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EverQuest Next Videos: Classes, Character Builds, and Weapons (9:02)

We caught up with EQN's Dave Georgeson after the big EQN reveal to talk about classes, character customization, and even a few hints at crafting.

We caught up with EQN's Dave Georgeson after the big EQN reveal to talk about classes, character customization, and even a few hints at crafting.
Duration: 9:02
Views: 8,802  29 comments
Game: EverQuest Next
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Diamonds13 writes: That is looking very good actually ! Sat Aug 03 2013 11:23AM Report
reddog00 writes: Very intriguing! Sat Aug 03 2013 11:48AM Report
Arcona writes: So there are no levels, and you get skills by finding skill challenges in the world, and you can have all skills, but only 8 at one time. Sat Aug 03 2013 11:57AM Report
Bacchira writes:

I never played EQ or EQ II so my level of hype for this game has been very low.

Until now.


God this game sound fun! And what excites me the most is that they have managed to do it without any leveling, meaning there is no rush to max, leaving a huge part of the world barely noticeable , like a passing scenery viewed from a train window.


can't wait to try be part of this game :)

Sat Aug 03 2013 12:03PM Report
Telondariel writes:

I'm already formulating my ideal mage.


Can't wait for launch day!

Sat Aug 03 2013 12:44PM Report
drlunze writes: damn why is the voice from the left guy on the right speaker and vice versa -.- Sat Aug 03 2013 1:02PM Report
NagelRitter writes: Weapon sheet? What weapon sheet?! Sat Aug 03 2013 1:19PM Report
Beyorn writes: Help me out guys:  So EQ Next and EQ Next Landmark are going to be two different titles? Sat Aug 03 2013 1:22PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: Sounds soooo cool. Only part I'm not huge on is the swapping class configurations instantly. That tends to lead to a "Ok use this spec against these mobs then switch to this spec when we fight those mobs" etc. Sat Aug 03 2013 1:31PM Report
WereLlama writes: Multi-classing sounds neat, but  I hope this does not cause decision paralysis. Sat Aug 03 2013 1:37PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

Great interview from both sides. However, I didn't understand Garret's question either. :>

Is the fear that creatable/destroyable terrain will imbalance melee roles?

Sat Aug 03 2013 2:28PM Report
jdnyc writes: Agreed!  What Weapon Sheet?! Sat Aug 03 2013 2:34PM Report
odienman writes: Only 8 skills at a time?  I really hope they decide on atleast 10, hopefully 12-15, it really dumbs down game-play with so limited choices in my opinion. Sat Aug 03 2013 2:43PM Report
aeremus writes: I have a problem with just switching classes on the fly so you can say I want to be a warrior one minute then switch to a mage the next minute sounds like making everything soloable depending on what spec you need for it had high hopes for this game and they are rapidly deminishing. Sounds like all characters will be able to craft also so no real need to buy from sosmeone why not just switch your spec and craft your own stuff not good at all Sat Aug 03 2013 3:49PM Report
Azureblaze writes: The weapon sheet was shown during the reveal. Sat Aug 03 2013 3:59PM Report
Rorrin writes: as for the ranged vs melee confusing question, I think it was a little too broad.  he was basically asking "what are you guys doing to balance ranged vs melee combat".  i.e. sometimes ranged casters sit back in dungeon crawls avoiding all dmg from the mobs and casting and topping dps charts while the melee fighters are dancing around avoiding swipes, aoe affects, frontals, etc. from the mob so thus a lot harder to maintain time on target.  Not to mention some encounters can only be beat by using ranged attacks; thus leaving primary melee classes to just stand there and watch.  There are a hundred ways to skin this cat so I don't think it was going to get answered in "3 seconds". Sat Aug 03 2013 4:44PM Report
SplinterMH writes: Star wars galaxies character building? What a pleasent surprise, only took a decade.   Sat Aug 03 2013 7:25PM Report
Grimula writes:

Have they said Anything about gnomes in this game ??? WHERE ARE THE GNOMES BUDDY ?? hahah


Sat Aug 03 2013 10:45PM Report
discord235 writes:

@Beyorn: So EQ Next and EQ Next Landmark are going to be two different titles?

YES - EQ Landmark is launching this winter and is basically an EQ version of MInecraft. 

And on a personal note, this game sounds awesome!

Sat Aug 03 2013 10:47PM Report
evilized writes:

pvp will be amazing. shadowbane levels of character customization and build countering.


i can't wait. i really can't.

Sat Aug 03 2013 11:23PM Report
Terranah writes: looks really intriguing.  I don't mind the art style at all from what I've seen of it so far.  I have to admit I am feeling some excitement. Sat Aug 03 2013 11:38PM Report
garrett writes: Guys the question about the Ranged vs. Melee and destructible environments was meant completely as a PvP question. Unfortunately SOE is not talking about PvP yet, so I had to rephrase it at the last second. Think about it though in PvP, I could blast the land from beneath your feet with a spell and you might fall into a cavern, then what? How does melee counter ranged ? Sun Aug 04 2013 1:40AM Report
Lord.Bachus writes: Simplification is the wrong answer.... It makes the world they are trying to create liek a game... In my opinion a bad decision, people will take 8 skills and build a single rotation, where is the challenge in that? Sun Aug 04 2013 2:11AM Report
Riqqy82 writes: This is horrible news =(, balance is a very bad thing, and so is multi-classing, the ability to change at will pretty much ruins community, fail sony =/ Sun Aug 04 2013 7:50AM Report
mmoguy43 writes: Hmm.. in that case, I hope melee get some sort of tunneling strike attack or resist/deflect craterous spells. Large scale PvP with deep craters all around would be problematic. There probably will be something to limit that. Sun Aug 04 2013 12:25PM Report
KamikazeKite writes: Where is the clip with the Ogre race ? Sun Aug 04 2013 3:12PM Report
Sp00sh writes: Sweet! Sun Aug 04 2013 5:41PM Report
Xblade724 writes: LOL i was wondering that too about the speakers are opposite sides of the video peeps talking Sun Aug 04 2013 6:16PM Report
Megilindir writes:

Weapon skill system and change-on-the-fly skill system actually giving me some bad smell on this game.I had high hopes about this title being the "ultimate sandbox " experience but they still did not mention any pvp-or they mentioned it "in a form of fashion" so one can think of a not open world hardcore pvp game.

And they've been keep telling "breathing world", "events that you can complete and discover classes".This..this also makes me think of the same think Gw2 did.Acquiring SP on the way and unlocking skills (which means diffrent build styles)

?n consequence im slowly beggining to think it as a successor of GW2.I dont want to but so far the announces forces me to think that way and i dont like it.I want open world PvP with sticky classes.Not anything on-the-fly.Not any skills related to weapons but skills related to classes.I actually dont want to play an expansion of GW2..maybe im thinking too pessimist but it is what it is.

Mon Aug 05 2013 5:22AM Report