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6/15/13 10:48:01 PM#121

The hypocrisy never ceases to fail and the same religious failure and soccer mommy attitudes unfortunately is reflected in the mindset of some gamers who aren't as open-minded. It is pointless to justify a morality in video-gaming and pulpit preaching, while at the same time many games require immoral actions that would be considered illegal in-real life <The act of killing or slaughtering, stealing, handle of dangerous weapons, etc> yet no mention of these things expect when the issue of sexuality comes up.

Why are so many video-games only filled with violence? Because the developers in the west are half-scared and nanny paranoid about venturing into other avenues and themes in gaming. So we have a mass production of violent filler-type games which have become the standard, not because it makes the games unique or worthy but because it is the monetary vaule in which companies can cash on quick $$$. Less thought and innovation, just quick sells and remedies and box-in thinking.

I have seen true r-rated films in which nudity and sex is present and isn't curved, scrubbed or scaled back like games. I have read novels with graphic details and themes so mature that it would set the brows of mmo gamers on fire if they can't even handle a tease like Scarlet Blade. So why is it still the same problem that other medias can express or talk about sexuality yet when it comes to gaming the pew talkers come out, child- cult worshipers, and the wannabe bible thumpers moral white-knights?

Because it's been taught that sexuality and nudity is bad, that gaming is strictly for young audiences and that gaming can't be anything else but violence and moral dictatorship. It's more acceptable to watch someone or something die, graphic displays of death and mutiliation occuring in death, or blood splatters dripping down from foes and enemies alike ironically than for a game to have an ounce of sexuality in it's mists. Suddenly if it does have sexuality or nudity immoral and wrong, but at the same time enjoying and watching things die is without question. Wonder if this has to do with a perceived gender-outlook of the audience as well. If it's more acceptable for a male to be enranged or in a killing-state, than it is for one to be aroused or female likewise to be aroused or curiousity? It's okay to rip heads off but we can't have sexyness oh no! ;)

It is pointless to have a pseudo morality in gaming, when most games require immoral actions in the game-play in the first place, some including and insisting on immoral actions in order to progress or even 'enjoy' the features of the game <killing has never been so fun and rewarding>. Keep in mind that SB was not made for children, but for an adult 18+ audience in korea that has no problem with hints of sexual themes in their games as they treat fantasy and fiction seperate from real-life<as it should be>. It is the west who takes these games and under-sells them for the $$$ demograph because no one dares to make an actual 18+ mmo and because it lacks the actual adult content to make it 18. The result is stagnificant M rated mmos. The artwork of SB is fine in its origin and but the mechanics not so much <the game mechanics could have been done a lot better than the standard run of mill mmo routine with an added touch of quest crazyness>. Those bashing Blade because of the nudity have no real idea how hard it is to actually create those visuals and how artistic the developers have to be to make every curve and expression in the game without resulting in ugly disportions or sore-thumb stick outs. Nor have any appreciation for artwork to began with.

Sad to see I can see a more professional and less biased reviews on a book about sex <Fifty Shades of Grey> than the comfort-zone guilt-trip factor inserted by corporate religion r us article writers and their followers. I do not have a problem with blood or sex<or any fiction at all>, but it is a problem when those involved in gaming form a hypocrisy of one thing, yet exclude and excuse the other. Who are we exactly trying to prove here when games like SB get bashed just for it's sexuality? What? Scoring brownie-points with barney or whinny uncomfortable folks in the first place? If everyone in real-life thought or acted like this, there would be no human-race. Why? Because no one would want to reproduce, because sex or sexuality is immoral and indecent for our bible-thumping selves.

It's too bad a magazine rack in a grocery store out-right talks about sex or the concepts of sex with flamboyant advertising than the squeamishness gaming is still intrapped in. Other medias have advanced yet gaming doesn't want to grow up.



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6/15/13 10:51:42 PM#122
This thread never seems to end. 

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6/15/13 10:56:13 PM#123
Just more garbage (not really even referring to the brain dead skimpy outfit stuff either), in a world filled with it.

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If you can't kill it, don't make it mad.

6/15/13 11:03:42 PM#124
Originally posted by Vorch

Your thoughts. I'm not even going to give my opinion first.


I want to see how people feel about these.

Funny, silly, take your pick.  But some people are going into hysterics about them.  Typical of the PC brigade.


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If you can't kill it, don't make it mad.

6/15/13 11:07:43 PM#125
Originally posted by DamonVile
What does being offended by girls in bikinis have to do with being a mature adult ? Why do people think that unless you're outraged by these things you're some teenager ? They're Ads to a game I don't care about...that's it. They made me laugh the first few times I saw them, then I got over it.

Because if you aren't "offended" you are obviously not PC enough to be "mature"... ^^  The game is little more than yet another grinder.  The eye candy is just funny, nothing to go into hysterics about, but then I've never been PC.

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