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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 2014)  | Pub:Frontier Developments
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:$59.99 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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OP  10/25/13 7:18:54 PM#1
Not sure how PVP will work in this game? will it be like low and high sec? will it be like Star Citizen with sliders?



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10/25/13 8:44:15 PM#2
Originally posted by Romulan78
Not sure how PVP will work in this game? will it be like low and high sec? will it be like Star Citizen with sliders?

There will be policed and less policed areas within the game, but instead of a PVP slider there is a group system.

When you're in the All Groups you play with everyone and there are no PVP limitations.

You can also choose to make your own groups or play solo and still be in the same shared galaxy but then during combat you won't be grouped with people outside the group, you won't get all the perks like being mentioned in the news feeds when you do something significant however.

There is also an IronMan Group that has Perm Death and again is within the same shared galaxy but during combat you will only be grouped with IronMan players.

In the following FAQ there is a link that explains the Group system in a lot more detail.


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10/25/13 9:14:52 PM#3
really doesnt matter if there is pvp or full pvp.  cause solo play is available. 

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11/01/13 10:17:20 AM#4
Pretty much like it works in eve.

The factions are more important, if you are high reputation with imperium or confederation, they will aid you in their space, however the opposite faction will attack you in their space.

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11/24/13 11:20:00 AM#5
Thought this might be interesting. From official forums.

Hello you lovely backers!

Here's the skinny on our player grouping system. It's been through the DDF (thank you!) and internal debate. Have a gander.

The usual caveat applies - any paper design is bound to change during implementation/as issues ariese - these documents are statements of intent.


A player can only exist in one of the following groups at a time:

All Players Group– Players in this group will be matched with each other as much as possible to ensure as many human players can meet and play together
A player’s Friend List and Ignore List is used automatically to indicate preferences in match making so that friends will be matched instead of others if a choice exists(though this is a fuzzy system so there are no guarantees)
E.g. In a nearly full session a player with more friends in the session than that of another arriving at the same time would mean the first player getting in and the second spawning a new session instead
Players can use an option to indicate they would like friends of friends to be included in the preference system described above (which basically expands their friends list for the purposes of preferences under the hood only)
Players playing on ‘Iron Man’ mode will only be matched with other ‘Iron Man’ mode players
Private Group – Players in this group will only be matched with other players in the same private group
Players can create their own private group and invite people into it
To help facilitate inviting players into a private group, players can be indicated as friends in game and can be selected easily for sending invites out too
Any player can be invited into a private group regardless of friend status so player name searching and direct in-game selection is possible
A player who accepts such an invite will be removed from their current group upon the next hyperspace jump and be placed in the private group of the inviting player
A player who refuses such an invite will remain in whatever group they were already in and the option to ignore future requests from that player during the current gaming session is presented
Players can only invite other players of the same type (normal, iron man) to a group
Players can save private group settings including players to invite to allow quick selection and set up of groups
A player can set an option to allow friends to “quick join” into their private group
They can change this option at any time
Players will be able to see on their friend list that other friends are in private groups and that some may have a symbol indicated they’re free to “quick join” into the group without needing an invite
The “quick join” option can be extended to allow friends of friends in freely also
A player wishing to join another player’s private group will have to message them asking for an invite as there is no way to formally request admission into the group
Players will thus typically set the “quick join” option if they don’t want the hassle of their friends having to message them when they want to join in with the group
Only the original private group creator can invite others into their group. They can also do the following:
Kick other players out of the group
Disband the group resulting in all the other players entering their own individual private groups with “quick joining” disabled (gives them the opportunity to play solo or decide to join the all players group)
Pass their leadership and thus all these options to someone else in the group
Upon disconnecting, logging off or leaving the group automatically passes leadership to the oldest private group member, i.e. the first player to accept an invite into the group that is still present
When creating a group the player creating it can decide how the group will react to crimes committed by players while in the group
The player can decide to either count only crimes committed against other players, or against AI ships
The player can decide if a player who earns a bounty is either kicked back into the all players group, or can be kept in the private group
Solo Group – Players in this group won’t be matched with anyone else ever (effectively a private group with no one else invited) with the following properties:
Players in this group are effectively indicating they want to be left alone and not disturbed by anyone else
By default group and friend invites are ignored but this can be enabled if desired
By default a player’s online status is hidden (set to offline) from others but this can be change if desired
A player in this group can still see when other friends come online and can message them
A player in this group can still receive messages from friends (possibly revealing the fact that they are online by virtue of return messages but still indicated as being offline)

As described above a player also has a Friend List that they can manage which helps facilitate inviting players into private groups and allow preferences to be taken into account when joining sessions:

A player can request friendship with others
An accepting player will add themselves to the player’s friend list as well as adding the player to their own list as well
A refusing player will remain off the other player’s list and the option to ignore future requests from that player during the current gaming session is presented
A player can remove a friend from their list at any time and such removal will also take them off that friends list at the same time
Requesting a friendship can be done inside and outside of the game client
Friends will be matched with each other as much as possible when entering new sessions
If a choice needs to be made between which players to allow access to a session the player with the most friend influence will trump a neutral or ignored player
Players Friend lists are based on player accounts, not player characters

A player also has the option to add players to an Ignore List which does the following:

Removes any friendship between the players automatically (players can’t be friends with players they ignore)
Ignores all communication from them in game
Ignores any friend requests from them
Is active across multiple gaming session until changed by the player (this is different from the options presented in the above sections as they only last as long as the current gaming session)
People on others ignore lists will not be favoured if a choice exists when match making players together
If all players in a session have the same player ignored then that player will never be able to join that session
If at least one player is neutral or friends with the ignored player above then they will be able to join that session providing there is no better suited players trying to get in at the same time when only one slot is available
If a person earns a bounty their ignore list and friend preferences won’t affect matchmaking, and bounty hunters will still be able to encounter the player, even if the bounty hunter is on the player’s ignore list
If a player is in a session with another player on their ignore list they will still receive messages relating to that players in game actions and pre-canned dialogue, such as declarations of piracy
If a player follows another player’s hyperspace trail, the ignore rules cannot be applied to them. The players will join their next session as a group
Players Ignore lists are based on player accounts, not player characters

In addition to the groups presented above a player can be a part of an Alliance with other players. This is a separate entity that operates within the boundaries of whatever group the players are in:

A player can only ever be in a single alliance at a time
Alliances allow players to indicate trust between themselves so they:
Can freely jettison and pick up cargo between themselves
Can fire upon each other without criminal implications
Gain the same criminal fine/bounty if one or more other members commits a crime
This only occurs if the player is in the same vicinity as the player committing the crime
Have the ability to slave hyperdrive systems together to make travel easier
Get matched as a whole during slaved hyperspace travel and if not possible spawn in their own instance at a location rather than splitting the alliance up
Alliances in the all players group allow those in the alliance to come across other human players as normal except the game is explicitly trying to keep the alliance together when they arrive at the same location through match-making
This is in addition to the normal preference system and operates by giving a much higher weighting to alliance members when determining preferences over friends for example
Alliances in a private group would only meet other players in that private group
Depending on the size of the group, players may typically be in an alliance with everyone else in the private group but multiple alliances can exist in a larger private group if desired
Creating an alliance is handled exactly the same way as creating a private group with the caveat that anyone in the group can invite other players (including non-friend players) into the alliance and no one is the leader
In the all players group any player can be invited into the alliance by any alliance member
In a private group only the players in the private group can be invited into an alliance by alliance members
Players can vote to kick an alliance member out of the alliance
After a set time limit the vote is closed and the majority is taken to decide the outcome unless all members have already voted or the required number of votes is reached
Players can leave freely of their own accord
Any criminal status or reputation earned as a consequence of other alliance members behaviour is kept after leaving an alliance

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12/04/13 10:59:09 PM#6

There are two modes in Elite, Currently.


The Persistent Universe were it is PvP everywhere. Unlike Star Citizen there is no slider. It is more of a sandbox for it.


And then there is the single player offline game that you can play if you want a solo experience. You do not get the changes made from the PU but you may get updates if you log in and download.



Star Citizen: PvP Slider. More PvP in dangerous areas on the PU. Single Player just in the Squadron 42 game or if you make your own server.

Elite: PvP everywhere in the PU or Single player offline mode for people that do not want PvP and prefer the original single player experience.