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Everquest Forum » Beginner's Corner » everquest or everfail?

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OP  8/31/12 3:20:47 PM#1

i came back to EVERQEUEST avbout 3 weeks ago after a 4 years break.... came back to see the features given with the "free to play" mode wich COMPLETLY decieved me.

-free to play has 2 mode:

-bronze( 250AA maximum 100 plats per level or 9000 plats at level 90. no trader for bazaar cant send mail only allowed to wear crappy augments from hotzones ONLY so forget the idea of doing LDON, DON , TBS( exept the hand aug) and SOF)

- silver : that you have if you previously had a "gold" account before it went "free to play" or if you spent 5$ to make the account turn silver. the only difference between bronze and silver is that you have the same limitaion as bronze BUT you have 1000AA  and 500 plats per level or 45000 plats at level 90. by the way 1k AA at 90 wont be much of use since you will use 700AA just for your defensive AA skillss and the other 300 on basic stats increase AA and maybe a few class skill ranks.

the platinum piece limit is a good thing and a bad thing: being limited to 45 000 prevents the rise of gold selling site int he game and thats the good part the bad part is in the rest of the review

 shoudl you buy a race and class for the lovely amount of 10.50$ ( troll shamman for example) and you dislike it SOE will NOT refund or change your character race class even if ALL the classes and race cost the EXACT same amount, i ahve included a reply of soe customer service since i didnt liek my wood elf ranger


Customer By Web Form (A MEMBERe soe) 08/25/2012 03:19 PM
If you are unhappy with the class you are currently playing, you simply need to create another character and choose a different class

the above costed 1050SC or 10.50$
and i really hate the class, so i dont see where it would pose a problem to reroll a race//class that costs the exact same amount of SC///money.

i dont see any logic to spend another 1050SC tio remake a char when any mix of race///class costs the same amount
Response Via Email (SOE Customer Service) 08/25/2012 04:28 PM
Fabulous greetings,

Thank you for contacting customer support. Unfortunately as a silver player you are only allotted so many character slots. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please look into the fabulous benefits of upgrading to gold!

^ the above would mean that if you shoudl start as bronze AKA "free to play" and make a race//class for 10.50$ the only way to create something you will love because SOe will NOT refund or replace you char that as the exact same value than any other race class mix is to spend another 15$ to go gold for a month to make a new character wich means you will have spent 25.50$ to make a single char


other thing i have noticed:

-gears , you can wear any gears up to house of thule tier 1 and tier 2 group and raid only and maybe veil of alaris if you purchased it for 40$ REAL MONEY since soe wont accept SC oint to buy the expansion anymore, cultural armor, crafted by your race only are meaningless as silver and bronze because those gear requires you to put augments into them, probleme is that those augments are for "gold" members opnly for the level 80+ , under 79 you can wear them but thats its. forget emblems as well because theya re "gold" members only as well/

-raids:  raiding is still the same but issue is that no one raids house of thule tier 1 and tier 2  and very little guild are raiding veil of alaris tier 1 and tier 2, wich are the limits of silver and bronze if you previously purchased the expansion.

-grouping: now its fun, you can find group every 2-3 hours given the level youre in and even there thats if the group loses a member OR if they run out of money to pay their mercs and need something to do the work instead, usually healer or tank. and if they dont have that youre better off grabbing a box of kleenex and do what you have to do with the kleenex.

-money: this part is funny but logical and stupid at the same time: as a bronze you are entitled to 9000 plats at all time on you and sivler 45000 plats. but if you are lucky to go in bazaar, west of the guild lobby, you shoudl be able to find gears for you level depending on your server, maelin being constantly emptyi dont reccomend it , but heres the catch: HALF THE GEARS ARE OVER 60 000 for a level 35 item! if you are lucky as in win the jack pot at the casino lucky you could be able to find an item from 5000 to 10000 platinum pieces. forget twinking items since those are ranging from 50 000 to 4 000 0000 platinum depending on the allowed class//race for the item.

-AA another hialrious one, i ahve personnaly checked the limits on AAs for melee classes for 60-65-70-75-80 respectivey, costed me some real life money as well in the process, the following numbers ONLY includes combat agility and combat stability and a few melee aa like crit and so on NOTHING to heal or last longer or anythign flashy):

level 60 = 250 AA

level 65= 430 AA

level 70= 703 AA

level 75 = 910 AA

level 80 to 90 = i am currently @ 1850+3 banked and im estimating that i should reach all defensive and offensive and survival AA like proc improved mends and dmg proc crit AA) at roughly 4500 AA

@2.50$ per 100 AA cap... 2.50X(4500/100)= 112.50$ to have all the needed AA to survive @ level 90

-achievemet this is SOEs way of saying thank you to world of warcraft, its a mere parody of what blizzard did in wrath of the lich king. its the EXACT same thing  so its not much of a big deal

last but not least  "HERO FORGE ARMOR"

SOE decided recently , att he time of this post, to include the ability to change the looks of your character for a cost of 1200 station cash or 12$ PER character.

in my opinion this is by far the worst thing SOE ever did, reason is that they divided each looks according to classes: cloth, leather, chain and plate. only problem is that those looks are derived from previously existing games : cloth looks like world of warcraft starting leather gears and lineage 1-2 caster gears, the leather looks like megaman video game series, more commonly called snakeman gears, chain is completly retarded with the shoulderplate being 6 inches above the head and sligh graphic issues with the other pieces, plate looks like it was derived from aion and soulcaliber on sega dreamcast, the worst part is that not only are those expensive to get, because of the 12$ fee to get the "right" to wear them BUT they sell for prices that are so insane that no one buys them, exept idiots who cant fid their hero forge , they add weight, wich is deadly on certain classes, and they dont have stats.

i think its a pretty good over all of the pay to win everquest. i strongly reccommend to check another game because everquest is definitly not fitting t the "free to play" label if everything else fit this game is pay or dont play.


sorry forgot stuff cant say wrong without giving the bright side of the game after all if i came back its because i was addicted to the quest line, progression line wich remains unmatched by any other game. its the same old hair ripping, sweat making progression that got so many of us addicted to the game and only a professionnal gamer will enjoy, people that want everything now should consider going to world of warcraft rise of the kung fu pokemon or any other mmorpg because patience is a key word in this game. 


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8/31/12 3:22:57 PM#2

Got your use of the word Fail in today, I see.

Nerd daily checklist is well on its way!

That said.  Everquest is the 2nd most reknowned MMORPG in this genre, next to only Ultima Online.  So no, its not a failure. OMG I used the whole word! Fail...uuuuuuuuuuuuure.


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OP  11/22/12 2:45:50 PM#3


i checked a few thing with Stupids Over Extorting and it goes as follow:

its regarding the gold to silver switch membership and i was right. people are better off not trying this game at all. and to think they drag more and more people in this .... poor new commers. no wodner the game is going down faster than than lindsay lohan on a line of powder...


THATS ME soe: ok so let me try to clear this out can i have a moment to write it, correction may be applyed since youhave more knwoledge than i do.

[11:54:45 AM] TSR Robert F.: Sure thing
[11:55:33 AM] THATS ME soe: i went gold about 10 days ago more or less, and made MY MAIN,  MY ALT, AND 2 TOONS . but i was told that at the end of my subscription as a gold member i would lose my characters since they werent made BEFORE soe decided to become pay to win.hence forcing me to buy the race and class for each of the character i have made during the , legal time allowance, time of my gold membership
[11:56:17 AM] THATS ME soe: so from what you are saying i will have the right to keep all my character i have created so far, up to 4. even if i am no longer gold?
[11:58:28 AM] TSR Robert F.: Your characters will not be deleted, however a character that has a feature (race or class) that was unlocked via gold membership will be locked until such time as the race or class is purchased ala carte, or gold membership is once again applied to the account.
[11:59:25 AM] THATS ME soe: ok so in short term you are saying that if i do not pay 42$ or 15$ a month i will not be able to play my characters at all? <--- doesnt it sounds like extortion?


12:02:11 PM] TSR Robert F.: If you do not pay for the premium features, you will not have access to the premium features, correct.
[12:03:16 PM] THATS ME soe: but if i created my characters during my premium membership then why would you force me to pay either 42USD$ to unlock the characters i have already created OR force me to pay 15$ a onth to keep them? CONSIDERING THAT EVERQUEST IS A FREE GAME THATS A BIT AWKWARD DONT YOU THINK?

[12:08:19 PM] TSR Robert F.: If you wish to discuss legal action, please contact our legal department. Is there anything else I can help you with today?


so again  you pay and switch to silver and wish to keep playing your chars = 25.50$ USD for your main char + an addiotnnal 10.50$ per character that you wish to play subsequently.since you can only have 4 character slots that makes it a nice total of more or less 60$ to play for free not including the AA cap increase and spell rank increase if you wish to perform better in your class.

 if SOE wanted to go free to play . this is something that they could have done:

1- you pay: ALL access no limitation and you get to play in the latest content.

2- you dont pay? then you cant play in the latest content no limitation or what ever exept for plats to prevent gold diggers from invading.


a better example =  RoF is coming next week. those who pay per month//SC their membership gets to play RoF and VoA BUT , the good ol but, if you dont pay aka FREE TO PLAY not pay to win. you're stuck at HoT, with no limitation on ANY tier or AA//race//class and when a new expac comes out after RoF VoA becomes free. rince and repeat. that way gold memberships will alway have the best 2 xpac to work with while free will be in a decent but they wont be able to go further unless they go gold or pay per month







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11/25/12 1:59:59 PM#4

I hear what you are saying but at the end of the day if you REALLY like the game just sub.  You are not going to be able to change their rules, and if you really didnt care you wouldn't complain.  They stated consistently that characters created after F2P launch would be locked if you stopped your sub.  Why would they change that for you?   Second if you really wanted to test your characters before deciding just use setup some characters on the test server (which acts as gold membership).  Find the one you like and sub or go free and unlock.

F2P doesnt mean a game is completely free and if you have been playing MMORPGs for any length of time you should know F2P is just a REALLY long trial especially for games that started out as subscription.

Its still a fun game for those willing to invest the time to try it.


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11/25/12 2:01:33 PM#5
Dang, you mean to tell me if I enjoy a game I should support the people who made it through a very manageable fee?

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11/25/12 2:13:40 PM#6
Originally posted by CujoSWAoA    Everquest is the 2nd most reknowned MMORPG in this genre, next to only Ultima Online. 

See, I was under the impression that was the case, as well. It was interesting to the someone calling an MMO "fail" not only after it's been around for over a decade, but when it's one of the MMOs by which so many are made and measured.


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12/14/12 11:55:54 AM#7

Why dont you compare everquests free to play vs warcrafts free to play and see what you like better?


I think warcraft only allows up to level 20 and makes it very difficult to even talk to other players.


You can play everquest free for the most part, after you use some station cash to unlock the race and class you want to play. You would never be able to compete in a max level raid guild, but for an average player just grouping, you dont have to pay more than the silver upgrade and the race/class unlock.


And if you decide to invest more time into the game later you can always pay the 15 bucks a month to play, its been so long im not sure anymore but i think it started around 12 or 13 bucks a month when i started in kunark, and 15 bucks is the going rate for payed mmo subs.


Consider that 15 bucks a month works out to 50 cents a day, and remember that alot of arcade games cost a dollar to play for only a few mins time.


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1/07/13 1:59:44 AM#8

so what you want to do, if buy gold for a month, spending $15 and unlock everything you want, then drop it down to silver and expect to keep them, basically looping around the other costs?

Your an idiot, a straight up plain old idiot.

1, you cannot dip into each and every class and choose which you want, they state that before you make a purchase, did you even read? Did you think? If I go out to the shops and grab up a bag of chips, I do not expect to be able to sample all of them then pick which bag I liked most and walk out with that one.

2, you expected to loop around a service that is DESIGNED to give people who do not want to spend $15 a month the option of quickly buying the character race and class they want and head into the game, did you think they would just let you circumvent the system?

3, Consider this, you spend $42 on the races and classes you have selected, in total you have spent $57, an extra 15 because of the monthly sub to test. That is the equivalent of ROUGHLY 4 months worth of subscription, or a month per character. Now lets get crazy and say you intend to level them upto level 90 or 100 or whatever the hell it is, which on average takes what, about 2-3 months casually per character? So we've got 8 months on the low end and 12 months on the high end worth of content for the same price as Black Ops 2.

This planet is going down the tubes, every day the main topic is people bitching about how they can't get everything for nothing. Time once was we were all happy to pay a subscription fee, cheap skate.