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EverQuest Next Forum » General Discussion » Depressed how cool other people build... :(

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2/14/14 1:53:23 PM#21
Originally posted by Elikal
Originally posted by DamonVile

You also have to consider the time they put in. A friend of mine has been building this .....thing for almost a week. All day long every moment the servers are up. It looks awesome.....but hole crap I wouldn't want to put that much effort into a building no matter how cool it looked after.

But he loves doing it and is having fun.

Hehe yeah, but it is kinda holding me back that I know the buildings will be destroyed at some point, either when Alpha ends or a huge patch comes. So I kinda hesitate to create all that much detail just to have to seen gone. ^^;

And then, I plan to make a nice, homey abode, not sooo much a castle or a giant temple or what. But it the extravanganza of some stuff looks cool. I am just not sure I want to live in a castle or something that looks like an artsy building, hehe.

You have to remember though even though it is alpha, everything will get wiped BUT anything you build on your claim will be saved into a template manually or automatically when the wipe occurs, anything you build will be carried over to the live version, once people are able to submit their creations to Player Studio a lot of of cool things will be in the store for other players to pick up if they like the design, also the development team can also take things created by players and put them into the actual Everquest Next game if they like what they see. Creations will always be templated.


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2/24/14 3:57:27 PM#22

I struggle to build better in Minecraft, I'm about to breakdown and get into Landmark though. What has helped me become a better builder over the years is watching what others have done and incorporate those ideas into my own style.

Some of the things I've learned that I have found most helpful, even if they seem obvious once you "get it" include;

Asymmetry. Interesting structures aren't always symmetrical, it's the oddities that make something interesting, more so than conformity.

Randomization. I'm not sure how possible this is in Landmark yet, but once you complete the basics of your build, go back and randomize some things. Like, if you can age the look of your builds in random spots, do so, but do it in a way that makes sense. If there is different types of stone to use (like cobble vs. smooth stone in minecraft) then use one for a foundation and another for the walls. If there is different colored wood, use contrasting colors to differentiate between sections of your build.

Additionally, using lighting in different ways can make a flat wall into a more 3D looking wall. 

I saw in your video, Eikal, that you were wanting to do a pagoda of sorts. Of course, you know to look at photos for ideas, but also look into the realm of fantasy art for additional ideas as well. 

Finally, the best thing I learned for Minecraft at least, was that always remember that it's a game. You don't have to follow rules of physics and proper engineering in a game. Try to break free from "well this makes sense because in real life" type of thinking. Even though you have to follow the limitations of the game engine, always remember it's "your world" when you are building. Go watch a Bob Ross painting video on youtube to reinforce that idea ;)


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2/24/14 4:05:26 PM#23
Originally posted by Elikal

Wow. I mean I tried to build my simple Temple into a mountainside... but seeing other people build Cathedrals, cool taverns and bad ass Asia Temples with tons of ornaments... it kinda makes me feel the most uncreative person in the world. :(


lol, but ... *sad Panda*

Hey Elikal, though I come from a family of artists and am an artist myself (though I indulged my musical side) I find that it pays to be open and to learn from those better than me.


I'm currently working on a skyrim mod and when I find that I am stuck on how to clutter something I go into the construction set and look at what the "pros" did. I've also learned quite a lot from other modders.

I think the best thing is to start small, learn about mastering the tools at hand and do not be afraid to iterate.

There was a time that I wanted to draw hands better so I got out my books and started drawing hands. Then when I was done I would do it again. and then again.

Don't let it get you down if it doesn't come naturally. Just be willing to learn!


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2/24/14 4:18:31 PM#24
Originally posted by Nitth


Originally posted by Elikal
Wow. I mean I tried to build my simple Temple into a mountainside... but seeing other people build Cathedrals, cool taverns and bad ass Asia Temples with tons of ornaments... it kinda makes me feel the most uncreative person in the world. :(



lol, but ... *sad Panda*


I wonder If it is actually possible to get to the level of some other people.
I mean In real life people are naturally talented artists and thus everyone cant be Michealangelo's.

Wonder if that holds true in virtual worlds?

Talent, or a lack thereof, is more often an excuse than a reality.  Certainly the greatest of artists had advantages in how their brains processed and interacted with art, but *most* artists do not get by on talent.  Not anymore.  Now days it's about hard work.  You no longer have to feel out how to do something 'right', you can learn how because other people have come before, made the mistakes, and left guides for you to follow and emulate until you find your own style.  Computers have also mitigated the effect of 'talent', by removing any physical barriers to producing good art (like a steady hand, or dexterous motions.)  Art can, now days, be produced by a multitude of programs, each suiting different types of people.  You can use straight photoshop and a tablet for that old fashioned approach to drawing/painting, or dive into something like Z-brush or Mudbox, or 3ds Max for sculptures.  There are also countless tools like premade brushes and shapes that really limit you purely to your imagination.


These days, talent is the crutch people use to avoid hard work.  "They'll always be better because they are talented, so why try?"  Unless you're playing Basketball, where half the game is about height, you'd best dissuade yourself of these false notions if you wish to release yourself from your limitations.


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2/24/14 4:28:37 PM#25
this is super outside my box of talents as well I ant build in games and I hate minecraft but some people love it and they are very good at is.  Work at it long as your having fun but just remember not everyone gets to be awsome at everything, you might try hard and still make garbage but thats ok we each have different skillsets they wouldnt be called skills if everyone was able to do it.

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I liked MMOs better when gamers didn't play them, and just geeks did.

2/24/14 4:35:06 PM#26

The awesomeness of the structure is directly proportioned to the amount of free time the builder has to waste.


I remodeled my kitchen with my 2 bare hands pretty much solo each weekend over the course of about 3 months. I'll take that over a pile of voxels any day. :)

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2/27/14 12:15:25 PM#27

I like that one because people always complain about everything looking blocky, I don't think that is blocky.

This one is just cool that it has a map of EQ on it~.


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“No path is darker then when your eyes are shut.” -Flemeth

OP  3/07/14 4:45:17 PM#28

I am really about to give it up, simply because I feel like an uncreative rock!

I scapped and begun again several times, but nothing I make looks more than a cheap rental appartment. Ugh. And then seeing all the screenshots in the forums and the buildings of others in the landscape... it kinda sucks my last will to play/build out of me.

It's kinda sad, but somehow I lack the ideas, and seeing what others build I feel like "I NEVER be able to do something like his, so I can as well quit." It's not lack of mastering the tools. If I see something I could copy most of it. I just have no ideas.

*sigh* :(

People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert


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3/07/14 7:12:58 PM#29
Originally posted by Elikal

I just have no ideas.

I feel your pain. Honestly, I like looking at what people are doing more then building myself. I am just not that creative, regardless of the tools given to me. Haven't been in game much as I'm waiting for some of the other systems to make it in.

Once Player Studio and more of the player to player stuff starts, it will probably be a lot easier as you can purchase what someone else has done. Be it something really simple to really complex. I don't remember, but I'm assuming you'll be able to build off of that and transform it.

So you could start with a very basic keep or tower and then work off of that. To me that will be a lot easier then building the the initial project. I'd rather start with a rough draft and then tailor it to my imagination.

Then again, I'm waiting for EQN, so LM is just a time-sink. Housing and building aren't my thing normally. If they have some impact or importance in EQN, I might revisit it though.


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“No path is darker then when your eyes are shut.” -Flemeth

OP  3/07/14 9:05:00 PM#30
All attempts to build houses I tried were dominated by my engeneering mind of practicality. How to place rooms so people living in it could access the rooms easily. How to place a staircase for best comfort. How to assure all rooms have natural light. Why do these thoughts of technical practicality always dominate my mind? EVERY single attempt I made, ended up like a Bauhaus appartment. Horrible. Boring, angular flats with zero artistic quality, but maximum practicality to live in.

You know what MY geniune contribution to Everquest Landmark house building is?

A toilet. I prolly am the only person who came up with making a restroom, thinking, hey people need to take a leak, have a bath tub and a sink! It always bugged me as unrealisitc and highly unpractical that in almost all games, the houses have not a single toilet.

There. That's gonna be my enternal contribution to a wonderful new world. People don't have to go behind the bush. God, I am such a helpless unromantic and uncreative person. I built houses like Mr. Spock would. Focussed on logical necessities. Still, I feel like a dork.

People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert


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3/11/14 12:31:01 AM#31

I'll stick to hollowing out mountains and building where no one can see my sadness lol.


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World > Quest Progression

3/11/14 7:56:54 PM#32

LOL, I wouldn't be so hard on yourself but I understand and either that method or crating a dirt "forcefield" around the bounds of your claim would work too :) Once construction is complete down come the dirt hehe.

That's the great thing about templates, make them anywhere then save and delete for later use. I'm my build I'll have a "Hall of Creation" that I do this with... when I have enough time to complete it lol
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