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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 04/16/13)  | Pub:Aventurine SA
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Darkfall: Unholy Wars Videos: Tasos Flambouras talks EVERYTHING. (47:34)'s Garrett Fuller chats with Tasos Flambouras about the upcoming Darkfall: Unholy Wars launch, the design choices, and the future of the game.'s Garrett Fuller chats with Tasos Flambouras about the upcoming Darkfall: Unholy Wars launch, the design choices, and the future of the game.
Duration: 47:34
Views: 8,210  28 comments
Game: Darkfall: Unholy Wars
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Ice-Queen writes: Thanks Fri Nov 30 2012 8:57AM Report
tiagotbp190 writes: Please , can add subtitles? Fri Nov 30 2012 8:59AM Report
Butch808 writes: wow my question was answered! yay. Fri Nov 30 2012 9:08AM Report
Butch808 writes:

Concerning the primalist not being in at launch:



haaha awesome!

Fri Nov 30 2012 9:22AM Report
valnar writes: hahahah epic awesome!! Fri Nov 30 2012 10:06AM Report
winter writes:

 All I can say is Tasos talked alot about darkfall 1.0 as well and most of what he said turned out to hype or flat out untrue.

 Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Fri Nov 30 2012 10:23AM Report
Jakdstripper writes: portal chambers camping anyone? DF UW the new but seriously, CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY! :D Fri Nov 30 2012 10:26AM Report
Vannor writes:, can you please realise how much screen real estate you are wasting with your new video graphics. I didn't buy a nice big monitor to have the rest of world start making the things I want to see smaller. Thanks for listening! Fri Nov 30 2012 10:58AM Report
Lahuzer writes: I liked most of it. But didn´t get the part about him defending the portals to dungeons not being instances. If they are underground, and you have to take a portal there, isn´t that the very definition of a instance? You can´t get there any other way then through portals. Maybe I missunderstood it, but to me it sure sounds like a instance. Fri Nov 30 2012 11:33AM Report
ProfRed writes:

An instance is a loaded seperate instance of some place in the game world, created for a specific player or specific set of players.  These are open dungeons to everyone in the world, there is just a portal to access them.

1000 people could go into the same dungeon (and crash the server) without creating a seperate instance of the dungeon aside from the one residing in the real world.

In most MMO's this dungeon would be instanced just for each player or group that accessed it creating numerous instances of the same location where players actions only affect those in their instance.

Fri Nov 30 2012 12:13PM Report
valnar writes:

/\ Thats the long answer.

The practical answer of instances is: In Darkfall, if 200.000 guys go to the same dungeon, an the you enter, you will see 200.000 players.

With instances, if 200.000 players go to an instance, and then you enter, you will only see the max players allowed in that instance, or only your group, or only you.

The reason of making "teleports" to dungeons is matter of visual work. Instead of making your player climbing down stairs, they put a loading screen.

Fri Nov 30 2012 12:22PM Report
Lahuzer writes: Gotcha. Still would have prefered if there were no loading screen etc. The immersion is way better when you "run down the stairs" to get there. But I get what you mean. Thx. Fri Nov 30 2012 12:28PM Report
GKnyght writes: lol "passionate" is an overly polite way of describing the Darkfall community... (Obsessed raving fanatics maybe?) Loved the interview though. I thought they did a good job of asking and answering the more important questions. Well done Garret and I can't wait to get my hands on Unholy Wars. Fri Nov 30 2012 1:06PM Report
Classicstar writes:

Darkfall dungeons are the same as in Asheron's call 2 or lineage 2, you have to portal inside but there still open to all.

Instance are private dungeons eather for raid group, small group or solo player.

Best way to implement dungeons this way, instance to me are no fun there way to private and protected and boring.


Fri Nov 30 2012 1:08PM Report
Seelinnikoi writes: This make me have good hopes for DFUW! Fri Nov 30 2012 1:16PM Report
ste2000 writes:

So every account can have a character both on EU and NA.

That's a pleasant surprise :)

Fri Nov 30 2012 1:35PM Report
corpusc writes:

another aspect of Darkfall dungeons thats unique (whether you think its better or not is another matter) is that, you can't leave them by retreating back to where you came in.


the entrance portal takes you to point A in the dungeon.  the exit of the dungeon is at point B, and (unless you bindstone recall) so in order to get out, you have to run thru much of the dungeon before finding the exit portal (usually at "the end").  i believe this was to prevent people from camping the entrances.  i've never seen anybody camp them, so i guess it worked.  8)  and i did enter quite a few dungeons where i ran into people or vice versa.

Fri Nov 30 2012 9:25PM Report
Ragnarok_del writes: A instance is a closed place out on "another" server where nobody else can enter. For that idea of an instance, Darkfall doesnt have one. You could have 50 groups of 10 enter the same dungeon and kill each other all day long if you wanted. Fri Nov 30 2012 11:48PM Report
Adam1902 writes:

That was fucking awesome, shame I couldn't watch live but I had some class work to do followed by a massive bender so I watched now.

I'm very happy with the answers to.. all of those questions infact. Less than 2 weeks 'till UW now and I'm buzzin' for it! :D

Sat Dec 01 2012 11:31AM Report
Wizardry writes:

The teleportation idea is really bad.I prefer a more realistic travel system.To keep combat feeling realistic,you NEED the feel of long travel and perhaps meeting enemies along the way.Warping around to HOTSPOTS imo cheapens the realism of combat/pvp.

Most of all his responses are good,i agree with his thought process behind this games choices.

I love his response to the NO end -game,i can't stand that geeky/nerdy modern term that really ruins gaming on a whole.

Sat Dec 01 2012 11:38AM Report
Cheboygan writes:

very hard to follow what he actually said about it but apparently crafting is going to be complete crap?

not sure since he talked pretty much in a circle without saying much at all - other than he isn't a crafter and doesn't like crafting (that bodes well)


Sat Dec 01 2012 1:19PM Report
Jinxys writes:

I like this guy, I really like the vision and direction where they are taking this, I REALLY want Darkfall and the team to succeed . Congrats on getting the go ahead with the steam greenlight !

Good interview

Sat Dec 01 2012 5:37PM Report
Melgaroth writes: 1000 players going into a dungeon wouldn't crash the server anymore than 1000 players being at the same siege. The dungeons are simply built below the world and connected to the top with portals, like elevators going into a deep deep basement. Sat Dec 01 2012 7:58PM Report
PWN_FACE writes: This is the only MMORPG I will ever need. Now I'm going back to Civ V till DFUW launches. Cheers. Sun Dec 02 2012 1:32AM Report
Nikademous writes: FINALLLY SHADOWBANE 2.0!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT......CASHIN IN MY SICK AND VACATION TiME!!!!!! Sun Dec 02 2012 12:55PM Report
Holden4 writes:

Looking forward to seeing some old freinds and enemies, hit me up if you know me.

Holden - Exodus Syndacite /Risen

Sun Dec 02 2012 7:49PM Report
happyfarts writes: im half looking forward and half dreading the release of UW ... Mon Dec 03 2012 6:15PM Report
morbuskabis writes: Hope the start will be sort of smooth. Couse I'm ready for some bashing Thu Dec 06 2012 7:05AM Report