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Elite: Dangerous Forum » General Discussion » 60 euro is it worth it?

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8/05/14 11:00:36 AM#21
Originally posted by Deadlobster

Heya, just wondering if anyone has bought and happy/regretful. I wouldn't mind paying if I got good access to the game. Is the beta running for awhile? or few days and nothing for a couple of weeks?

I bought it just recently and certainly don't regret it. Already at this early stage it has everything that was in the old Elite games and more. The beta is ongoing, but there will be an eventual wipe of progress when it moves to the next stage of testing and there are regular updates with fixes etc.

I've had it for 3 days and only had one game crash so it's running pretty stable. FPS on my 2 year old PC is a steady 60 fps so it's not graphically demanding but still looks great. Very spacey.

It is harder to play with mouse/keyboard. Not impossible as I did find a good set of keybinds on the forums that allowed me to fight with that. After switching to a joystick though it became a lot easier to play and combat was significantly easier, although still challenging in my weak little starter ship.

For stuff to keep you busy you have trading goods between systems which is a steady way to make money (but watch out for pirates). You have bounty hunting where you cruise around looking for unidentified signals or hang out at a beacon and pick off people who are wanted. You can turn pirate and hunt down anything that moves. Because the combat system allows you to target subsystems on a ship you can blow off a ships cargo hold and steal the goods that tumble out into space then run them back to a pirate station to sell on the black market.

You can also get involved in an ongoing conflict between two factions. One is the system you start in an the other is the Federation. To do this you fly to a planet and find a conflict, pick a faction and then jump in and start killing. I found this today and it makes a lot of credits really quickly and is good to teach you the dogfighting skills you need.

The goal of the game (like all Elite games) is to make money and buy better ships and better weapons and work towards a ranking of Elite. So far I'm still working on the making money part and have 23K credits to my name and looking longingly at a ship that costs 6 million.

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OP  8/06/14 5:29:12 AM#22
Playing a bit, and enjoying. Took my time with the scenarios at the start to learn the moves. I'm using the speedlink blackwidow which isn't too bad. Still trying to figure out the controls etc and what to do. Considering I dropped 60/70 euro on food and booze last night, in three hours, the price tag for the game isn't that expensive.

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8/13/14 1:02:37 PM#23

The game will cost 50-60$ on release, beta+game is 75$, so you pay 15-25$ to play the beta.


Though there isnt much to do right now, and combat reward useless penny, only trading is worth right now. And mining should be released quite soon.


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8/14/14 2:55:19 AM#24
Originally posted by alx12345

The game will cost 50-60$ on release, beta+game is 75$, so you pay 15-25$ to play the beta.


Though there isnt much to do right now, and combat reward useless penny, only trading is worth right now. And mining should be released quite soon.

You don't pay to play. You support Frontier and as a reward for doing that You are getting access to early stage of developement.


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8/14/14 3:05:07 AM#25
Im not sure I get it.  Are you asking if the game is worth 60 Euros to you? or are asking if it is worth it to someone else?

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8/14/14 3:37:52 AM#26
Originally posted by pappacube
Just be warned, I bought it, logged in, got a bit used to the flying mechanics.  What to do now?  No clue, the game doesn't give you any idea of how/what to land on or dock with.  I can fly around, that's about it.   I flew into (i.e. inside)  the space station that you are facing when you first start and I immediately get a warning that I am in restricted space and will soon be flagged for attack or some such craziness.   logged out, waiting for the game to have some sort of meaning....

There's no tutorial at the moment and I was as lost as you when I first logged in. I didn't have a clue as to what Iwas supposed to be doing. It was only after I discovered lots of player made videos on YouTube that everything started to make sense. I'd advise watching them before you try anything yourself.

The second problem is learning the controls. I had to learn them by noting what the videos said you had to do and then looking in the Control options to see how to do it. It was a steep learning curve but not that difficult once I realised the basic principle of using the main menu system. Buttons 1 and 4 lead you to most of the menus you need to use in the ship. Plus you have a few hot key short cuts (It really needs more).  In the space station you get a completely different menu which you can navigate by KB or mouse.

It's not anywhere near being a complete game yet. Well, I hope it isn't. It's fun but you're basically just testing the trading system or combat, The two things don't really mix though as the best ships for trading perform badly in combat and you lose your ship and all cargo if you lose an encounter. If you retained enough money as insurance, you can buy your ship back but the cargo is gone.

You have the choice of playing in solo mode or on the open server. Because of the high risk of trading on the open server most people trading are playing solo at the moment and the people who want PvE and PvP combat are playing on the open server.  I don't see this as desirable but I can't really see how you're ever going to get everyone playing together on the open server unless there is some form of flagging for the people who don't want to get involved in PvP. If everyone was forced to pay together without that I think the game would die a quick death. I played PotBS at launch and that's what happened to that game when the traders in their slow and virtually unarmed merchant ships were forced to sail through PVP zone (The red circle) to reach their destination. This game is like PotBS in space so potentially faces the same problems of mixing PvE and PvP without one side being negatively impacted.

Is it  worth 60 Euros? Yes if you like space sims. You'll be able to play for months without needing to spend anything extra and will be able to get a feel for the game.


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I want an awesome sci-fi game that is a sandbox...give it to me!!!!

8/14/14 7:48:54 PM#27
I bought into the beta today, very much worth it!!!!

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8/27/14 3:06:32 PM#28

Yes, I definitely think that Elite: Dangerous will be worth it. In fact, I will be buying a state-of-the-art computer with Oculus Rift only for this game.


I think it will be released on schedule because the core gameplay has already been polished. All they are doing now is adding more ships, stations, and missions.


There will also be further expansions, which will include walking on planets and game hunting for aliens and dinosaurs etc!


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8/27/14 3:23:06 PM#29

Mining and exploration should also get added during the beta.

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8/27/14 5:43:17 PM#30
Originally posted by Axxar

Mining and exploration should also get added during the beta.

I believe that mining will be introduced into the beta for the final release:


More mining aspects will also be introduced later:


I'm glad someone likes mining - There are other aspects that appeal to me more.  :o)

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