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MMOTPS | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Development  (est.rel 2015)  | Pub:Behaviour Interactive
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:Free
System Req: PC Playstation 4 Xbox One | Out of date info? Let us know!

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OP  4/07/14 6:00:23 AM#1
This game is shaping up to be a 40k-themed version of Planetside. Please prove me wrong.

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4/07/14 6:02:59 AM#2

This is taken from the FAQ on the main page for the game.



What kind of game is this?

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is a 3rd-person, Massive Combat RPG. Players select one of the factions of the 41st millennium and fight other players for control of an open, persistent world, claiming territory in massive battles and hacking their way through procedural content while earning the right to customize their characters in a deep progression system drawn from Warhammer 40,000 lore."



Character customization and a deep progression system is the RPG part of the game you are looking for.


Also in the FAQ


"How can you have an RPG system with skill-based combat?

Like many action games these days, an underlying RPG system affects how you fight in a variety of fashions. This includes the obvious methods such as modifying your health or the damage when you strike, but character and weapon stats can also change the way you shoot or swing.

For example, you can aim in any direction and fire away, but the spread on your shots comes from a variety of factors, including what kind of gun you're using, its upgrades, and an accuracy stat from your character. Your spread may increase while moving and decrease while zooming with a scope, and the extent to which these modifiers affect you may themselves have their own stats! Melee weapons are similarly affected, with the force on an attack compared against the stability of the victim to determine staggering, knockback etc."

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4/07/14 6:08:44 AM#3

Why should we try to prove you wrong? This is a massive pvp game with "some" rpg elements. And we like it that way. Get over it...

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4/07/14 6:08:47 AM#4

having played Space Marine, I dont mind having a planetside version of the game. The p2p server screw the multiplayer experience so bad.

Unless OP wanted a classic MMO with WH40k setting? Wasnt that the original Wh40K : Dark Millennium about before it got canned?


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4/07/14 7:37:07 AM#5
for a war 40k game be likea  planetside  third person mmo with some rpg element is the ideal incarnation for the background.

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4/14/14 3:44:34 AM#6

If some of the home forums had it their way, the game would be exactly that.  I've been in a flame war for just even bringing up the idea of a weapon stat/craft/upgrade system.  

I've heard the idea of a perma-death system for vehicles be mulled around.  But the idea of needing a resource to build a vehicle seems to frighten some.  Plus I think there is a CoD/BF following who do not want the long term commitment a game like EVE takes to navigate the biggest ships, like some have wanted with tanks and titans in this game.  

Personally when I first heard it from the developers that they had considered PvE being a resource grab I liked the idea as long as capturing resources became exponentially harder.   In this way a single character could capture their own resources but eventually require help to gain large enough resources to field more expensive/elite equipment and vehicles, weapons excluded.  I remember devs concluded by saying the majority of the resources would be lost at campaign end but the amount of work put in would be reflected in a bonus in the next campaign.  

At this point I will take anyway to make the game more customizable and have long term progression.  I'm not playing PS2 that much because right now I can drop in, get a few kill streaks and get bored with just basically going from point to point looking for a fight, thats just like dropping a bunch of arena games and you just walk to each one instead of match making.   



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4/14/14 4:33:04 AM#7
Would I like to have a pc version of the Inquisitor? Hell yes!

Does this game's direction fit 40k to a T? Yes it does!

I don't see a problem.

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4/14/14 7:14:36 AM#8

It will be very similar to PS2 crossed with Space Marine most likely and the added bonus of wave defense PVE in procedurally generated tunnels against Tyranids as I understand it.

There won't be heavy RPG elements as far as tavern RP or things like that (Thank baby jesus) but there will be clan ships for more RP oriented Clans...that said the IP of warhammer 40k itself does not lend itself well to RP as the universe revolves around never ending war with death around every corner.

Plus if you really think about it, ROLE playing in the context of the setting means you play as a soldier in your faction, so it won't be very engaging RP if you are "doing it right". As one of the other posters mentioned Inquisitor may have been a better IP for an RPG, or even Necromunda compared to vanilla 40k.


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4/14/14 12:35:37 PM#9
We've been told we will have missions, acquire gear from NPCs etc. Plus the Warhammer community is one big RPer :)


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4/14/14 12:45:40 PM#10

What do you mean "shaping up to be"?  It was planned that way from the get go, a deeper, more immersive version of Space Marine.


As far as the PVE "land grab" aspects, and getting progressively harder, think of it this way:  once you take your objectives you have to hold them securely, and the more you take, the further from your own lines of support you get, and your enemies are closer to their own lines of support.  It organically lends itself to getting progressively difficult.  When you add the potential for PVE (Tyranid) intervention that arises from campaign success, I think the snowballing effect you often see in games like this will be minimized, if not entirely eliminated.


just my opinions, of course, but it all sounds like a blast!




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4/14/14 2:31:37 PM#11
Originally posted by Gorwe
Would I like to have a pc version of the Inquisitor? Hell yes!

Does this game's direction fit 40k to a T? Yes it does!

I don't see a problem.


That's what I was thinking.  Their direction with the game and the IP for the game seem to mesh up pretty well.


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4/16/14 3:28:55 PM#12

Warhammer 40k is a tabletop miniatures war game.  Was it ever really meant to be an RPG?

I think they're doing the Warhammer 40k IP a disservice by not building on the tabletop game.

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