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EverQuest Next Videos: Classes and Characters Panel from SOE Live 2013 (56:00)

The entire panel revealing 5 of the many, many classes from EQ Next, plus a whole lot more information on how character progression and building works in the new Norrath.

The entire panel revealing 5 of the many, many classes from EQ Next, plus a whole lot more information on how character progression and building works in the new Norrath.
Duration: 56:00
Views: 5,038  12 comments
Game: EverQuest Next
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Megilindir writes:

I want to be a slender untalented warrior who's got beaten all the time but somehow saves the day or a schizophrenic bard who causes trouble all the time.or i want to be a nomadic monk who's got  starved and got weakened, no staff or nor unarmed but good chanting skills.

Are you excited about it?Did you like that?

Mon Aug 05 2013 4:54AM Report
morbuskabis writes: Sooo...GW2 anyone? Mon Aug 05 2013 7:33AM Report
Ryowulf writes:

Fun to play? Fun to watch? What are they thinking?  In an mmo your character is suppose to stand still and flinch its arms once in a while.

As far as playing an untalented saves the day warrior what mmo can you be that in?  Maybe you can, I don't know role play it?

Mon Aug 05 2013 8:58AM Report
Role_player writes:

A lot! I want to be a chaotic-evil character, a renegade lonewolf that moves into the shadows and take death in the houses of the poor peasants, hated by Paladins, hunted by guards and mercenaries, an egoist man only looking for more power!

Or a mad druid like Radagast!

(I mean RP no Hardcore)

P.S.: I think the idea of class system-multiclassing is derectly connected in some way with a 3D versions of the cards game " MAGIC THE GATHERING" in which the combinations of forest/swamps/plains/isle/mountain like classes determine the strategy and style of play of the character (DECK of cards) switchable depending of the enemy you are against...thoughs?!

Mon Aug 05 2013 9:00AM Report
Thane writes:

yea, and all those classes have like 9 skills...............................................................................................................................................


seriously, do less classes focus on more moves. bad decision here.

Mon Aug 05 2013 10:51AM Report
voltt writes: I totally agree thane i am very dissappointed with a limited skill system like GW2 nothing like having the moves  you want at the beggining of the game and nothing to look forward to later on. Nothing like spamming the same skill over and over for the life of your character Mon Aug 05 2013 11:07AM Report
Anthur writes:


You can switch your class anytime. And you can choose for 4 of your abilities an ability from another class.

So it isn't the same 8 abilities all the time unless you decide to play your char that way.

Personally I think it is ok. Gives you much more flexibity than GW2 and doesn't end like in EQ2 where you had 40+ skills on your hotbar.

Of course the whole system stands and falls with the abilities and how meaningfull/distinctive they are. We have to wait for that.

Mon Aug 05 2013 11:30AM Report
Wizardry writes:

This looks like they stole all the ideas from Neverwinter.

I find it is too limiting,similar to the mistake FFXIV did when utilizing it's sub class system.Choosing just two of this and two of that is too limiting.There should be a lot more choice for abilities rather than 4 and 4 character choices.

The reason simple,just as in playing NW,i end up using the same sequence every single fight.So it gets real boring real fast.

Balancing is a bad idea,it makes every class feel the same.If you try to make a system that limits total dps ,then nobody will feel different.

Mon Aug 05 2013 1:08PM Report
Wizardry writes:

No ceiling,well they made you BUY Freeblood,so that is limiting and so far they have avoided the entire cash shop idea.So their MIGHT be limits on classes if they so decide to make you buy certain classes.Most likely not out of the box,they will want to lure players in then add them into the cash shop later.

LOL at the dude saying the NPC's don't react to a trigger.That is EXACTLY what scripting does,it reacts to a trigger,there is no other way to do AI unless you just give the npc a randomization of using it's AI.There is no such thing as a SMART NPC,they don't think,they react to triggered scripts.If their HP drops below 50% they might heal,if a player is doing more total stat they wil ldraw the hate of the npc,that is just simple aggression meteres,again all triggered.

Mon Aug 05 2013 1:22PM Report
xenorace writes: I am personally tired of MMORPGs with a HUD full of hotbars. Keeping it simple with a handful of attacks and abilities is not so bad IMO. Mon Aug 05 2013 1:25PM Report
Ryowulf writes:

Wizardy, its not like Neverwinter. Although to be fair to NW, look at it a year from now when they have many more classes, sub classes and paragon paths.  Rather than just a trickster rogue you might have a cunning and a brutal.  

Anyway, in EQN you start with a class, but only because they didn't want players starting as nothing. Each class comes with a collection of skills. You can gain as many skill sets(classes) as you want.

At that point you can continue with just one skill set, a rogue. Or you can mix and match, a little warrior a little wizard, whatever and make you own personal "class".

You can also switch skill sets and gear. So you can be a warrior in one battle and a wizard in another or a combo of the two in a third.

In Neverwinter or GW2 a wizard is always a wizard. In EQN you can be whatever class you have collected.

Mon Aug 05 2013 6:58PM Report
SysFail writes:

I really dislike multi-class systems, for me it removes any sense of affinity I have with the characters i've raised. 

I'm guessing players will still have the option to roll alts, but when a game world is designed around multi-classing, it removes that unique experience you can only get via a specific role.

From the video however, it seems the EQN devs are more enthusiastic about destruction and animations, rather than the real meat of what we've come to know as MMO's.

Wed Aug 07 2013 4:07AM Report