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The Crew (CREW)
Ivory Tower | Official Site
MMOG | Setting:Sports | Status:Final  (rel 2014)  | Pub:UBISoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$59.99 | Monthly Fee:Free
System Req: PC Playstation 4 Xbox One | Out of date info? Let us know!

The Crew Videos: First Fifteen Minutes of Beta Gameplay (16:00)

Just a quick no-frills look at the first fifteen minutes of Ubisoft's upcoming racing MMORPG, The Crew. Get a glimpse of the story and the setting in this exclusive beta gameplay video.

Just a quick no-frills look at the first fifteen minutes of Ubisoft's upcoming racing MMORPG, The Crew. Get a glimpse of the story and the setting in this exclusive beta gameplay video.
Duration: 16:00
Views: 8,974  33 comments
Game: The Crew
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Thane writes:

a race driving hippster, now that might be a first :P


(is that a premade char, or could you design him yourself?)

Sat Jul 26 2014 7:40AM Report
Dauntis writes:

YAWN. So it is  s racing game, but you also get all the excitement of driving to the race. 

So it is a GTA game with only the driving elements included? ugh.


Sat Jul 26 2014 7:41AM Report
DJProfK writes: "Suspect is driving off-road, let's place road blocks." Sat Jul 26 2014 8:04AM Report
Raxeon writes: dj yea i thought that was pretty funny the only thing i dotn like aout the driving is the car has a tendency to spin out they need to tightent he rear end up about 20% more i think. cause there times ill be turning fine and i touch the curb and it spins out O_o and you cant correct it Sat Jul 26 2014 8:21AM Report
Tofke writes:

A driving game that fails at the core... the driving.

Only fun thing to do was having a cruise around the US, story is a clichè and bland Fast of the Furious rip off.

But willing to bet most people will fall for the hype nonetheless.

Sat Jul 26 2014 8:24AM Report
Hariken writes: I agree with the yawn on this one. Sat Jul 26 2014 9:30AM Report
Uhwop writes: How is it an MMO?  Sat Jul 26 2014 9:34AM Report
elyrex writes:

I just play this all morning..

and for real?? my fav. race game still is TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2. It´s a mmo car game, make 3 years ago and still.. far beyond the crew.

Sat Jul 26 2014 9:51AM Report
mistafist writes: The game seemed alright.  I liked the fact that it took me probably 40 minutes or so to drive from Cleveland to Lake Tahoe.  I'm up for fresh ideas in the multiplayer sphere and this seems a bit fresh.  How it develops, we'll have to see.  I'm not sure how much longevity there is to it and I'm not really down with these $60 dollar price tags on games at all. Sat Jul 26 2014 9:56AM Report
Raxeon writes: tof the driving can be adjusted ITs beta for peats sake and yes the driving needs sometweaks to it esspiccly the random 360 the cars do Sat Jul 26 2014 11:14AM Report
Wizardry writes:

Looks cheap too many areas could have been done better.

physics look old school,no decals not enough interaction.The cop script was dumb because he was off roading yet the cops setup a roadblock exactly where he comes through.

Just seems to lack depth even in the Ai,just looks like steering a vehicle through maps and nothing more.Then the worst thing i hate about modern gaming is flags or markers over players or npc's be it players or vehicles,it just looks dumb and unrealistic.

Sat Jul 26 2014 11:40AM Report
strawhat0981 writes: Is that the voice actor of delsin in infamous second son? Sat Jul 26 2014 11:53AM Report
Gravarg writes: Looks pretty cool, but I probably wouldn't even play the storyline, I just want to drive around, piss off cops, and tear stuff up :D Sat Jul 26 2014 12:14PM Report
Denambren writes:

There's a lot of posts going around online that state the game is capped at 30 FPS on both Consoles and PC. 




(get it, AUTO.. in a driving game, arrhh arhrharhrhr)


Yeah, pass.

Sat Jul 26 2014 12:42PM Report
Stizzled writes:

Literally the worst part of the game to show. It's an open world driving game and your stuck in story cutscene after cutscene in the beginning.


This game's main feature is the customization, half of which isn't available in the beta. Why not show some of that?


There's nothing wrong with the driving either. People must be too used to NFS's recent models. Well, sorry, but this isn't the kind of game where you never have to let off the gas and you'll just drift around every corner at 200 MPH.


Handling and performance change drastically from spec to spec, and with perks. Not to mention, there's different choices for handling models in the options.

Sat Jul 26 2014 1:03PM Report
laserit writes:

I like my driving/flying games to be simulations or close to it. The crew looks horrible in this regard.


An MMORPG based off or even a remake of "Interstate 76" would be a blast.


ps. the best NFS as far as driving physics were concerned was by far the original.

Sat Jul 26 2014 2:07PM Report
HellCaster writes: Gordon Freeman takes up crap street racing? Sat Jul 26 2014 2:43PM Report
aerandir990 writes: Sat Jul 26 2014 4:35PM Report
Hokie writes:

Kinda looked like an older version of Bill to me HellCaster.


Hope there is more to it than just race/race/race/race.

Sat Jul 26 2014 4:44PM Report
Volgore writes:

I mostly played healers in other mmos.

Should i roll a "mechanic" in this "mmorpg"?

Sat Jul 26 2014 6:53PM Report
Athena_Starfire writes:

And how is this different that other yawny driving games (ie; Need for Speed Online)


Sat Jul 26 2014 7:07PM Report
BurntCabbage writes: need4speed is in the mmorpg genre Sat Jul 26 2014 7:25PM Report
acidblood writes: Was kind of interested in this game... until I watched that. I mean come on, open world persistent street racer and be best they can pull is the "you're a special snowflake (just like all the rest) who can't fail because, well... it'd ruin our dramatic story if you did"... oh and the racing looks worse than watch dogs. Sat Jul 26 2014 8:04PM Report
cybersrs writes: How can it be an MMO without a chat? Sat Jul 26 2014 8:39PM Report
fierce750 writes:




so life like too!

Sat Jul 26 2014 9:45PM Report
bendwc10 writes: It almost looks like the truck at the beginning is being pulled by some invisible string.  The physics and feel definitely need some work Sat Jul 26 2014 10:05PM Report
nikisan2bla writes: Love it :D Sun Jul 27 2014 1:11AM Report
nikisan2bla writes: Love it :D Sun Jul 27 2014 1:11AM Report
crasset15 writes:

The handling seems a bit floaty yeah. There's basically 2 ways you can do car handling, one is the GTA 4 way, the second is the Watch Dogs way (dumbed down for 5 year olds). I hope this game leans more towards GTA 4 car handling.

Other big issue is obviously hackers. If they can't prevent 99% of cheating, this game simply won't survive. Even having 1 cheater every day ruin a race is more than enough to make me want to uninstall a game. (You can imagine why I don't play dayz where ~20% of my deaths are caused by hackers)

The world feels detailed and interesting, at least to me. Lots of RP potential depending on how much the sandboxy side of it is fleshed out. IMO 60$ is a bit too much for a racing MMO, especially since it will be competing with NFSW which is free. I hope they will offer at least a 1 week trial, otherwise I got a feeling most people won't throw that much money blindly on a racing game.

I've been waiting for an open world online racing MMO for ages now (was gonna try NFSW but many ppl say it's a cash grab). It's one of the things i've always craved for since i first started gaming. We'll have to see how this one works out, right now I'm cautiously optimistic.

Sun Jul 27 2014 4:35AM Report
Netspook writes: Multiplayer games with rankings and such are almost always ruined by hackers, and this will probably happen to this game too. Which is why I'm most likely skipping this one. Sun Jul 27 2014 10:08PM Report
azzamasin writes: Sold me on the game in the first cut scene with that pimped out Ford Raptor.  My dream car :) Mon Jul 28 2014 5:42AM Report
Robsolf writes: Is that Taurus(Interstate 76) I hear?   Thu Jul 31 2014 6:49PM Report
Teshrrar writes: Test Drive Unlimited 2? Mon Aug 04 2014 5:43AM Report