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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 03/27/13)  | Pub:Aeria Games
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Scarlet Blade Forum » General Discussion » Scarlet Blade and my little review

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OP  3/28/13 10:30:46 AM#1



Thank you for taking the time to come here and read, hopefully this will provide an insight to the game and whether it is worth your time and energy. 

I should mention as well that I have no problem with nudity, male or female, be it for titilation or for art. I have played my share of hentai games which have been fantastic games. Such as Alchemy Meister which I spent so MANY hours leveling up my characters. Or even Monster Girl Quest, which was a very surprising and fun RPG. It is the old motto of 'Came for the porn, stayed for the story'. But how does this tie up when applied to an MMO such as Scarlet Blade?

To answer that I will break this down into sections, some of you might play already and agree or disagree and that is your right to do so. I can only speak for myself and personal experiences within the game. 


1) Logging in - - - 

It's been a while since I played a game by Aeria and I was surprised to see how their logging in system works. It was frustrating more than anything, picking this pin and that pin etc. Of course, all for account security but I had to remark to myself that I have never heard tale of players items and so forth being hacked away from them by shady fellows. I am assuming, that perhaps your login shares the same information as your account and if you are the type to purchase items from F2P games that this also allows safe-guarding of your personal and financial information. 

For myself, I found it a bit annoying, but understood its purpose although other F2P games lack this form of security and they seem to do all right. the reason I mention this is because its one of those things that subtley sticks in your mind, a form of grooming which basically says 'Our game is best played in long periods' This is also evident when you log out of the game as you are dazzled with a pouting avatar who tries to be sultry in saying 'Are you really turning me off?' I found this, a little cringe worthy. 


2) Character creation - - -

In case you did not know already Scarlet Blade is about an all female cast to which they have all the main class types that you would imagine from an MMO. If you want to be a Warrior, sword and board type there is a variation for you. Same as mage, rogue, ranger etc. I went for the 'Punisher' (dear god) for her range type abilities. 

You can change some basic things within the character creation menu, such as hair, face, eyes etc. But nothing 'deeper' than that. For a game focused towards the lower male apendage there was nothing to shape the woman of your dreams so to speak. No breast, legs and ass scaler is what i am getting at, for it appears they want you to focus on the core assets of the character... Tall... big breasted and a tight ass with what I can only assume has eaten the back end of the costume it was riding up there so much. 

I should also remark that there are two factions, both of which are the same kinda thing. You have the good guys, you have the bad guys. Both have two different out-takes on the worlds current state of affairs. One likes to create and rebuild this damaged world, the other wants to start a-new which involves destorying everything. 


3) Controls - - -

Very very easy to control, your typical W A S D movement with the mouse being used to look around. Tab targetting exists, but not with the tab button. In earnest it is easier I found just to left click on your target. Skills exist with the typical 1, 2, 3 setup. Nothing about the controls will strike you as odd in the slightest if you have played an MMO within the last 10 years. 

Other movement and control aspects play out like a browser based game, quests pop up with highlighted names and locations. You click on them, your character automatically moves to that point. It literally almost feels like the game was designed with the intention of being played with just the 'one' hand on the keyboard and the other on your 'Turbo stick' or whatever you crazy kids are calling it these days. 


4) Questing - - -

The manner in which you get quests is actually not bad, it does aim to keep you playing in the game. Quests will pop up at the button, you will click on them and accept and go and do them. What I mean by this is that you have an ear piece device which someone bellows orders at you. These appear as blue boxes at the bottom of your screen. To open them you are met with a very dull and seemingly 2D story catch up which will always involve killing or collecting something or another. What makes this really annoying is that the person you speak to will have their own quest dialog but the audio will sometimes be a little risque catch phrase the person says. In short, everything kinda flirts with you, so either its a colony of Lesbians or they know what demo they were aiming for. The horny teenage boy.


5) Combat - - -

Nothing remarkable about this. You point, you click, you cast your abilities until your target is dead. I feel, the game might of had a stronger point to make as an ARPG rather than a tab-target based one. The animations are nice (the combat ones) but there is very few of them to make your character feel 'involved' or 'dynamic'.


6) Anything else? - - -


Now I only played for a couple of hours, so I imagine I did not travel too far in the game. But, a couple of hours is enough to be able to tell if a game is a keeper or a stinker. Everything about this game has been geared around sex appeal. With bouncing ass and jiggling boobs when you run around.

The game itself just lacks any real depth to it (who would've guessed) and it is essentially a grinding base game and to break the tedium of repetition you get to dress up your semi-naked avatar. There is a skill based system, if you have played other Aeria based games you might already understand it. It looks and acts like every other skill based tree out there. I had a good browse through of them and they appear to be mostly unlocks to skills and level-ups to those skills. 

In short this is a game designed to titilate, and although I don't have an issue with it, people will find this game very sexist. Not so much the nudity involved but by how it paints women as objects. Make no mistake that is what this game does. your character is a hollow husk whose only existence is the sexual desires of the player. 

I really wouldn't reccomend this game for anyone as it currently exists. I would imagine that those who do play are either young of mind or sexually frustrated. 


Pros - - -

  • Movement and combat is very easy to understand and execute. 
  • Questing keeps you in the game play with out the need to constantly back track.
  • Graphics are... okay-ish. They can b e enchanced once in the game.
  • Environments look okay.
  • Animations look okay.
  • You can play with very little input from yourself. If you like to do mindless things. 
  • Audio is fine. You wont be dazzled, but you won't be put off by it. Well, some of it. 
Cons - - -
  • It paints women as objects.
  • Character creation is lifeless and shallow.
  • Questing and combat is associated with typical grinding based MMO's (this might be your thing).
  • The world is lifeless and unimaginative
  • You pretty much start the game nearly naked, and I mean nearly naked. Surprised few people get through the tutorial. Although judging the amount of people I saw standing still right near the terminal, perhaps they don't. 
  • Dialog is annoying, quests are wordy and are only there as instruction to kill and collect. what I mean is that the game doesnt have an 'established' story to which things exist, the world appears to of been created and the quests made to suit it. If you know what I mean. 
That is pretty much all I have to say on the matter, you might agree, you might not agree and as I said before that is your right to do so. But if the idea of anime flesh is what got you interested in this game then I would suggest finding some of the many rich, potent hentai based games out there. Monster Girl Quest, Alchemy Meister and if you like Galge based games Katawa Shoujo might be right up your alley which is a free game. 
Overal I give this game a generous 4/10