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Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Forum » General Discussion » Eternal Crusade: The First Founding

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OP  10/08/13 10:12:02 PM#1

The galaxy is in flames. The Emperor’s glorious vision for humanity is in ruins a thousand times over. His favoured son, Horus, has turned from his father’s light and embraced Chaos. A war followed this betrayal that broke worlds and divided a race in half, snuffing out the lights of untold millions of souls every minute. For some, these events are but mythological stories that they do not believe. For others, this war never ended. It consumes their souls ten thousand years later. 

Horus is dead, his body defiled, cloned, and burned. His army is shattered, a mere shadow of the force that laid siege to the Gates of Terra. The Traitor Primarchs lurk in the Eye of Terror, brooding over their defeat and plotting their next assault on the Imperium. But the sons of Chaos still fight, feeding the fires of war lit by Horus so long ago. We are the First Founding, a band of soldiers who came under the banner of Chaos by betrayal, brought to each other by necessity in the twilight of defeat, and held together by oaths we dare not break.


Q: What is The First Founding? 
A: We are a PC-based Warhammer 40k gaming community, formed in anticipation of the release of “Eternal Crusade”. When it releases, we will be playing as Chaos. 

Q: What games do you guys play? 
A: We play Warhammer 40k: Space Marine for the PC, but we also play Planetside 2 for practice in large field operations. When it releases we will primarily play Eternal Crusade, but as a community you will no doubt have some other game that you could play with another person. 

Q: What regular activities does the First Founding have? 
A: Every Saturday afternoon we gather to play Planetside 2 or Space Marine. But once we become more of a force to be reckoned with, we will move on to having Friday night ops in PS2, saving the Saturday event purely for Warhammer 40k games. 

Q: How serious do you guys plan to be with Eternal Crusade? 
A: Scroll down a bit and take a look at our charter to get an idea of what we have planned. 

Q: I am not an ordained fluff priest/I do not have a Master’s in military theory/I prefer to paint my mdels over the actual wargame, do I still belong? 
A: Yes. The only prerequisite for joining is that you are willing to put yourself forward into making the First Founding a name to be feared and respected. 

Q: How do I join? 
A: Here is our website: The third slot of the top bar says “Join the Legion”. Click there to fill out an application! 

We accept 18+ PC gamers with an interest in Warhammer 40k and the forces of Chaos, and a commitment to be best you can be. Please message Valco on Enjin for any further questions. 


These are the logos for the different sections of our community: the Raptor Elites, the Armored Corps, the Airwing, and the Tactical Force. The Raptors is the section for the best of the best who have proven themselves on the battlefield, but each section specializes in its own way of making war.


Our Charter:


First Founding is to be an elite, Organized, and the most proficient strike-force in “Eternal Crusade” 

A strike-force whose members follow directives from officers and can conduct operations better than any other organized community. 

The strike-force will only have committed and trustworthy members who are loyal to one another. 

The strike-force will have no “trolls or rejects.” 

Whenever the strike-force goes it will be apparent that it is the best. 



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10/12/13 4:09:14 PM#2
Your link isnt working. :)


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10/12/13 4:35:28 PM#3
Originally posted by Dagda
Your link isnt working. :)

for me it is working :O

be always up to date about Eternal Crusade
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10/13/13 9:36:56 PM#4

In the name of the glorious Emperor, I hereby dub this thread as HERESY!


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10/13/13 11:02:08 PM#5

the battle for terra was not a victory  for either side but more of a defeat for both.  fortunately someone had already posted up the version of the story, here is their copy with spelling errors included.  interesting read if you like warhammer 40k.

The Liber Historica Vangelia, penned in the 34th millennium, but citing sources long since lost, traces the birth of the of the imperium to the dissipation of the Warp storms isolationg Terrra.Around eleven thousand years ago thses storms were blown away in an instant. Vangelia links this event with the Fall of the Eldar, claiming the psychic shockwave created by the birth of the Chaos power Slaanesh freed Terra from her long isolation and made possible the momentous events that followed in its wake.

That the Emperor was well prepared for the dissipation of the Warp storms is evident in the speed with which he embarked upon the reconquest of Humanity's former domain. Vast armies of human warriors, inclucing the earliest genetically enhanced Space Marines set out in relentless waves of conquest.

Vangelia makes reference to the herioc campaigns of the period:

"In the name of our Lord, Ork empires did fall and noisome warrens of the Hrud were made clean. The Enslavers hold on the worlds entrapped within Warp Stom Pirithous was broken, and the Paramours of the Morpheus Rift were cast down without mercy. No pity did the Emperor show His foes, and radiant was the light of Humanity's saviour."

Despite all momentous successes, the early years of the Great Crusade were blighted by the absence of the Primarchs. These twenty superhuman gene-sons of the Emperor were created in his geno-labs in the years prior to the dissipation of the Warp storms. A mysterious accident, or the intervention of powers opposed to the Emperor's cause had resulted in the scattering of the infant Primarchs. As the crusade continued however, the Emperor was reunited with his lost sons, discovering each upon a different human world having risen to power amongst the native population.

Each of the Primarchs was distinct in his attitudes and upbringing, yet together they formed a tightly knit brotherhood. Along with their Space Marine Legions, each of which was created using a different Primarch's genetic blueprint, they conquered the galazy in the name of the Emperor. But it was during this time that the weaknesses, as well as the strengths of each Primarch became apparent. Although superhuman in physique, the Primarchs were all too human within their souls, and therefore fallible.

Evidently, Chaos whispered to the Primarchs as it does all men. The difference being that where a normal man is but one mortal among Billions, the Primarchs were as gods amongst Mankind, and their fall all the more calamitous. The sins that prey upon Mankind seeded themselves within the psyches of the Primarchs, and the deadliest of these was Pride.

The Great Crusade had reached the Eastern Fringe, where the Emperor decided to entrust the campaign to Horus, Primarch of the Sons of Horus Legion, Horus was a consummate warrior and leader, named Warmaster of all the Emperor's armies in recognition of his formidible abilities. The Emperor returned to Terra in order to consolidate his newly won power and guide the birth of the Imperium from its homeworld.

Records surrounding the events that followed the Emperor's departure are scant at best, but Vangelia states that Horus moved against the separatist Imperial Commander of the nearby Istvaan system. Entering the system, Vangelia claims Horus wasted no time in parley or negotiation; no formal demands for surrender were made and no terms were offered. Instead, Horus unleashed a barrage of utterly lethal virus bombs upon Istvaan III. As the bombs delivered their deadly payload, all biological matter upon the surface of Istvaan II underwent a rapid degeneration. Every human, animal and plant sloughed into shapeless rotting heaps within minutes of the bombs' detonation. The gasses released during the accelerated decomposition process ignited, swathing the entire world in a superheated firestorm that turned the sealed hive cities into mile-high ovens. Twelve billion died that day, and the psychic feedback of their collective death scream reverberated throughout the warp, echoing through the eternal realm of Chaos and drowning out even the pure light of the Astronomicon.

The instant Istvaan III died the Emperor knew something terrible had occurred.

The Emperor dispatched seven Legions to confront Horus, to call him to account for his actions. The Warmaster's forces had redeployed to Istvaan V, where the first wave of loyalists made planetfall. The details of what has become known as the Istvaan V Drop Site Massacre are vague, for only a handful of Space Marines survived, and their Descendants will not speak of it. According to the Mythos Angelica Mortis, the Raven Guard, Iron Hands and Salamanders Legions made up the first wave of the action, and were caught off guard by the ferocity of the traitor counter attack. As the first wave became pinned at the drop site, they attempted a breakout, only to discover that the four legions of the second wave, listed in the Libra Historica as the Iron Warriors, Emperor's Children, World Eaters and Death Guard, had betrayed them.

The loyalists were slaughtered almost to a man, trapped between the armies of Horus and the newly revealed traitors of the second wave.

In the wake of the Drop Site Massacres, the Imperium tore itself apart in a galaxy-wide civil war. The empire for which so many had sacrificed so much was cast down overnight. The Space Marine Legions were split and brother fought brother in a war rooted in insanity. The ferocity of the conflict was unmatched in any bloodshed before or after. the bitterness with which a man fights his own kin is far more savage then any war he may persecute against a stranger.

Upon a million worlds, leaders who had sworn fealty to Terra renounced their vows. Governments that had been co-opted into the fold of the Imperium now threw off the shackles of what they saw as an unjust and unworty rule, regressing to their pre-Imperial states. Where once the rule of the Emperor prevailed, now only chaos and anarchy reigned.

The Adeptus Mechanicus were split in two by the schism; over half the Titan Legions turning their fellows. Ta Tallarn, the Iron Warriors bombed the verdant paradise world, stripping its surface to the arid, poisonous wasteland it is today. At Logres, the Emperor's Children enslaved a million krill farmers: every single one died within a week as the Traitor Legionnaires sealed their pact with Slaanesh.

Horus and his hordes pushed on from sector to sector, inexorably fighting their way towards the Segmentum Solar. Recovering from their initial surprise, loyalist forces began to oppose the traitors. Spearheaded by loyal Space Marines and Titan Legions, the Emperor's forces contested world after world. Just as the loyalists began to make serious headway however, Horus demonstrated his strategic brilliance once more.

Horus had intended all along to strike a single, decisive deathblow against the Imperium, and he meant to do so at Terra. When the attack came, the loyalists found themselves woefully unprepared: Horus' cunning became even more apparent as the majority of the Emperor's Legions found themselves too far from Terra to intervene in time.

The Siege of the Emperor's Palace was the very darkest hour of Human history. The skies were turned black with Chaos drop pods and Dreadclaw Assault craft, and only three loyal Legions stood at the Emperor's side to oppose them. The Emperor had always been guided by his innate prescience, but the future beyond this day was hidden from him. Then, at the very moment of the Warmaster's victory, Horus lowered the shields protecting his ship. Whether Horus was driven to do so by some last vestige of regret, or whether he simply wished to send his psychic sight to witness his father's death will never be known, but in the instant the shields were lowered, the Emperor became aware of the traitor's presence, and saw what must be donw. Gathering his immediate companions, the Emperor, the Primarchs Sanhuinius and Rogal Dron, and a select group of warriors teleported directly to the Warmaster's battle barge. The dropping of the shields allowed one last opportunity at salvation. The final, desperate gambit was made as time ran out for the Human race.

Upon Horus's ship the Emperor and his warriors found themselves seperated, each forced to confront a sea of Warp-spawned horrors alone. At length, the Emperor fought his way to the bridge, only to find Horus standing over the broken body of his brother Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angles Legion. Turning, Horus faced his creator, and in an instant, the two were engaged in a battle likened to that between gods.

The Emperor triumphed. He slwe his most beloved son, destroying utterly his presence in teh Warp and casting his blasted form to the deck. but the Emperor had paid the highest price for his victory, and death overcame him as he finally allowed his body to suffer the terrible wounds Horus had inflicted.

The battle for Terra, the Imperium, and the fate of Mankind was won, but at a terrible cost. The Emperor's wounds were so horrific that only his ascension to the arcane life-support systems of the specially constructed Golden Throne could hold his death at bay. Terra was in ruin; her cities levelled. So deep were her wounds that the tectonic plates groaned under the punishment inflicted by the traitors' orbital bombardment. The routed hordes of Chaos had left such utter devastation in their wake that nothing short of the complete rebuilding of Terra, and teh Imperium itself, would even begin to heal the wounds inflicted during the Horus Heresy.

The Heresy may have failed in its objective of replacing the Emperor's rule with that of Horus, but it had brought the realm of man to within an inch of total annihilation. The Imperium was in tatters, and the Traitor Legions retreated to the Eye of Terror, they knew that they would return, that they would rise again. Amongst them was Abaddon, Captian of the First Company of the Sons of Horus; he took with him the body of the Warmaster and an unquenchable appetite for vengeance. The Long War had begun, and the Traitors vowed they would wage it for all eternity to see their hatred satisfied.