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Camelot Unchained Forum » General Discussion » So many old school DAOC players in one place. Lets sound off our name/server. Maybe reconnect with old pals

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"Always borrow money from a pessimist. They won't expect it back."

2/24/14 10:58:22 AM#261
Midgard Guinevere

What happens when you log off your characters????.....
Dark Age of Camelot


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Joined: 2/27/14
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2/27/14 6:48:40 PM#262

Tello De Alba L50 Armsman from Lancelot

Old School was my guild.

And like most of us still havent  found a game to fill the hole pre ToA Daoc left.

Really excited about CU.



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2/28/14 11:54:03 PM#263
Originally posted by grimjakk

Grimjakk - Midgard/Percival

The guild was formed from a bunch of refugees from Tallon Zek, EQ's TeamPvP server.  There were 2 or three other Midgard guilds that were mostly ex-TZ players that ended up on Percival as well for whatever reason.


Hello Grimjakk


My main was Nalia - Midgard Percival

I was also a member of Einherjar from the beginning and also came along on the refugee boat from EQ Talon Zek. 


After Einherjar dwindled to near nothing I moved to the Winters Bane guild.


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Joined: 3/03/14
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3/03/14 12:44:50 PM#264

Greetings folks,

Percival / Midgard here.

Main was Orcris - Cave Shaman

It has been so long I hardly remember my alts except my thane Grendiv. 

My father IRL also played. His main was Memir Redhand - Pac Healer

I ran with Bloodaxe Clan in the early days (with Durgan at the helm) while Memir was with Einherjar.. a little before Foundations we both joined Vengeance of Valhalla, and proudly served under Sanger aka "The Blood God" (old title had fun with it at the time) and of course Vanaith and Jullian... (sorry for any other leaders I have forgotten)

Being a cave shaman and also having the right equipment gave me a lot of room to solo (although sometimes Senjak would be crazy enough to duo with me), so I often got brave and paid the price to Raad picking me off... hehe.. I never approached a milegate without holding my breath. 

There were many massive raids lead by Gisli, and many more ravenous pick up groups lead by Galroth (who had no qualms about having a CC breaking cave shammy in his group) haha.

I have lost contact with all my former guildies over the years, but hopefully some of you still have old contacts you haven't touched base with in a while. 

Hope to see you guys on the Viking side!


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Joined: 4/19/05
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3/06/14 10:44:12 PM#265

Percival Midgard Berserker.  I hope they have a berserker class in CU.  I'll be all over it.


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Joined: 11/27/05
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3/10/14 10:23:59 AM#266
During its prime I was Armed - Mid - SB - Tristan was in HEXE before it fell apart.  Afterwards, bounced to other servers, other realms, other characters but always ended up back playing Armed.  I still hate patch 1.62.  /cheers

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3/10/14 10:32:53 AM#267

Bors/Albion , Gaheris/Midgard, Merlin/Albion, Lamorak/Hib and soo many others. Bors/Albion from the start though!

I played the Armsman Kakk on Bors, and variations of that for most of my other characters.

Currently Playing: ESO and FFXIV
Have played: You name it
If you mention rose tinted glasses, you better be referring to Mitch Hedberg.


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3/13/14 11:25:44 PM#268

Not many from Galahad, bummer.

Reese Flamelocks, Armsman, Galahad

Draxia, Nightshade, Andred/Mordred

Played: UO, DAoC, Shadowbane, DDO, LOTRO, Aion, Rift, TERA
Sampled: WoW, AoC, GW2, Vanguard, FF XIV, Neverwinter
Playing: ESO


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Joined: 1/28/04
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3/13/14 11:37:51 PM#269


I started on galahad..  My champ Greenbear, Druid Greenman,  Enchanter Danfinna and Bard was Deathdrum.

Switched to Mid Gareth later.



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3/15/14 1:55:33 AM#270

Vlad stop acting like you killed everyone.






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3/25/14 4:16:52 AM#271
Originally posted by shadevice

Whos lurking? whos posting? who are you?

I was Vestige on Percival. Whats up?



Megetcha Good - Lvl 50 Nightshade - Mordred

Slinging Bullets - Lvl 50 Ranger - Mordred

Saraniva Lvl 50 Bard - Mordred

Stainless Steele Lvl 50 Druid - Mordred



Many of you might remember me as Platinumjunkie.


Played Mordred from release, not seeing many Original Mordred peeps here for role call. The thing I loved about Mordred was at one time or another most DAoC players gave Mordred a try. Most of the good clans ended up there as a last resort. I was able to play with some of the most awesome clans around! Started off with Retribution then  Torcan - and Shadowclan Alt. Tribute!! Tribute!! 

Much love to Sin Vida - Dizzy - Fatalis - Wraith - too many great guilds to name them all!!

I absolutely loved asshatting RolePlayers back to servers henceforth where  they doth came from!! 

When Shadowclan came to Mordred-- I have to admit I really enjoyed that clan as it gave me a refreshing break from the PvP scene.  Never made my SC alt to 50 but I made a bunch of great friends in SC!! 



Wheres my old school peeps at?

I loved DAoC - Nothing like it since! 

/stick /face /asshat /wave /quit


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4/09/14 4:24:11 AM#272

I think we finally have the game where we can decide the matter, who will kick more ass. Shadowbane players, or DAoC players.



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Joined: 4/19/14
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4/19/14 12:59:02 AM#273

Sound off!

Virtual Darkstorm of Pellinor

Lezil Dark of Pellinor

Lurikeen Enchanter RR10L9

Forces of Nature




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I want an mmorpg where pvp matters, my enemies are not my race or class, and community matters.

4/19/14 1:12:07 AM#274
Originally posted by Kuldebar
Originally posted by BowbowDAoC

Actually i started a forum exactly for that matter.

to rally up old DAoC members by server names.

its not complete yet, as i still had to find all the names of the servers, but it should be done this weekend.

Meanwhile you can all register at, preferably using your DAoC main character's name.

It could become a good place for everyone to meet again there, share the adress with old friends etc.



LOL  Thread hijacker!


Kuldebar Valiturus, author of the Anthem of the Realm of Albion, inhabitant of Pellinor and member of the Guild, The Dragons


Edit: Elementalist!

'The Light of Camelot'

by Kuldebar Valiturus of Pellinor

O' ancient land of honor spread
Beneath the broad sky overhead,
May Camelot's flame bravely light,
Upon the shadows of encroaching night.

Those who tread with ill intent
Beneath our sacred firmament,
Whether of Hammer or of Tree,
Albion's might shall strike at thee!

For fair Albion of greatness bred,
Shall avenge her valiant dead,
And Uther's heir will smile down
On those who defend the hallowed Crown.

The Holy Chalice will provide rebirth
Of flame rekindled upon the earth,
Though travails and dark days lie ahead,
The light will pierce the looming dread.


Very nicely done!  :)  had to post this on your behalf.



  User Deleted
4/28/14 8:48:25 AM#275

Nimue. Had a Highlander Mercenary but then switched to a Briton Reaver named Levaithan. Nimue was an RP server and it was a fantastic experience. The lore, the artwork and the community made a real immersive experience. DAOC RP was unmatched by any MMO to date.


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Joined: 12/18/03
Posts: 5

It's all good!

4/28/14 11:21:46 AM#276

Mazudht (Armsmen) - Nimue

Silmarian (Sorcerer) - Nimue

Elizar (Cleric) - Nimue

Some other 50s that I don't remember.

Maz/Rogue/Rift/Faeblight until CU releases


Apprentice Member

Joined: 4/09/04
Posts: 186

5/18/14 3:00:59 PM#277

Hefaistos - Andred/Mordred. Ive played with PTC, Legends, Torcan then Dragon Family. Then moved with Dragon Family on Merlin Hib, after 3 years of insane fights. 


Advanced Member

Joined: 7/25/03
Posts: 39

5/18/14 3:18:12 PM#278

Ack! Just noticed my post was completely wrong.

I had:

Previn - Alb - Iseult

Juntau, Huel and others - Hib - Bors

I can't remember the Mid server I played on.


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Joined: 1/03/09
Posts: 433

If DaoC was so fun why don't you just play it?

5/18/14 3:41:23 PM#279
While I am not a DAoC fan in anyway I really think this thread is a great idea and there should be more of them, I hope you all unite and crush your enemys together.

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Joined: 5/18/14
Posts: 1

5/18/14 7:05:04 PM#280
Originally posted by Wazluk
Originally posted by Darkghost13

omg yes, i cant believe i forgot about them, seeing their names bring back so many memories.!! Great times! I miss daoc way too much and im havign a ahrd time comparing any game too it. im stuck playing wow and its getting borring for me. Omg Remember Mistwraith? I ran into his healer while playing Rift a few months ago. I havent played rift in about 2 months though. 

ps. we used to call Tequitis - taco....i think lol. i cant remember.

Also gunslinger was another name


Midgard Iseult's Echoic of Bedlam > Mistwraith


Heh, I used to run with Bedlam every so often when they were on Hib Galahad and Echoic was a Bard.  I was Eternalgrace, a Light Mentalist and I was in the guild <Infinite Darkness> for a long time and then <Temporal Space>.  I was briefly on Mid / Guin with a gank guild called <Static>.  

And then I rolled as Eternalx (Minstrel) on Alb / Gareth and was co-GM of a gank guild called <Scourge> along with my buddy Axcc.  We were a top gank guild for a while there and we had lots of good fights with Bedlam who was Hib / Gareth at the time.  We had a Sorc, some Korean dude named Meanie, who was just nasty at getting off clean mezes.  

Was very fun times.  Best PvP game of all time.  Shout outs to Bedlam, Hippoeater, Knightswatch, and all my other enemies that made the game a constant challenge.  :)

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