekly about this genre, awesome work!

oh, and RipperX won the event? He haz skillz? 'Scuse me, I need to tell the fluffy teddy bear federation this news.

Sun Feb 03 2013 12:06AM Report
Rider071 writes:


yes, subscriptions force you to pay them. While a cash shop is your choice to give money in support of a game that has impressed you and want to support.

Sun Feb 03 2013 12:09AM Report
expresso writes: Even has a blizz fanboy I think they left it way too late - unless they'll have a surprise to go along with it in 2015? Sun Feb 03 2013 2:46AM Report
maplestone writes:

@Rider071 ...

I regret having disturbed the dead horse.  But having done so, let me try to see the world from both sides ...

I have to admit I am having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the idea of being "forced" to subscribe to something you aren't playing (every subscription game I've tried has a trial period before you have to commit any money).  I guess I can imagine scenarios where people hop around between games or let inertia carry forward a subscription to a game that isn't actually being played.  And if I think about concurrent players vs the number of subscriptions, I can probably be convinced that's a respectably large number of people either play very uncommonly or not at all despite being subscribed.

So I suppose if I'm going be rigidly opposed to cash shops because of my perception that they are a calculated manipulation of impulse shopping habits, I have to accept that other people are going to feel that subscriptions parasitize inertia.


Sun Feb 03 2013 3:32AM Report
Yellowbeardd writes:

LoTR remake? I have no doubt this movie will be epic but it will lack in any kind of story and at it will be as is full of mindless figthting unless they do it in say multiple movies for one part of the story then it might have some promise , since you can't tell WoW's lore in one 2hr movie so hopefully they take that advice and do it right. People that ever played WoW will end up watching it or buying it. I know i wll end up watching it even tho i hate the game now. For this movie to be any good it must be for adults, which means dark, full of gore, and great story.


On ESO i think they might follow GW payment plan maybe with subscription for say extra exp boost like Secret world does after its move to pay to play for free.


My most wasted game ever bought was probably for  hitman the new one, For FPS i never bought it but gifted but i say black ops 2 ,  For MMO Age of conan was very upset over the way that game ended up. Reason why i say BLack ops 2 is since it's the same game since the first one came out on ps3 and xbox 360 , no graphic inovations all the same things, no difference just items.

Sun Feb 03 2013 4:23AM Report
Effin_Rabbit writes: It doesnt have to be EXACTLY like Elder Scrolls to me to be good but Bill said it himself that it feels more like DAoC2 more than Elder Scrolls Online and that makes me cautious. Sun Feb 03 2013 11:55AM Report
moosecatlol writes: Fucking LOVE "I AM MT" especially the Guild Leader of the alliance guild, he is exactly like our Guild Wars guild leader. Sun Feb 03 2013 2:39PM Report
orthene writes:

Yea so I couldnt watch the rest of this cause of the spoilers for Moon.  I hadent heard of this movie and started DL it when i saw the trailor. Then the spoiler alert! 

Mon Feb 04 2013 4:20PM Report
chaintm writes:

meh, EC, NW both have one thing in common, no real information, we can guess and hope all we want. The truth is in the actual game, to many "could be or could have", I can say "It's going to have this!" and untill we actually see it and get our hands on it, nothing is set in stone.

Call me sceptical, but after the rash releases of half done buggy games, I think it's time to play the wait game. That's the safest bet.

Mon Feb 04 2013 8:53PM Report