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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Beta Testing  (est.rel N/A)  | Pub:Turbine Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC | ESRB:MOut of date info? Let us know!

Asheron's Call 2 : Fallen Kings Videos: 2nd Impressions (12:53)

Ripper X continues a deeper dive into the sandbox that is Asheron's Call 2.

Ripper X continues a deeper dive into the sandbox that is Asheron's Call 2.
Duration: 12:53
Views: 5,255  31 comments
Game: Asheron's Call 2 : Fallen Kings
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Zalmon writes: I am disappointed that they decided to go with sub model for such an old game. Thu Dec 27 2012 3:05PM Report
Tidel writes: Do we keep our characters into release, if there is a release if we get it? I might of heard it's a beta. Thu Dec 27 2012 4:22PM Report
Ryahl writes:

I have to admit, I am very curoius what Turbine plans with this.  Will it be moved F2P a la LOTRO and DDO, will it remain bundled with AC1, or will it get its own separate subscription?


I am debating tossing a month of subscription to Turbine and messing about with this a bit.

Thu Dec 27 2012 4:51PM Report
danwest58 writes: This will go free to play because few players play Sandbox these days.  Thu Dec 27 2012 5:14PM Report
Raserei writes: Best game ever.... Thu Dec 27 2012 5:31PM Report
xenorace writes:

I almost don't remember my experience in AC2. I played very very briefly.

That being said I am super confused as to why it would not be opened to a F2p model right off the bat.  I would 100% download and play this if it was free to download and play.

Thu Dec 27 2012 5:47PM Report
Ryahl writes:

I am not sure I would call AC2 a sandbox.  It is, from my memory, a very open world theme park.


All the same, we dont see open world design anymore, so I imagine it feels pretty sand boxy compared to modern titles.

Thu Dec 27 2012 5:56PM Report
ChaulsinNL writes: It's is quite a fun time and definitely worth atleast a months sub if you're looking for something different. There are quite a few hickups with the server currently, but I'm sure that'll be fixed soon.  Thu Dec 27 2012 6:04PM Report
Yizle writes: I just can not see paying a sub for this game. Maybe if it was a real F2P possibly. Thu Dec 27 2012 6:45PM Report
shohen writes: I hope they keep it as a sub game, I just can't see how they could make it a cash shop game without ruining the experience. Thu Dec 27 2012 7:26PM Report
Ryowulf writes: Michael jackson was a magic master? Thu Dec 27 2012 8:11PM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

Nothing personal, but this guy does very bad impressions videos. He kinda just rambles and never really says much. Instead of just rambling while you play I would suggest maybe recording some video then writing down some notes at least and recording over it.

Discuss some bullet points rather than just ramble on.

Thu Dec 27 2012 8:32PM Report
Fortenbas writes: I really don't know what makes this game so addictive but it is.Been having a blast playing even with all the server crashes.I loved AC1 and i love AC2 they really are two different games that share lore.I'll gladdly pay a monthly sub to AC1 to play AC2 even if all they do is make the server stable. Thu Dec 27 2012 10:00PM Report
Akulas writes: Don't think I played this the first time around but I do remember a game with that same type of map, long travel times and where dieing looks like a blue tunnel thingy. Maybe a rip off or maybe I did play AC2 but forgot. Anyways, where are all the mobs? All I see was alot of walking around in open space with no mobs and getting to the quest destination killing afew things. Still though, takes me back to that certain era of gaming which we'll probly never see again. Fri Dec 28 2012 4:20AM Report
pdq2004 writes: I have been playing it (or trying to) and just find all the server crashes to be such a pain. And often when the server restores you will find your last loot, exp, etc. just  prior has been lost due to the reset. And please, how about opening another server??!!! Good luck if you want to try it.  Fri Dec 28 2012 6:12AM Report
Wrender writes: Dude you are a noob aren't you. Where's your awesome mount that you should have. You didnt show it off or you didnt get one yet. They were available pretty easily at low lvls. Another player could even give you temporary mounts when in a group at any lvl if I recall... Fri Dec 28 2012 6:37AM Report
adam_nox writes:


I don't think that word means what you think it does.


In fact, AC2 was partially a foundation for quest-based mmos rather than kill-camp mmos.  I don't know if it's true now, but when it came out, you pretty much had to do these quests given by monoliths in order to get XP.  In other words, it had a big influence on WoW itself. 

Fri Dec 28 2012 9:36AM Report
mindw0rk writes: Sub model for this? They are crazy Fri Dec 28 2012 10:43AM Report
Senadina writes: Hey Ripper; you don't need to remind us every 20 seconds what game we are watching you play.  Kay? Thanks. Fri Dec 28 2012 11:29AM Report
Teshurr writes:

Ripper is not a good reviewer.  Did he actually play the game some and then give thought to what he would say to his viewers, like write it down and stuff?  Jeez, sounds like he just winged it.

As far as AC history goes, most AC players vomitted on AC2 and never looked back - it was that bad.  Turbine is mistaken to think that anyone would pay to play an aweful game from 10 years ago.  If you want a superior MMO, give Rift a try.  AC2 sandbox?  Doubt it, give eve-online sandbox a try.

Thank you for warning us about the bad game AC2, we will pass on it...again.

Fri Dec 28 2012 1:43PM Report
Calhoun619 writes: The animation when running on hills or slopes is just god awful im sorry Fri Dec 28 2012 1:50PM Report
kevjards writes: i,m kind of curious has to why they have re-released this game or started it up again.i can remember buying this game yrs ago but i only played about 90 mins of the game before i got rid of it..i was a noob gamer then so didnt rightly understand what was going on.wonder if they have  AC3 on the way.if so i would be very interested in that. Fri Dec 28 2012 2:13PM Report
Keushpuppy writes: AC2 wasnt a sandbox. AC1 was.As a former player of AC1 & 2, AC2 was fun but a disapointment. AC1 on the other hand was an awsome sandbox. So much so I have resubued to AC1. Dated graphics and all still more fun then all current hand held games out there. Fri Dec 28 2012 10:29PM Report
Yamota writes: Maybe I have got spoiled by modern games but the combat looks like crap. Sat Dec 29 2012 5:11AM Report
denniserik writes: OMFG finally :D to bad im not at home ...but i know what im gonna do when im home -:D btw the combat is the best ive ever real ti´me combat doesnt grow on trees :)   + dropping stuff on the ground is also not very common....been a few years bit i think this might be one of the best games ever.... Sat Dec 29 2012 12:11PM Report
Vhaln writes: I only played AC2 briefly too.  Just long enough to make a character, run to Arwic, and go WTF.  Terrible first impression.   I'd give it another chance, if they were to offer a free trial, at least. Sat Dec 29 2012 10:17PM Report
FoeHammerJT writes: I wish they would just update AC1 graphics and animations. The strengths of AC1 have never been well done anywhere else. The Alligence system is easily the best guild system in MMO even a dozen years later. Sun Dec 30 2012 4:12AM Report
AngryBeaver writes: Not A Sand Box! This is one of the last real MMOs before they started being mad for 8 year olds. Sun Dec 30 2012 9:51AM Report
Phry writes: im surprised they opened a server for it again.. was there at the beginning when AC2 came out, moved there from AC1, and it was dire, had practically forgotten about the game really, i can think of other more worthy games to 'revive' than this one. can't think of a single good reason to bring it back either, Rippers video almost seemed to be another game entirely.. but not one that i'd care to re-experience.. ever..  AC1 with improved graphics engine would have been a much smarter option imo. Sun Dec 30 2012 3:28PM Report
deadtrack writes:

Sub Model or Not AC2 is already doing better than nearly any MMO released within the last few years.  The "free to play" models are often destroyed by imbalance or locking up necessities that make them "force to pay".

AC2 is a FULL scale MMO.  There are very few competitors to it.  Out of the 1,000's of titles released only WOW, Linage II, Perfect Wolrd and a few others fit into this category.

Rift, Vindictus, C9 and the newer "action based games" are beautiful games, but they lack the content to play for years.

Very few MMO's today have the "content" and "grouping" they should to be considered true MMORPG's.


AC2 is one of very few games large enough to give you the freedom to explore and fully customize your own character.

Explaining AC2 is like explaning "Pulp Fiction".  It's a great movie, but you have to see it for yourself to get it.

Sun Dec 30 2012 6:10PM Report
Ardnut writes:

good to see the old games get a breath of life in them.

though if you hadnt mentioned the name of the game every 5 seconds and it had not been in the title i'd have wondered what game this was

Tue Jan 01 2013 6:02AM Report

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