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MMOTPS | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Development  (est.rel 2015)  | Pub:Behaviour Interactive
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:Free
System Req: PC Playstation 4 Xbox One | Out of date info? Let us know!

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Forum » General Discussion » Note to the devs, two things I want from this game.

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Joined: 7/11/13
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OP  7/11/13 10:23:21 PM#1

Hello all, first time poster but I just had to register after reading through Miguel's interviews. Wow, excited, even if half of what was discussed manages to get implemented. I hope  Miguel doesn't pull the Mythic executive trick (God I can't remember his name now) who was ultra passionate about the product but in the end he sorta came across as another Peter Molyenex (not sure how to spell his name!). With that being said, I really do wish Behaviour and Miguel the best of luck, I'm going to be following this with interest (here; take some of my money now!), make me a game I really want to play!


With that being said, I decided I want to help you out some by outlining things that I personally would love and be tempted to give my kidney's for:

1) To be a Blood Angels Librarian with Biomancy-esque abilities. Guess that makes me a paying subscriber :)  However, if things like Chapter masters are elected from the masses, how would this really work with the established chapters such as Dark Angels, Blood Angels etc. Or is this more of a Company command IP wise? (how would that even work during fresh servers or when the game launches?). If I am a psyker, will the Perils of the Warp be a real threat? (omg I hope so). Would the established chapters have their respective traits if they have any? For example; the Black Rage and Red Thirst?

2) To become an Ascended Daemon Prince. This should be a real (yet noticeably difficult goal to attain) achievement. I would give my other kidney for this and my left arm if this can be pulled off with respect to the background. Can I be marked, can I gain different benefits for being marked?


I'm sure I'll think of more; I'd like to be an Eldar who decides on a Path only to become trapped on it and become an exarch (warp spider). If I do become an Exarch, would I become 'better'?


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7/13/13 2:43:06 PM#2

i dont see i being posible to become a Daemon Prince  it raises a whole range of l problems in a persistent PVP game. keep in mind they dont intend for there to be that much vertical progression, so you wont be growing in power to much beyond what you start out as. you will however get more tools to fight with.


as far as i am aware this is not a subsctiption game, from watching the live streams it appears to be a one time purchase of the game to unlock all the races and classes, with the orc boy beeing F2P. i suspect that any new clases and races added to the game will be purchased via an ingame shop along with cosmetic bits.


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7/13/13 2:57:22 PM#3

chaos lord with just enough powers to be below ascended status but with equipment like power/chain fist and other traits was always more power than ADP and bloodthirster/other special models anyways



as far as i know this more or less is removed with new codex possibly, but they got this guy, basically u can repliclate close to this stats without some of the special rules (which are very cool) for maybe 100 pts less or so




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7/13/13 3:09:01 PM#4

1. Miguel has already hinted at there being be psychic powers, and perils of the warp, and there are confirmed Blood for your specifics we will see how close they get :) . As for the councils, I have no clue but I can imagine a few players from each faction in each Army heading the council.


2. I wouldnt mind seeing the occassional player getting something insane like being a Daemon Prince, as long as its something the faction council can grant to a player after a tonnnnnnnn of conditions are met, alot of resouces expended, and if that form has a timer and/or disappears on death. This would even fit with Miguels philosophy of Chess being a balanced game, despite pieces being unbalanced. This is coming from a non Chaos player, I will be playing Ork, and Space Marines...although an equivalent for each faction would be appropriate lol.



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7/13/13 3:16:35 PM#5

daemon angron is fairly boss also but a piece that only goes out in special events most likely

it would be nice to see them really put the effort into making this game the quality it deserves to be


and hey maybe when u guys done writing up these important message to dev u can send a few letter to lockheed martin about ur thoughts on the differences between the f35 and the eurofighter or maybe to GM about how u think they could change the configuration for their 6s im sure they will be glad to hear your opinion


not sure the pdf is official but i think it is somewhat, the lore is fairly half assed as well unless they are retroactively changing things, for example the war hounds were already a legion when angron was created and later united +renamed and he had further reason to turn on the emperor, anyways, im not expecting a 10 here, tbh, more like a DoW spin off mmo, but the potential for a Great game is certainly there


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OP  7/14/13 7:57:14 PM#6

I don't think the war council granting 'daemonhood' is particularly fluffy or even fair, if you become eligible for Ascension it should be like a 'level up' mechanic (i.e., automated). But I do have a couple of idea's of how it could work:

1) A kill/achievement tally could be kept for each character, A hidden high score (say for example, 5000 points which can be made up between achievements (i.e., killing pve bosses and clearing content) and killing enemy players. Points can be awarded per kill based on the rank of the opposing player (say; a Sergeant) and it's species (if it takes many orks to kill a space marine, then an Ork should be worth less than a space marine).

This kill/achievement tally could also be used to mark mutations and other Gifts of Chaos that the player can gain, with a random chance that the character is destroyed (!) by becoming Chaos Spawn. The hint is that people can elect to gamble with this chaos reward system or they don't, they gain the chance for rewards or damnation.

The table or score could be campaign or seasonally adjusted to take into account the life of the server and other factors, but the idea being is that to get to the hidden amount should be difficult and only realistically achieveable by say the top 5% of the server population in any one campaign.

The Ascended Daemon Prince may or may not replace the Chaos Space Marine in the character selection screen, or it could open up the hidden character class, similiar in principle that you couldn't make a Death Knight in WoW as your first character and had to be 'unlocked.'

2) A system like above, but instead of tracked over a single character's career, it is tracked over an account's career.

3) A system like 1, but could only be achieved during certain points in the campaign's progress.

4) A Chaos Reward system is introduced during say level up, with a RNG system to track a mutation. In the interest of player fun, there is a small chance that your character could become unplayable due to spawn (but the character's gear could be retreivable by another character of that players account, maybe even being automatically mailed to say a character of that account's choosing. Other rewards could exist as well, roughly analogous to the Eye of the Gods table in Codex: CSM 6th Ed, but adjusted for action game sensibilities (pretty hard to track say +1 Initiative, but maybe that increases the animation swing time for attacks). The higher leveled a character is, or the more 'achievements' he has rendered, then this RNG would be slightly adjusted into more 'favourable' rewards.

For example:

Say a random number is generated between 1 - 1000, seeded from computer local time and even mouse position and/or screen resolution. (a true; randomized number is impossible to program, you can assign limits, but telling the computer to pick one just like that without some sort of rules in place just isn't going to happen). The number it generates is 600. But say 600 is a result that actually improves aim for ranged weapons, but over the lifetime of that character's career, the player has demonstrated a preference for melee combat, therefore, the RNG of 600 is adjusted due to the account's age, and the characters level to a score of 625 which therefore adds another automated melee hit.

Or perhaps RNG scores of 0-10 (Chaos Spawn) or 990 - 1000 (Daemon Prince) should be the only ones adjusted for the above. In other words, there is always a chance of Chaos Spawn for even the mightiest players, but maybe there are slightly better odds of becoming a Prince.