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Star Citizen Forum » General Discussion » Star Ciizen, sounds like an MMO is it?

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2/20/13 10:48:05 AM#21

I see it as being like DAYZ in that you play on private servers with up to 100 players... with an offline mode as well.   

This blogger speaks about it in some detail.  Yes, it is an slightly negative opinion piece but there is also good information buried within.

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2/22/13 5:18:24 AM#22

From the game's FAQ:

Is Star Citizen an MMO?

No! Star Citizen will take the best of all possible worlds, ranging from a permanent, persistent world similar to those found in MMOs to an offline, single player campaign like those found in the Wing Commander series. The game will include the option for private servers, like Freelancer, and will offer plenty of opportunities for players who are interested in modding the content. Unlike many games, none of these aspects is an afterthought: they all combine to form the core of the Star Citizen experience.

So... "No!" it doesn't claim to be an MMO, yet it is on this website. Confusing.

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2/22/13 5:22:00 AM#23

Space Sim, MMO, First Person Shooter, Single Player Campaign, Trade Simulator, Persistent PvAll Sandbox


Best genre cross over ever. Wait and see.


See also: Elite Dangerous

Secrets of Dragon´s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

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2/22/13 5:24:37 AM#24
Originally posted by thinktank001

The game will have MMO like elements, but it won't be an MMO.

By your logic it´s a NMO ? Not massive offline ? lol.. please

Secrets of Dragon´s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

Best MMOs ever played: Ultima, EvE, SW Galaxies, Age of Conan, The Secret World

The Return of ELITE !

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2/22/13 5:34:44 AM#25

Originally posted by Crunchy222
Ahh i love this websites community.


Any other legit mmorpg that had restricted instancing and a solo (offline?) option would be torn to shreds.  Everyones ripping apart other mmorpgs for too much instancing and complaining that theres not enough forced group content that its basically an online single player game.


THEN lits a game thats actually a single player game with extreme instanced multiplayer option and the community LOVES its.


You guys really crack me up

Because of people like you Star Citizen is not labeled as a MMO. Chris Roberts in contrary to many vague shill Developers actually know where he is setting foot in. He knew the whole MMO hype crowd would stomp his place the moment he would mention that word.

Because as soon as such people read MMO, they got their WoW, their Asia F2P or their FFAPVP Mortal online / DF in their head.

Star citizen offers singleplayer. Offers simple deadmatch multiplayer (including LAN!) and on top of that offers functionality for private hosted servers which can be modded to no end and create own persistend universes where as much players can play as your pc / dedicated rented host endures.

Then, there is the persistent online universe which allows up to 100 people in the same instance. Including everything you'd expect to see in a mmo.

It's not a singleplayer "quest" in a mmo world. It's not a lobby mmo with instanced zones.
Star Citizen is more. It's three games for one.

Star Citizen does not hide it's true face. It will be made to run on top end systems. It will feature physics and collision, detailed destructible models, and seamless transitions to FPS combat when you get out of your ship / inside an enemy ship.

100 Player limit is there for a reason. If one can't handle the fact that this is the price for such deep immersion and meaningful features, that person shouldn't be complaining here. Star Citizen was straight with what it is.

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2/22/13 5:53:31 AM#26
Originally posted by FromHell
Originally posted by thinktank001

The game will have MMO like elements, but it won't be an MMO.

By your logic it´s a NMO ? Not massive offline ? lol.. please

Actually, that is a very good descriptor to use for many of the titles listed on this very website, the NMO and the NMORPG.  (applies to many of them actually)

Somehow the term massive to me somehow means a lot more players than 2, or even 100 in the game world with me.

Perhaps its my EVE background, where I fought in battles of 400 vs 400 and was in systems with 1600 players at the same time.  In fact, at any given time there are between 25K and 60K players in the same game universe as I am, though granted I'll never see more than a fraction of them.

No telling how this title will really end up, seems like the creator isn't really willing to label it as an MMO, he's trying to invent a whole new cross over genre, perhaps much like GW1 did with the creation of the CORPG term.

So what the heck, I'm willing to start calling it a NMO, thanks for the suggestion.


In my day MMORPG's were so hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow, uphill both ways.
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2/27/13 10:26:12 AM#27
[mod edit] this game is a Hybrid. Any game which supports at least 1000 players in one instance is an MMO, this will also have user created content/mods on their own servers. 


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3/22/13 9:02:27 PM#28

For me the question would be would I play it/try it out?

I see enough there to think that yes I would at least try it,and see if it's playable enough to keep playing.


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3/22/13 9:08:40 PM#29
Originally posted by Phaserlight
Vendetta Online
Eve Online

Neither of these games have instances, and they are both what I would consider "modern MMOs"

Deadspace/complexes that you find or use for missions are instanced. It's just that other players can scan out and enter that instance. Warp animations are your loading screen. Just thought you should know.


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Brought to you by... The Spirit of Nikopol.

3/25/13 4:40:01 PM#30
Originally posted by FromHell
Originally posted by thinktank001

The game will have MMO like elements, but it won't be an MMO.

By your logic it´s a NMO ? Not massive offline ? lol.. please


How about AMMO?

Almost-Massively Multiplayer Online

C'mon, you have to admit the acronym sounds cool!


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4/10/13 7:40:18 AM#31
Originally posted by MarXon
This has confused me quite alot aswell. As I understood it, it's based on player servers, like Counter Strike for example. And if that is the case it's not an mmo since it's not a persistent world rather official or player created servers.

Yes and No.

This game is a lot of things. I think it would be more proper to call it a franchise than a game.

To recap:

That we know of we have:

Squadron 42: Single player /Co-OP mission driven, story based space simulation game based on the like of Wing Commander and X-Wing. As a single player game it might have DLCs in the sense of extra campaigns you can play after release. Completing these campaigns will give you some bonus in the MMO of the franchise.

Star Citizen private server: This is like Counterstrike. Actually, to be more precise, it is like Freelancer. You can create your own private server and invite your friends to play. So Multiplayer game. Unknown yet what is the interaction between the MMO and these private servers. ie: does the story advance like in the MMO? what about discovery of systems and stuff like that? can you choose?

Sar Citizen Persisten servers: The MMO. All players playing in the same persistent universe, able to interact with each other etc. Yes, it has plenty of different features, like player filtering and ability to put the PvP slider all to 0 and encounter almost no one. Then again this is exactly what Elder Scroll Online wants to do with their ad-hoc instancing where you set parameters like "roleplayers" or even "18+" and the server filters you out (I want to see how this work with their concept of conquest based PvP btw..), so if that one is considered an MMO so is this one.



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5/07/13 12:50:41 PM#32

It's basically a big space sim sandbox with some single player and coop campaign gameplay.  They aren't using the term MMO to describe it because they don't want the masses thinking it will be a big themepark game.  On their site on one FAQ question they flat out say it's not an MMO, then in another section they call it an MMO.  

I avoided this game when the launch started last year because so many people were arguing over what kind of game it is.  After reading up on it fully and listening to some of the interviews out there, this game is exactly what I want.  Hell, you can go out there and roleplay Firefly or anything else you want.

The part that is really trippy about it is the concept of private servers.  Not only will there be a core server run by the company, there will be private servers where people will be modding and themeing the HELL out of the game to make their own space.  I may end up in a divorce when this thing launches.... hahah.

I finally pulled the trigger on backing them yesterday for the Digital Colonel package, and I'll end up doing a bunch of add-ons too.  I like the way they are going to alpha the game by rolling out pieces of it for us to test and enjoy too.  Very smart for a game of this scale.

Frankly, I'm having a hard time caring about anything in the gaming world right now because so much GOOD is coming down the line over the next 1-3 years.  The stuff that is out today is just boring by comparison, save for EVE, if you are into that game.

A sure sign that you are in an old, dying paradigm/mindset, is when you are scared of new ideas and new technology. Don't feel bad. The world is moving on without you, and you are welcome to yell "Get Off My Lawn!" all you want while it happens. You cannot, however, stop an idea whose time has come.


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5/09/13 6:01:18 AM#33

Roberts also admits he plays Eve and like alot of aspects of how CCP created and updates Eve.

For me the most importand aspect of playing a space game is freedom...
Create a pirate corp
or create a big alliance that holds the best of the best piece of space and let enemy's come and try and take it away.
Meta gaming
basicly Eve 2.0 but instead of point and click YOU realy fly the ship and cause havoc.
From frigate to super capital ships.

I have just one big nono...and thats the hisec / offline / safe pve instance of the game...
In Eve you can die anywhere if you undock...
It gives me that be on your gaurd tingeling every time i undock :)

If you can make enough credits / isk in parts of the game where no danger is present from other players then i skipp this mmo instandly.

Space games should have a vicious circle of (we all need each other)
from mining to pvp from protecting your incomme and trade routs...
without it the game will just be a carebear game with a little bit of pvp thrown in.


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5/09/13 6:04:40 AM#34
Originally posted by Mothanos

I realy hope this game contains high volume of sandbox.
Eve Online is still the game to beat since 2003 and this one might be on par or even better as the combat is more shooter like instead of point and click.

Keeping an eye on this one.

QFT! I think there is a large crowd that wants a good persistent space flight simulator RPG. Just look at the people that still play Freelancer. I am also watching this one.

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5/09/13 6:24:19 AM#35

Well according to the games own FAQ its not going to be an MMO but it will have some mmo features.. I am glad its not following the trend of other multiplayer games calling themselves MMOs..

This does not make the game worse or anything in-fact its going to rock :)



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5/09/13 6:29:40 AM#36
Depends on an individuals definition of mmo.  From what Ive read it does appear that way.

All my opinions are just that..opinions. If you like my opinions..coolness.If you dont like my opinion....I really dont care.
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