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Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Forum » General Discussion » Ideas and Suggestions for Eternal Crusade (renamed)

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10/10/13 3:56:01 PM#181

My take on the crafting system, that would not only be useful, fun, stick to the lore (more or less), but especially played an important role in social interaction within the game factions and will be also important from the strategic point of view (I will use SMs in this example, but it could be easily adapted to other factions):

- No Space Marine will ever craft himself, it is the work for chapter serfs. So, as you progress though the ranks/levels/tiers you will gain more and more serfs at your disposal. I imagine starting with one, ending up with 5 in top level senior status. 

- as you progress, the crafting trees and possibilities will start opening up. Probably begining with customizing the color, appearance of your armor, sticking the right purity seals and honor badges, cleaning your bolter etc. Crafting will run in realtime and will continue if you log out. Basicly you just order your serf to do this work for you and go to sleep/war...

- now comes the important social aspect of this crafting system. You will be able to redirect the availability of your serfs work to different levels of game faction organization - squad level, strike force level, whole faction level. And each level authorities will  be able to use this workforce to craft important assets for the given level of organization.

For example: you have 2 serfs at your disposal. You can order one to clean your armor for the next 6 hours (and you get some minor bonus for 20 minutes the next time you log in), and let the second serf work for your squad leader. He desides, that your squad needs a new training room in the spaceship, and this will need some resources + 20 days of work. He has 5 serfs available from you and your squadmates, so you can have your new training room ready in 4 days (realtime).

- more important for your war effort will be the crafting done on strike force and whole-faction levels. I imagine the serfs working on these levels could be used to craft: special ammunition, prepare dreadnaught and terminator armors for deployment, craft advanced defence turets that can be spawn on conquested bases/POIs, prepare orbital bombardment strikes etc.

some explanation: ammo - normal bolter ammo will be always available, if you want to use kraken/hellfire etc, you have to craft it first. Same goes with spawning the dreadnaught (i know its against the lore and I am rather negative to allowing players to play as dreadnaught, but it will be probably in the game, nevertheless) - yes, you will need the resources pooled from all your squad mates or strike force mates to spawn one, yes you will need the right certification/level requirements, but you will also need to spend the serf work for properly rites of awakening (or whats not).

Same goes with spawning the automated defence turrets on conquested base. The basic version will be free (heavy bolter), if you want plasma turrets, laser, multimelta etc. you have to craft them first.

- applying these different organization level crafts will play an important factor in cooperation of the players. It will depend very much in what squad and strike force you will be. Will you have loyal and organized co-players? Players who will provide enough of their serfs to work for the strike force? Will you have caring leadership, that will prepare for your war effort with stocking enough ammo, tanks, teleport pulses, terminator armors, advance turret weapons?

- tactical decisions will also come into consideration with this crafting system. Something like, should we launch our offensive now, or wait few more hours untill will we prepare and stock enough weapons to be successfull. Or deliberatedly deplete the enemy strike forces stocks of heavy weapon turrets and then overrun their fortress with heavy armor, and so on, and so forth


What do you think, guys? Have crafting been discussed before, I couldnt find it?




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10/11/13 1:47:00 AM#182

I need make mention that this is not entirely the case, in terms of crafting for Space Marines. Salamanders are reknowned throughout the Imperium for their individual crafting abilities - that's why so much of their equipment is labeled as Master Crafted. Arjac Rockfist is a Space Wolf, who hammers out swords on a daily basis, mostly to pass the time. He makes priceless weapons, then destroys them out of boredom. 

Plenty of Space Marines have crafted their own close combat weapons. Uriel Ventris, Captain of the 4th company of Ultramarines, smithied his own sword after the previous one broke in battle. Most ranged weapons, like Bolters, Lasguns/Cannons, etc. are mostly made on forge worlds. Melee weapons, however, are an entirely different story.

If crafting were to be made available, it should be for buff items and melee weapons only - guns, armor, these items are too complicated. Terminator Armor takes decades to make, but a keen sword is well within the realm of possibility. Also, item upgrades. Swapping out firing pins, installing new improved barrels, better firing mechanisms - this I can get behind. I say let us make bladed weapons and totems/scrolls/runic items, stat buffers and the like.

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10/11/13 3:16:33 AM#183

Yes, Salamanders...


make these the ultra tough bastards of 40k, nobody should be eligible to play a Salamander before a 10k killcount...;)


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10/11/13 6:44:07 AM#184
Originally posted by Ulorik

Yes, Salamanders...


make these the ultra tough bastards of 40k, nobody should be eligible to play a Salamander before a 10k killcount...;)

I best get destroying the Emperor's foes and all those nasty nasty Xenos quickly then......



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2/07/14 11:57:15 AM#185
  • Titanfall like AI assistance
    • Dreadnaughts and equivilants and eventually expand to whole units of Player owned and commanded AI asissted units.  I just think it would be way cool to have a teleport beacon and be allowed to bring in an AI controlled Termi squad which is used much like an RTS termi squad.
    • To add some squad cohesion, players in the squad can take over the control of a terminator (and any other spawnable ai controlled units), sort of like a vehicle being open to squads and platoons in PS2.  
    • Units still using AI could be controlled through the map, using patrol for an area, defend and attack.  There should also be a priority selection list, between air, tank, infantry.  
  • Give Elite Defenders a way to break zerg.
    • More than just artillary or orbital bombardment call downs.  I would love to see air straffing runs that originate from an air port and so actually travels across territory and is open for attack.  The same sort of mechanics can be seen in World in Conflict, the RTS which lets players control air units like helicopters but also use F-17 jet call ins that take time between selection and action, representing take off and travel before simply straffing by air units.
    • Turrets, automated turrets, one for each person.  AA, AT, HE.  Something to help repel large attacks with small units of players.  They should only be built on owned territory, so attackers do not benefit.  
    • Buildable cover, let defenders block choke points and build up cover to be overpowering but destructable.  Check the game Panzar which gives players environmental transformation, such as walling up entrances, trapping and cover building.  
  • Make psykers a purchased load out and not a class
    • Psychic powers would be loaded out based on psyker class and deployment cost is based on psyker level.  Because psykers have a deployment cost and are limited, psychic powers can be devestating, instead of just a hard to balance mechanic.    Think of Jedi from Battlefront 2 they were OP but because they  were few in number they were fun to fight because they were walking bombs.   
  • Speaking of Battlefront 2, make special characters available to people who complete a special task for the day.
    • The criteria could be based on defenses, captures, kills and the character who best resembles the achievement is awarded.  For instance, if your a Space Wolf with a large number of defenses than Arjac Rockfist could be awarded.  
    • You would only get to use the special character once, after death the criteria is lost and  a cooldown of say 24 hours is put on the account for use of that special character.  The next player meeting the criteria gets to use the special character.  Only unique named special characters would be available at one time so the same character is not in two different places at once.  
  • Modularize Everything!
    • The best part of 40k is that you can basically customize an army to play in anyway you want.  I used to Zerg as Space Wolves and Melee with Guardmen (catachan).   The  point is I really want to be able to make my character able to do that based on how I design the loadout.  So as a Space Wolf I might not be the fastest "assault" but I'm not having to use those jump packs, that tech don't sit right with this Great Wolf.

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2/24/14 4:33:06 AM#186

Originally posted by Wanay


What do you think, guys? Have crafting been discussed before, I couldnt find it?


Crafting has been spoken to in depth on the official forums. It is not a very popular topic among EC fans. The crafting as it has been described by the dev team is about as far as any one wants to go.

Make sure and check the official forums guys.

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