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Camelot Unchained Forum » General Discussion » RE: Mark Jacobs and Everyone Else - Single Character Servers?

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2/14/13 11:50:29 PM#41

In a game where they have artificially cut the world up into thirds,  I am going to play at least three alts, minimum.  That's if the stories are actually unique, related to the realms they're set in, and not cookie cutter.  But I like alts.  I also never get rid of even failed characters, if I can possibly help it.


But an interesting discussion of the pros and cons of it.

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2/15/13 3:28:23 AM#42

At least one "Single Character Server" in CU would make a dream come true for me, IF - BIG IF - they could get it right and thats where the problems start.

I´m a big fan of playing one character only, improving my reputation especially as crafter, building some sort of community-network, cultivate contacts with regular customers but also to earn my respect on the battlefield and getting to know my enemies. Furthermore, while I do like it to be self-sufficient, it is much more realistic and fun, if I´m forced to work together with other people to maintain some sort of productionchain.

All of that would be much easier, intense and awesome if everyone out there only played one character. The problem is, that you cannot avoid people paying for two accounts then, thereby undermining the whole concept of a single character per server. I just cannot see any possibilty how they should manage to prevent that from happening.

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Nothing is til it is and even then you never know until its been.

2/15/13 1:37:39 PM#43

It's a hard issue. I think I liked how SWG did it best. I had 2 characters, 1 was more crafter, 1 was more fighter but together they weren't entirely self sufficient so I still had to interact with others.


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2/15/13 7:22:46 PM#44

single charatcer servers don't work ever.. People including myself like alts to play on a server we call home. Worried about server spies then add a 5+ hour can't change server rule.  Been awhile but i was sure Daoc had this at one point to help stop the spying.

Removing the ability to allow others to make alts on their home server would kill server community in the end.


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Joined: 3/25/06
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2/15/13 8:21:31 PM#45


Alts are both healthy and essential.

The more characters you have to equip, the more crafting that you are doing.

If you are getting bored or frustrated with a particular character, you can make a new one and start fresh.

Making fresh characters, starting over is exciting for people and is a great experience especially when combined with many unique classes with unique play styles.

For example lets say there end up being 4 or 5 archtypes, pretty broad roles. It is better to have limited respecs, say the path you've chosen is a thane, not a berserker. Thanes don't become berserkers. You don't unlearn Thor's hammer, the same way you don't give back the gift of fenris. From what mark has described, limited respecs will be more like, I'm still a thane but its been a while since I used a shield and since I've been using this big as sword, I'm now a two handed sword thane.

Either way you can get bored of a thane, and thats fine, maybe you feel like healing. Man I picked the wrong class to do this analogy with, because REAL thanes were healers, but DAoC thanes do not heal. Just because you feel like healing with your 1 character on the server, doesn't mean you can.

Ultimately its a quit point for many people, and marks said several times he wants to avoid unnecessary quit points. This is definitely an unnecessary quit point.

Also, did I mention twinking is fun?


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Joined: 2/11/13
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2/16/13 6:54:56 AM#46
Well no one is trying to force the rules of a Single Character Server onto all servers we will get with Camelot Unchained. As far as I would go - we are talking about a server with a special ruleset, just like RP-servers or FFA-servers. Not everyone thinks twinking is fun. Not everyone likes to create alts. Not everyone would say, that a Single Character Server would be a quitpoint. So please, don´t generalize too much here. I see your points and its not that I disagree with you 100%. But there are valid arguments in favor of a single character server too. At least for those of us who don´t like to twink.

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2/16/13 10:13:51 AM#47

WEll of course then you have to justify developing the special ruleset code (including a warning workflow) and putting a whole server behind it by proving there is enough interest to populate it over the years.

And just accepting the fact that people could get around this limitation anyways.


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Joined: 2/11/13
Posts: 156

2/16/13 10:20:20 AM#48
Don´t get me wrong. I don´t need that server, even though I would like to have one. Roleplay, Free For All, Single Character....I think for all of those there are valid arguments and if its possible to realize them, I would. But I don´t want CSE to invest time and money on something that special, if there isn´t room for it and especially if no one has a good idea against multi-accountuser just bypassing the ruleset of a single character server.

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2/18/13 3:45:40 AM#49
I personally see no need and myself have no desire for a single character server. I've never been much of an "Alt" player, but I do like having the option of making another character on the same server I play my Main on.

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2/18/13 3:52:04 AM#50

My regular group's tank can't make it tonight.

With SCS we have to grab a random that probably doesn't know us, certainly doesn't know how we work, all our jargon and standard practices.

Without SCS I can just swap from my DPS to my backup tank and we're good to go. DPS is far easier to replace with a random. CC, tank and heals are far harder to replace.

And that's why I have to say 'No' to SCS unless the game allows 1 character to fulfill all roles...


Edit: Every now and then it's also nice to log in with an anonymous character and just bimble about on my own. However I still like that to be on my regular server so trhat if a call to arms is raised I can swap to my main and help defend.


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2/18/13 3:56:08 AM#51


  Going to say No.


I want to be able to try out other classes, and if I get bored playing one kind of class I have something else to play.

Also, it's nice to beable to switch to the type of class your group, or guild or what ever needs.


Was there a poll for this?

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