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City State Entertainment | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Development  (est.rel N/A)  | Pub:City State Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution: | Retail Price:n/a | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

Camelot Unchained Videos: Mark Jacobs Dishes On Everything (56:17)'s Rob Lashley Interviewing Mark Jacobs Co-Founder of City State Entertainment about Camelot Unchained. Loads of new info revealed!'s Rob Lashley Interviewing Mark Jacobs Co-Founder of City State Entertainment about Camelot Unchained. Loads of new info revealed!
Duration: 56:17
Views: 8,830  40 comments
Game: Camelot Unchained
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NytM4re writes: HYPED Thu Feb 14 2013 3:13PM Report
meddyck writes: A text summary of the new info revealed would be nice. Thu Feb 14 2013 3:23PM Report
Grakulen writes: @Meddyck. That may or may not be in the works. Thu Feb 14 2013 3:37PM Report
Ice-Queen writes: Awesome interview. I was pleased with what MJ had to say about housing, rvr, auction house, and also being stationary while you use skills. Thu Feb 14 2013 4:14PM Report
Exkramental writes: NERF DRAGONFANG!!!!!!!!!! Thu Feb 14 2013 4:28PM Report
justinco writes: 55 minutes??? WTB cliff notes! Thu Feb 14 2013 4:45PM Report
Foncl writes: I hope they manage to pull off a great game. It definitely sounds promising in theory. Thu Feb 14 2013 5:20PM Report
Desiderium2012 writes:

As you said, careful what you put as a stretch goal :) it might just happen.

I know ALOT of guys and gals who have been waiting, well forever for this to happen.

Keep the vision going, and look forward to more information.

Thu Feb 14 2013 5:25PM Report
redcapp writes: wtb transcript pst Thu Feb 14 2013 6:08PM Report
Drithe writes:

I played Dark Age of Camelot, no, I LIVED Dark Age of Camelot for over 10 years on the legendary Bors server. With what Mark Jacobs has said, I cannot wait until march to donate my hard earned cash.

Perhaps Deerhunter will live again .... and all of you will die, again.


End of Line.

Thu Feb 14 2013 6:12PM Report
BillMurphy writes:

Via Rob: 


·         Classes will be specialized. You will have specific roles to fill.

·         The classes will be preset. You will start off with the role you are to fill. You won’t start off as a warrior and end up as a necromancer.

·         Crafting and resource gathering will be intimately link to RvR. Some of the high end resources for example could be in highly contested areas and you would need a group to go collect them.

·         There will be player housing. This is still being fleshed out. It could be in safer areas but you will also be able to build in contested areas.

·         There will not be an auction house. This is to help drive the economy to be community driven. Face to face interactions.

·         Cash shop: Nothing that could be considered Pay to Win will be in the game. If anything it will be cosmetic in nature. They are not sure that there will even be a cash shop.

·         There will be multi-tiered subs. They are not looking to raise the price of a sub. If anything this will allow people to have multiple accounts and get a discount on the price.

·         The goal for the kickstarter will be 2 million USD.

·         This game will be system driven to make players want to RvR.

·         We could see a herald like functions for the game.

·         Player looting is not planned.

·         Mark likes both tab target and action combat. They are still working on how the combat will be done.

·         There will be multiple servers.

Thu Feb 14 2013 6:34PM Report
slegg writes: at 13:00 mins, BORI (age of conan) it just dosent work! Thu Feb 14 2013 6:56PM Report
boxsnd writes:

Summary is on the subreddit:


Thu Feb 14 2013 7:03PM Report
boxsnd writes:

It ate my link :P Try this:


(it's on the top)

Thu Feb 14 2013 7:05PM Report
Yizle writes: Interested but need to see more definite answers. Thu Feb 14 2013 8:21PM Report
muffins89 writes: im still wondering how they plan to do all this for 5million dollars. Thu Feb 14 2013 8:40PM Report
darkbalth writes: they said around 10 mil, and with a small company it is very well possible Thu Feb 14 2013 9:58PM Report
SpikeX writes:

Yo Mark,


I'm a former player of DFC, Magestorm, DAOC and Warhammer.  I'll support this kickstarter and am looking forward to the game.  I'm not saying I'm not skeptical but I'll throw some money down.  Oh and if you ever want to put DFC up on a small server...I'd still pay to play it.  MUDs are still dope.

Thu Feb 14 2013 10:41PM Report
Talin writes:

Thanks for the text recap, I don't have the time/patience to watch or listen content anymore (probably also due to being a speed reader and devouring content that way). I appreciate the effort! :)

Also - DAOC has always been my one true love in MMOs... I'll donate my money to the kickstarter in faith alone that the end result of CU is just the equivalent of DAOC 2.0 (although it sounds much more than that).

I'm loving the ongoing updates and detailed communication so far; please try to keep the community in the loop throughout, Mark!

Thu Feb 14 2013 10:47PM Report
C3llTherapy writes: Haven't been more excited about a game in more than 6 years. I completely fell off MMO's bored of the spoon fed, cookie cutter, instant gratification games shoveled down the publics throats for more subscriptions. Almost everything the guy says is great. Thu Feb 14 2013 11:03PM Report
-Zeno- writes:

Mark Jacobs is saying the same thing as the Darkfall developers said years ago: Make a game they want to play (not for the masses).

Mark may succeed due to being a known person alone.  Getting fired from EA was the best thing that ever happened to him, right?

Fri Feb 15 2013 1:13AM Report
kosac writes: but players want  change builds and make different character setups.. what if patch makes character unuseble.. why if after 1 year playing warrior i want change play style and make wizzard... with this prehistorical class  system you MUST create new character! so how can player indentify self with character if must make another character... everything else looks promising.. but oldschol class system is bad.. Fri Feb 15 2013 2:49AM Report
exile01 writes:
Just tell me, why speak about a mmo wich will come out in 5 years??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Fri Feb 15 2013 4:56AM Report
moguy2 writes:

This is years away and I am sure there are guys writing down their super cool character names and drawing pictures of their avatars.  This is truly nothing to get worked up about till the final days. But mmorpg still has to plop this crap in front of ya light years in advance. Guild warrs 4 will be out by the time this releases!

They call me Downer, Debbie Downer./tips hat

Fri Feb 15 2013 6:10AM Report
Ikifales writes:

"There will not be an auction house. This is to help drive the economy to be community driven. Face to face interactions."


He also mentioned Player shops so that you don't have to stand around selling all day. Reminds me of SWG a little!

Fri Feb 15 2013 7:40AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: Dude is epuc, passionate, and real. SHADOWBANE :D Fri Feb 15 2013 8:00AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: epic* Fri Feb 15 2013 8:01AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: becareful of that word "vision" /cough Brad McQuaid /cough :) Fri Feb 15 2013 8:25AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: wish I didnt have class yesterday :( Fri Feb 15 2013 8:49AM Report
Thedrizzle writes: The comments just solidified the reason why I don't play MMO's anymore. Fri Feb 15 2013 9:21AM Report
keitholi writes:

I REALLY hope they follow through with the world rebuilding aspect of crafting. When he started talking about that I had some flashbacks to Horizons Online and, im not gonna lie, I got a litte hard right there.

Fri Feb 15 2013 9:31AM Report
keitholi writes:

Dren_Utogi writes: becareful of that word "vision" /cough Brad McQuaid /cough :)



Mark Jacobs is NOT Brad McQuaid. Mark Jacobs has a spine, kkthxbai

Fri Feb 15 2013 9:48AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: hehe :D Fri Feb 15 2013 10:05AM Report
Intrinsic writes: This really impressed me, and i wasn't expecting it? to. I love DAoC and community was key, our Palomides forum is still up 12 years later, no other game has come close to the community of DAoC. Games these days just seem to miss that something DAoC had, in times of need we put aside our differences and fought as one for the good of our respective Realms. This vid link just captures what it was about DAoC that was special [url][/url] Fri Feb 15 2013 12:15PM Report
Nanfoodle writes: Loved DAoC in its day and played it for years but just not intrested. To win me over it would need some PvE, even if a few solid open world dungeons to go unwind with friends would be enough to keep me happy.  Hope you do well though =-) Fri Feb 15 2013 12:16PM Report
Shadanwolf writes: I can't get past Jacob's resume, and his performance at his last two jobs. Fri Feb 15 2013 12:51PM Report
BelegStrongbow writes: this game is fail.  Kickstarter will fail.  We dont want this crap game.  We want sandbox action MMO Fri Feb 15 2013 4:32PM Report
daelnor writes:

I played DAOC for many years, I beta tested WAR, even winning my way into beta with a short story submission.  Honestly, I am not sure I'm up for the pure pvp anymore like I use to be.  I may be too laid back these days to appreciate it, but the idea is intriguing.  I can honestly say I'd be willing to kick down some cash just to see what you do with this.

Oh, and...DAOC stealth mechanics......DAOC oldschool archery...not that lame casting based stuff that it got changed too...and um....yay for casters having to stand still.  Easymode casters in games now are lame.

Fri Feb 15 2013 10:49PM Report
CyborWolfTK writes:

Loving the answers about the game so far esspecially the comments about looking at taking ideas from both tab target and action methods.

  I do hope that they look at mounted combat more, as I've seen some real progress in that area from games like Black Deserts from Pearl-abyss.

  I think it's important also to say that graphicly the game needs to be on par with games like Black Desert/Archeage/Bless/Vindictus.

Which makes the choice of the engine a big deal!

 I have never Kick started a game, but I will be in on the ground floor the first day because I see the Fire and passion MJ and his team has for this project, and reminds me of how I felt when I worked on my first project, It truely is a love affair!

Mon Feb 18 2013 2:24AM Report
Nymandus writes:

Mark Jacobs needs to kick in 1 dollar for every time he said, "Ahhhh..." in that video, which btw was soul crushing and generic.


Sun Feb 24 2013 4:02PM Report