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Camelot Unchained Forum » General Discussion » Name some Methods of random chaos you want in CU

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3/01/13 10:27:05 AM#21
Random Dancing with iCarly!

I healed Mistwraith and all I got was this stupid tee-shirt!



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Sometimes absurdity is the best route back to reality.

OP  3/01/13 11:38:18 AM#22

"I definately like randomly 'rolled' locational hits as they then take into consideration the armour of that location. Your armour rating is longer simply the total of all your pieces but is dependant on what you're actaully wearing on the hit location."

I like this, but I'd prefer we had a taget a specific limb type of combat system which would work well if we had a Health, Stam, and Mind/Mana 3 meter system but it might be too deep to work out for a MMORPG.


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3/02/13 7:38:11 PM#23

Some of these ideas are way too silly.

Here are some slightly less silly ideas, mostly about weather and spells. Some have already been mentioned partially. 


1. Weather Effects (general)

a. Fog = Decreased visible range

b. Hot/Dry weather = Action cost increased 25% and Fire spells improved 25%

c. Hail storm = Mana cost increased 25% - ex. /casting fireball....... *ping*  "Ow, that hurt"

d. Heavy Rain Storm = Fire spells 25% less effective and slower movement for heavily armored characters

e. Snow storm = Decreased resists for all characters and 25% increase to Ice spells

f. 0.001% chance of being struck by lightning during a storm resulting in death (0.001% chance for each strike)


2. Elemental Boosts for casters

a. Standing near a fire improves fire spells by 25%

b. Standing near water, in water, or in a rain storm improves Water based spells 25%

c. Standing in a forest improves nature related spells 25%

d. Lightning spells improved 25% during Heavy Storms w/ Lightning

e. Snow storm (or snowy landscape) improves Ice spells 25%

f. Standing near a fissure or rift improves Earth based abilities 25%

Etc. Etc.


3. Heavily armored character sink in water.

4. AoE spells (and siege weapons) do 50% of the damage (or effect) to friendlies within the radius.

5. Random incursions of monsters

(Ex. A pack of trolls (or related baddies) attacks a keep or tower for no apparent reason. Allow them to capture it.)


That's all I've got for now.


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3/03/13 12:18:36 PM#24
When riding a mount, if an enemy comes near.... your mount has a small chance of getting "spooked" and throwing you off its back, stunning you for 5 seconds or so.


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Sometimes absurdity is the best route back to reality.

OP  4/07/13 7:30:03 PM#25

Some more additions.

I don't know why I didn't think of this one before but if CU has a pet class, once in a while if you give the pet a command maybe it attacks you or maybe it just refuses?

As for crafters. It could be as simple as once in a while when they build a front line structure it has less hit points, or is more susceptible to fire.

Since its been said crafters best option will be to run I thought of a few ideas. Once in a while they have a turbo run. Rarely, and I mean in a RARE case only they get a huge knock back or damaging move (call it a pick axe to the skull) or whatever that surprises, stuns, hurts or does all 3 to the cocky would be killer who thought he had another easy target.


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4/07/13 8:47:21 PM#26

first of all thanks Xobdnas for an awesome thread, its refreshing compared to what we had to deal with this past week :)

second, i think all ideas so far are great !

I'll now add my own thoughts, some of wich i already mentionned, some new ones :

- Random effects for spells (i.e. a regular fireball turning into a AoE rain of fire, a root spell too powerful that makes a tree grow, etc)

- Randomised RvR quests : a bounty suddenly appears on someone's head, or any specific class, requested by the king

- Nature change / anger of the gods : causes river to get out of their bed, huge snowstorm, forest fire that could from time to time change the landscape.

- cursed / magic objects : upon crafting or or spellcrafting on an object, some additional bonuses / curses could also appear on it, and it could or could not be shown on that item's info.

- cursed death : upon dying once in a while something special could happen to the dead body ; it could go from something as simple as spontanous combustion, that could or could not cause fire damage to everyone within X radius, to the body coming back to life but in another shape (i.e. giant, undead etc,) that thing could be dangerous, thus changing the battle around it pretty quick. (creature would be game controlled of course....or player controlled ... )

- Random PvE events (i know, i'm mentionning PvE... but its my favorite :D so please keep reading)

(some have already read this part, but we had many new visitors since then)

Without implementing tons of PvE spots, what if there was some "PvE events" ?

There would be no camping whatsoever, what i suggest is this : Players dont go PvE....PvE comes to them :)

                  i can easily imagine having a horde of monsters spawning all around a town with a common goal, or npcs from another realm making a raid on a town from another realm, even a dragon flying over a town and burning / killing everything ot everyone he can. make those NPCs come to us instead of us going to them.

                  - imagine 150 lets say gobls with a wide variety of levels all attacking one of our village altogether, with the objective of burning the town church or chapel, anf if they would suvveed, it could lets say nullify the binding stone of this town for a certain amount of time

                 - imagine a npc guild of fire wizards deciding to burn a whole village, or wanting to kill or capture  an  important  NPC in a keep or village,

                 - imagine a bunch of npcs bounty hunters that have been contracted to kill a specific player.

                  Those events could be randomised, set to have a specific amount per week, or manually started by CSE.

There could be a wide variety of "objectives" those npcs could have, and they could be from a wide range of levels in the same attack, giving a chance for everyone around to contribute in that battle, and would give a sense of fear / fun factor, seeing a (using DAoC's color for exemple), a purp con mob running towards you, man would you try to go behind a purp con player to defend you ? would you run like hell ? hide ? sacrifice yourself ? FUN !

Some sort of short terms consequences / loss if NPCs succeed in that objective.

It would add a LOT of fun in the game, keeps everyone alert all lthe time, either from npcs or actual other players from different realms.

It would also be a GREAT way to introduce rare crafting / spellcrafting ingredients in the game.

i know that having this implemented would need some extra work, especially for 3d designers, but thats why i thought of focusing on using NPCs from other realms for lots of those pve events, since the 3d modeling would already be made for those.



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If you can't do something well, enjoy doing it poorly.

4/07/13 9:41:13 PM#27

Earthquakes that split the earth and cause temporary minor control loss (like being drunk in WoW), lightning strikes, forest fires, both with AoE damage....rampaging rare boss spawn occurences that provide an extra hazard in the middle of gameplay (but much scarcer than what we have seen in games like GW2)...not looking for loot here, just having some fluke hazard variable thrown in the fray maybe tied into the earthquake, forest fires, etc that I mentioned. 

Loved the game Shadow of the Colossus where you could climb the giants...tin CU, a colossus could be completely peaceful, just passing through a war oblivious to the armies below, not realizing they are stepping on people, siege, etc. Would be fun to be able to climb one while its walking past an army and cast or shoot (or escape) while riding it.

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4/07/13 10:26:03 PM#28

Originally posted by Ebonheart 1. Weather Effects (general) a. Fog = Decreased visible range

I had the same thought when I started reading this thread. Only with varying degrees of fog where heavy fog would would make it so you couldn't see/target (I suppose you could still attack the darkness...) anything outside of about a 5 foot range which would make it so entire groups could pass each other in the fog and not even know it. Same thing with snow storms and dust storms, etc. Provide some sort of /loc and /face command similar to how DAoC worked and you could easily find your way around to another group of friendlies. Would add the whole fog of war idea to an MMO and open up new and interesting possibilities for roaming combat.


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4/07/13 10:29:39 PM#29

I have one dream on this.


A caster that has zero or minimal strength and is max level. The only way he can have this is by rolling out of strength at character creation and never equipping heavy armor or a sword that would level strength (say). This caster is in a zerg or Relic defence that just encounters the enemy zerg. He then Leeroy Jenkins out first, pulls out the largest 2H weapon in the game and attacks the no value critter mob or other enemy melee that ran out to meet him. He then has the rarest critical miss available only at max level and lowest untouched strength on his first swing, and summarily cuts his own head off in front of both zergs, including special decapitation death animation he bought for FP's, just in case.


Both zergs then all die of laughter and the battle ends. The player is praised for the most awesome spectacle the server has ever seen.


Someone magically is recording this and the youtube clip becomes the most famous thing in the game,  long after it dies.


This is how chaos should happen. Fails that are awesome are perfectly acceptable. I'd die on a dragon kill any day to see my guy disembowel, decapitate, self immolate himself, if it was like winning lotto,  but the opposite.

DAOC - Krullen - Hero/Tristan


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4/07/13 11:02:23 PM#30
Dragon raids, as in dragons coming after player created settlements to steal YOUR stuff.

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4/08/13 4:19:05 AM#31

LIghtning strikes on people that stand on high points (keeps) waving swords in the rain.

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Sometimes absurdity is the best route back to reality.

OP  4/08/13 10:23:11 PM#32

This is a fun one. You log in and it says your character was out drinking all night and your hung over. You get a 1 hour debuff and your aims off lol.

Another can be you log in and your in your underwear. "Your character was out drinking last night and missplaced his armor in his house somewhere"

Even more odd fun, you log in and your character in a gown for no particular reason. It stays on for 15 mins.

Going further out now. One of the houses in your town is burned, or pillaged, or tagged with graffiti suddenly.


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4/08/13 10:39:35 PM#33
Originally posted by Xobdnas

Going further out now. One of the houses in your town is burned

Dude, where's your house?

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