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EverQuest Next Forum » General Discussion » [POLL] Should You Take Falling Damage in MMORPG's?

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9/05/13 5:31:59 PM#41

I think they should have fall damage but also many skills and items to mitigate it, since it appears that there will be along of falling down holes. I don't know if there will be passive abilities in the game, but if there are this should be one of them.

one day you die when going in a hole, the next day your jumping down chasms with your featherfall ability.


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9/05/13 7:06:33 PM#42
Originally posted by Crazy_Stick<wall of text>

Jeezus, never mind.

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OP  9/05/13 8:04:37 PM#43
Originally posted by Icewhite
Originally posted by Crazy_Stick

Jeezus, never mind.




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9/05/13 8:11:36 PM#44
Autofollowing a monk to your death is one of the more humorous things that could happen to you in the old everquest...  Oh noes he jumped off that -- splat.

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9/05/13 8:12:41 PM#45

Yes. Lack of fall damage was an instant turn off for me in TSW. It wasn't the only turn off, but it was the first and it matters greatly to me. If I can jump and fall, then i should take damage accordingly, imo. If I can't jump and fall, that's a whole different poll :)




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9/07/13 9:29:51 AM#46
Originally posted by Mithrandolir

Yes. Lack of fall damage was an instant turn off for me in TSW. It wasn't the only turn off, but it was the first and it matters greatly to me. If I can jump and fall, then i should take damage accordingly, imo. If I can't jump and fall, that's a whole different poll :)

 In TSW, you were not exactly normal. You were hopped up on bee pollen or whatever they put into your body. As one of the bad guys said about the bees not letting you die, why would they let you take falling damage? You were basically a superhero.

In EQN, I can see a reason not to have falling damage based on the movement system unless you jumped off a really high area.

Maybe anything over 20 feet or so?




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9/08/13 11:43:07 PM#47
It would just look odd to be able to jump off a huge cliff and survive without using any tricks. Like using Shield Wall as a Warrior on WoW back in vanilla; you could jump off Mount Hyjal, slam into the ground in Felwood and survive with half your health left. Doesn't make sense. Slow fall etc is fair enough. In my opinion you should be able to use abilities to survive falls (things like slow fall etc), but every class should have access to them (only through actively choosing to spec into such an ability, not just something they have permanent access to).

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9/11/13 9:57:49 PM#48
Though the world may be fantasy, the more of the realistic mechanics that are removed from new mmos, the lower the levels of immersion.  Anything that makes the game harder and more real is an absolute must.  Pretty much anything shy of permadeath makes for a more exciting, more compelling experience... and this is why new games flat out suck.


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9/11/13 10:09:14 PM#49
Considering EQ has historically had fall damage and a skill to increase for mitigating it, I see no reason to remove it. Maybe just create better way to improve your safe fall than repeatedly jumping off slightly too high rocks or walls =/

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9/11/13 11:07:04 PM#50
Originally posted by Crazy_Stick

I will admit that after some thought that the issue goes deeper than the question asked in my personal view. One core issue I have with world design in MMORPGs right now is the fact that so many development teams are ignoring the various effects of terrain and treating the environment as nothing more than pretty art. Its like the modern Development teams see the world as nothing more than a basket for the critters and loot...,


I think swampland and mud patches should suck at your characters feet halving their movement speed. I think Ice should be slippery potentially resulting in falls. I think trees and boulders should actually serve as cover against arrow shots and spells from a distance. Indeed, it would be nice to climb a tree in a game and snipe others. And yes all of this should create useful situations for WvW style PVP and even in PVE where tactics can start to mean something more than orderly button smashing in a stone circle.


Even the levels of lighting in a dungeon environment should have an affect. How long has it been since we have seen a dungeon in an MMO where you are blind without a torch? I honestly believe the environment should be useful for the design or engagement of encounters in a game world rather than simply mood setting or art work on screen. I think NPCs should use terrain effects when defending their lairs in PVE too.


So yes, I think there should be falling damage and potentially abilities to counter or abuse terrain effects for various character classes.  That's "my" personal view and others are entitled to their own.


I been playing some retro RPGs like Eschalon lately and it was refreshing to see things like the level of light or bushes with sharp thorns affect my character and his ability to fight.

 Agree, ive also been waiting on a game were weather effects gameplay, like snow/blizzards will reduce visability and movement speeds, deserts will reduce fire resistance, duststorm almost make you blind, rain makes ur resistance to fire goes up and cold resist gets lowered and so on.


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9/11/13 11:15:40 PM#51

physics in mmorpgs should always be as realistic as possible.  so yes, a 20 foot fall in armor, should break your legs, 30 feet should royally fuck you up, and 40+ should leave you near dead or dead.


sto didnt have fall dmg in its ground combat, and it was so stupid, you could jump off a mountain 100+ feet up, and not take 1 point of dmg, so it was abused to hell for going around mobs people didnt want to clear.  (albeit stos ground combat was painfull enough to want to skip fighting)


eq games have always had falling dmg, and safe falling skill to lessen it, which you skill up by falling and taking dmg.  fun system!


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9/11/13 11:18:42 PM#52


Is the game builts around the idea of jumping from high places or a game with a focus on exploration? then no

Or it is a game that must have this to avoid exploiting or affecting another game sphere or enjoyment? the yes

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World > Quest Progression

9/11/13 11:19:11 PM#53



Even with the heroic movement system if I jump off a 50' cliff and do a tumble I should take some damage.  I know we're dealing with a fantasy world but said fantasy world should still have physics that make sense IMO.


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9/12/13 10:10:17 PM#54

Heh, it definitely should have some form of falling damage.

I remember trying Rift several months ago, and they actually removed falling damage.  It was so immersion breaking.


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9/12/13 10:28:38 PM#55

It's a surprisingly small detail that adds a lot to a game when implemented correctly.


I will say I rather hate when MMOs have invisible barriers to prevent you from falling off ledges. 


EQ1 had designed it well.  The ability to fall off high cliffs and die added real fear to the game. High Pass Hold, Paineel to name two had massive drops that would kill you if you weren't paying attention.  The fact that I remember these locations speaks to the affect this detail had on the atmosphere of the game.

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